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Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandu thinking Sagarika’s intentions will be known soon. Sandhya thinks she has to get down the bus, but she should have some solid reason. She sees a man staring at the woman’s jewelry and thinks he is thief, she got him on right time. She buys ticket and shows money to the thief. The man sees many notes. She thinks he has seen the money, it will be first time a thief will help police. The man steals the money and she asks people to help her. She gets down the bus and runs after him. She thinks he is running too slow and wishes he runs fast, so that she can get away. Chandu also follows them. The thief hides. Sandhya thinks its good he is gone.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho that she was not sleeping. Bhabho says I know, and says she does not know whats happening

around her. Meenakshi says she has all news and info, and gives her updates of who joined Hanuman Gali and births of kids. Bhabho thinks just Meenakshi can find that girl. Meenakshi tells about Lalima’s dad’s death. She tells about Lalima, who was going to become Parvati in Shiv’s play. Bhabho thinks ladies called that girl by this name, it means she was close to me. She asks where is her house.

Meenakshi says I don’t know, shop is closed these days too, I will find it. She says Lalima comes in market every Monday, and she spoke to her there, shall I get her. Bhabho says no need and thinks to go herself tomorrow to meet Lalima for her son. Sandhya starts crying. She looks around. Chandu looks at her. She says where should I go now, I don’t have money and acts. She thinks someone will keep an eye on me. Chandu thinks she is really worried, I should call someone to take her. She sees a car coming. Its Garjana commander and his wife Sajni. Sandhya hugs Sajni and cries. Chandu signs him. Sajni asks why is she crying. Sagarika says the thief… Sajni says its good he got me on drive here, else don’t know what would happen, what are you doing here.

Sandhya says she was going city, a thief has stolen her money and she followed him. Sajni says I know you were running from Manjari. Sandhya says now Manjari will kill me. Sajni says don’t worry, I will talk to her, come with us. Sandhya goes with them back to village.

Bhabho comes to market and looks for Lalima. A man asks her to buy vegs. Bhabho refuses. He says strange, she came here and not buying vegs. Bhabho sees a girl and goes to her thinking she is Lalima. She sees its someone else, and thinks she won’t come today. She wishes Lalima has to come today, as Lord has sent her for Sooraj. She smiles seeing Lalima there.

Bhabho tries stopping Lalima and misses to get her. She calls out Lalima and falls down being struck. She gets up and sees Lalima gone. She asks a lady and she says she does not know. Bhabho touches her wounded forehead. Sajni tells Manjari that she has taken Sagarika to city with her. Manjari asks her to take Sagarika and leave. Sandhya thinks of market nearby village, where they sell jaggery. She recalls Bharat’s words that their team member will be there in market and she can send any message to him by that man. She falls in Manjari’s feet and apologizes to her. Manjari asks is this any acting, and sends Sajni. Sajni asks Sagarika to take care. Sandhya says she will help Manjari, and takes jaggery bag. She says it is very heavy.

Manjari says she will get punished, she will go to sell jaggery in market tomorrow. Sandhya says its very heavy. Manjari insists and goes. Sandhya thinks she wanted this, she has to meet team and give them message that she did not find Chandu, and wants more info about him. Bhabho prays to Lord for Sooraj. She asks Lord not to test her more and send Lalima in Sooraj’s life. Lalima opens the sweet shop. Bhabho says she can color Sooraj’s life. She cries and says just Lalima can make Sooraj get happiness, and turns to see her at the shop. She gets stunned.

Sooraj helps Lalima in making the sweets, and gives his tips.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanx for update amena…………

  2. Lalima is beautiful.She seems to be honest.She will help Sooraj but won’t marry him I think.

    1. May be…..can’t say..if it happens its too good for all…
      Lalima plz don’t marry sooraj

    2. May be i wish it happens plz lalimaa dont ddddddoooooooooooo……….

      1. Unfortunately our wish not going to happen. Sooraj and Lalima get married. If Baboo insists what Sooraj can do…. You may think I am talking nonsense… Just wait and see…. Sooraj can do anything for Baboo and Sandhya can do anything for country…

      2. @dabh lovers if it happens there is no meaning of DABH ………

        one more thing all people will say sandhya and sooraj is Diya aur batee in doono kho juda koun karega………..

        see after mission it will happy ending ……..

  3. nyc epi but i wished bhabho us utsukta se sandy ka peecha karti naa ki lalima ka…….
    nd wish that bhabho chasing scene repeats with sandy…………………

    1. Ya @Richa that was funny………..

  4. ?? bhaag chor bhaag varna sandy pakad legi….?? it was funny though sm1 wishing thief to get away with his/her belongings…?

    1. Really that was funny…..anyway sandhya succeeded in get help from theif..

    2. That was so funny scene ?? sandhya first time run slow.first time one thief safe frm sandhya.??

  5. nice sandhya.
    I think this thief is an informer between Sandhy and Bharat. Bharat may appoint him to help Sandhya.

    1. Nice thought …But how THIS possible….How would Bharth know sandhya situation… Bharth team also be at village market then how??

      1. and why will thief steal their team member’s items……????…… and if he was an informer how would hav sandy conveyed message??? lol 😉

      2. No he is not a bharath team member……….

      3. Dear this is a very important mission so they planned it very well
        They have to keep in mind every possibility! If in case sandya is thrown out of the village so how can they help her to get back to that place! Bharat sir is very intelligent person and he should have planned the mission in a very organised way! Its just not like that to send sandya there and leave everything on her ?

      4. There’s a possibility ?
        Every day one team member will be traveling the bus to see if sandya is there or not!
        Secondly as it’s a small village so there will be only one bus running through that area on fixed timings ?
        So it’s quite easy for them to eye each other and convey messages through their facial expressions ?
        These officers are fully prepared for any kind of situations

    2. Yeah that’s also possible! They have kept ready every remedy for any problem ? after all its a secret mission ?

      1. and why will thief steal their team member’s items……????…… and if he was an informer how would hav sandy conveyed message??? lol 😉

      2. @ romi butt how did they get info abt sandy’s condiotion and acted sooo early???… and how could they pridict the possibility of sandy’s action after theft sooo correct and that she would bre brought back to d village after dat drama…………..????? lol 😉

  6. Nice Episode.How Sandhya meet her team?So interesting.
    Bt I’m against Sooraj-Lalima 2nd marriage.I hope Lalima will go far after Sandhya’s return.

    1. we can say that lalima is selfish bcoz she will marry sooraj for shop help……….. and if she fell in lov with sooraj without selfish motiv……it would b bad…………….

    2. Ya me to @AD i am also against sooraj-lalima marriage. i think both are good friends banege… bhabhoo u wish kabhi bhi ho nahi sakta……………

  7. Sandya’s crying over the loss of money is simply superb. The display of her intriguing and simulating weeping was totally a super dramaic expression. My hearty congratulations to Deepika for her super enacting at this juncture.

    1. yeah full dramebaaz and i doubt if sandy saw him (chandu)sitting on that small hill and watching her

    2. ya deepika nice acting……………

      it was simply superb…………..

  8. If so how come he know Sandhya is in that bus.How he followed her without getting caught by naxal group?

    1. @ Shaurya I posted

  9. Thanks amena for fast updating ??

    As usual Nice episode ??

  10. Bhabo wanted to control Sandhya’s life.She insult Sandhya’s emotion many times.
    Now She watches Lalima.Again She will want to control Lalima’s wife.

    1. sorry. not “wife” i.e. “life”

    2. bhabho ka khud p hi nahi h aaj kal vo kyaa kisi ko control karegi… nd lalima looks educated nd bold she won’t let bhabho do dat nd she will teach bhabho a lesson 4sure if she bcomes a rathi…………..

    3. YA lalimaa aap bhaboo ke samne nahi jukhenge i want teach a good lesson to bhaboo…

  11. Amena…. as usual Thank you very much to you and your team..for fast update

  12. Bakwas serial

    1. agar aacha nahi lagta to chod do…. par aise comment mAT karo

    2. Dnt waste ur time.
      Don’t use any bad eirds against dabh. ?Dabh is always rocks. Now wating for sandhya scene.??

    3. @ pp Dont watch it and leave this page

  13. Bhabu had gone mad…for lalima… Stupid Bhabu stop this non sence

    1. Ya REally @NS4 bhabhoo gon mad …..

      now a day she is doing stupid things…………..see how cunning she is unkho zarorat hai to meena ko use karte other wise she scold………..this is not fare bhaboo

      1. In the past babasa did nonsense and we all cursed him. Now it’s Baboo turn ?
        I think Lalima is a terrorist and a sweet shop owner daughter. She came to take revenge on Sooraj and that’s why she is acting smart in front of Baboo.

  14. Starting was nice when sandhya show money to that thief that was awesome part. And that thief also look that money.true say sandhya in the first time thief help officer. ???

    1. In today episode sandhya part was nice……….. i like it deepika ji nice acting

  15. Then nice acting by sandhya. That chandu also think that sandhya is really in problem. Nice one sandhya. That thief how solw he run.?it nice that thief hide himself. So that’s why do her plan.???

  16. Minakshi part was also nice. And bhaboo is selfish. for her own use she talk sweetly with Minakshi. Bt nice to see Minakshi’s comedy.hope they always show Minakshi’s comedy scene.?✌??
    Lalima part was k.

    1. I am not put any comment abt lalimaa….

      bcoz i dont like it………

      1. lol minakshi is the only comedy now days and bhabho the bad ………….

  17. Nice to see that at least sandhya can give Mgs to bharat she at least contact them by Mgs through. Nice plan sandhya to go that market and sold that sweet. Manjari nicely trap in sandhya’s plan.well done sandhya. Do and tell bharat sir. All the best.????

  18. Hai guys you all don’t worry. Lalima will definitely a negative character only. I have two strong reasons to comment this.first of all rathi family never believe good persons especially Bhaboo. She follows very strict rules only towards sandy. Secondly Lali.a has come go take revenge on sandy as in earlier episode that is before shiv play sandy has commented go lalimaz father some bad view regarding Doosri Pathni.her father might have passed away falling ill due to that. This is why she might act as a good person. Letz wait and watch.

    1. Lalima will marry Sooraj to take revenge on Sandhya and family then Baboo will realize greatness of Sandhya.. Very interesting family drama..

    2. Mind blowing story…. You also can become one of the DABH story writer…

      I don’t want dis happen….this also included with sooraj 2nd marriage…

      So don’t like it….

    3. I think second reason will happen……….

  19. In todays episode I notice one thing that girl means how bring sandhya and n that village again that girl husband is non other then that nakshalwadi man (how first meet sandhya. That chandus friend.) How nicely that all nakshalwadi keep eye on sagrika. Be careful sandhya.????

  20. Sandy’s acting is awesome. Enjoyed a lot while thief was quite slow runner… ha ha ha. Sandy’s crying scene like minaxi. Nice episode. But dont want to see Hanumangali’s scenes. Bhabhoo gone mad.

    1. True say @dharani bhaboo gone mad now a days ………………i dont like bhaboo character now a days sorry 2 say this……..

  21. I think sooraj is not giving those tips to laalima but some other person.she thinks sooraj is talking to her.

    1. May be but I think..sooraj giving tips to lalima only(on thinking lalima as Sandhya)

    2. I think sooraj thinks that is sandy that’s why he is giving tips… he guys good morning………..

  22. Babho us too fast when it comes to sooraj marriage.she always chooses wrong person for sooraj and blame s that person who is not guilty.she herself is to blame.sandhyas marriage was done in hurry.laalimas one is super fast

    1. Because of Baboo mistake this serial completed more than 1000 episodes and with one more mistake again 1000 more episodes ?

  23. Precap is very shocking ? suraj is in the shop and helping lalima ?
    How did he over come his fear of fire ♨️ Did he really remember the receipes!

    1. Sooraj not went to shop…he is giving tips from window…to lalima in shop

    2. he lov making sweet so he just forgot his fear of fire may be or may be he can only just see kadahai from up not the flames…………… and noe i hav a strong feeling that lalima is keeping an eye on rathi’s…. and is there for a purpose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  24. I don’t understand that garjana team doesn’t have any common sense because why Sandhya never tried to escape from village and why she has to suffer with manjari.. She is not even appears happy in the bus that she is coming out from the hell…

    1. After all this is serial…There will be no place for logical thinking… Just show what they want….

  25. jitendra prajapati

    lalima ne kaha tha ki jo hota hai !achhe ke liye hota hai! in dono ki love story me sadi nhi hogi kyoki sadi me aag ke fere lena parta hai !suraaj aag nhi dekh sakta !aur lalima to ek achhi ldki hai !esliye lalima ko air bhabho ke Galt mat soncho! WO esliye ye sab kar rhi hai ki unko nhi pata ki sandhya mari nhi hai! WO aapne sun ko khush dekhna cahti hair!!!!!!!!

    1. Bhabu don’t know about sandhya alive…But we know naaa.. thats the problem here..

      1. Ya for babho Sandy is dead person.all fuss is because we know Sandy is still alive.

    2. ya this is the logical thought but jab thak soorak shock se bahar a sakta hai na…

      spoiler ne kaha bhaboo ke vaste sooraj 2nd marri ke liya hhaa kahega e kaise hosakta……

      bhaboo sandhya es duniya me nahi hai bhol ke convince karegi………i think so…

      bhaboo ur too bad aap kuch bhi karsakti hai…. i hate u bhaboo sandy aur sooraj ko alag kare….

  26. Azadi devas ka maheena mubarak ho ?? I hope sandya will complete her mission on 15 August ✌️

    1. may be but…. it means in 2 weeks mission will complete…. i don’t think so ..

      1. From the starting deepika said in interview i took bengali avataar up to 6 months already 1 month had over remaining 5 months left so this mission will run up to 5 min

        i dont think so in 2 weeks it will compleate………………

      2. 6 months…….?????? itsss… a lot of tyme…………………… i want to see sandy and sooraj together as soon as possible…………?????

      3. Me tooo @richa iam dam waiting for that…………..

  27. Gud Morning Guys…
    Happy Weekend..

    Finally saturday ….waiting for today’s watch how sandhya will sell those jaggars 😛 😛 😛
    And how she communicate with informer..

  28. i guss today suspence(i mean precap) will be…like this.. sandhya giving message to team member and…chandu watching…

  29. If Suraj is going through Shock, then only time can heal it. Rest, Bhabho could involve Suraj in his hobbies, take him on vacation, out of town… on the other hand, Bhabhoo do Suraj in house arrest like. Dont meet anyone… really, ridiculous. She can involve Sujaj with Ved and Vansh…

  30. Plane hijack and Suraj Sandhya reunion took 2 months time. So we can expect Mission Mahabali and Sandhya’s acceptance in rathi family in next 1 month.

    1. yeah ryt 1 month or even more time….. i hope it ends early…… no dragging……………….

  31. Yeah, great episode and nice acting Bhabho, Sandhya, and Meenashki!! I love Deepika’s acting; so superb; great job!! 🙂 🙂

  32. I am waiting to see veds reaction on sooraj’s second marriage. Whether he still want to dance or not on his papas wedding.


    1. ooooo its nice chandu still thinking like that to bad ……..

      he is a over smart……. 🙂

    2. O really nice……. too intresting……waiting for that scene…

      was that Tractor?? u said… the man who tried to kill sandhya??

      Really Tractor chase Lol..

  34. Hey guys good evening … All are busy waiting for today episode to see sandy….. 🙂

  35. Hopefully when sandya goes to the market she’ll sell the jagerry to her own team member and know something helpful ☺️
    Fingers crossed ??

    1. i think she will write msg on jaggery ……. as if she speaks even in code language chandu will suspect her………… nd she will get in danger…

    2. Ha Ha Ha Ha…. definitely sandhya sell jaggerry to there own team members……and manages to give her msg for Bharath sir..

  36. Thanks @richa for sbs details. Exciting to see sandy’s drama

  37. Chandu is very helpful towards sandya and is present every where around her! This will make sandya suspect about his identity and very soon she’ll know everything about him ??
    This brainless man is using his mind more than needed! But he doesn’t know our sandya has solved every big problem with her witty plans ?

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