Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bhabo saying that till those three matkas are in one piece and unbroken, Sandhya’s dream will be alive and kicking but just that day when Bhabo will win this challenge, Sandhya completes 3 mistakes, Bhabo will be proclaiming her win in a grand fashion, and her dream will not get precedence anymore, Sandhya will have one and only one existence and that is a good bahu of Rathi household.
Sandhya says she is ready for the challenge as Bhabo is asking for it but says to Bhabo that it is her earnest request that their relation of mother-daughter should remain intact as it is and it should never get affected by whoever wins or loses, Sandhya asks Bhabo for assuring this fact

Bhabo says she can never tell what will happen and what not after one of them wins and just says game has just begun, so let’s play then later we will discuss or see what will happen when one wins and other loses. Bhabo doesn’t take any stand or make her intentions clear.

At college, Sandhya comes with Suraj and says she is going for classes.

Swami Ji calls everyone and informs the students including Sandhya that they will establish a grand temple in honor of this Shiv idol and says the college will be destroyed and demolished to pave way for the temple, shocking the students

Now Meena talks with Bhabo and asks how she was so sure that Bhabo will help out the kids instead of feeding the priests and says how she was guessing it right from the beginning itself

Bhabo is smiling (maybe ) and says Meena thinks about Sandhya’s strengths only (which Bhabo herself knows pretty well) but Bhabo says she used her strength to good effect and turned it out to make a mistake of it deliberately.

Bhabo says Sandhya always thinks about the good of others and the society in general, and this she has got from a good parentage and solid values instilled in her but Bhabo will make sure that she will be exploiting those very strengths to commit 3 mistakes from Sandhya’s end

Bhabo also assures Meena that her probability of winning is higher as she is pretty sure Sandhya is going to commit these type of noble mistakes

Meena says Wow, she didn’t knew Bhabo was this much intelligent and all, Bhabo sees red and says she is doing all it for the sake of family and family good, also says Sandhya has to lose anyhow

Meanwhile, Sandhya is busy telling Swami ji that it is not a good decision to create a temple here by evicting so many students as their future is at stake, further says. since many of the students are ardent devotees of God Shiv, how can God be happy when he sees his followers/devotees suffering and their future becoming dark due to this decision.

Meanwhile Bhabo tries to convey that she has no dark thoughts or evil plans like Meena, she wants good of family and so took this determined step, Meena thinks Bhabo is getting angry and goes away as she now know exactly what is Bhabo planning

Sandhya tries hard to convince, and other students also support her.
Sandhya tells how far right it is to erect a temple by demolishing the college as they are all a part of it, she says she is not against the temple but she cannot see her and others’ sad state of affairs.

Malati Madam said till now she ran the college well but now she cannot carry on more as she has handed over the decision to Swami Ji keeping in mind the sentiments of lakhs of supporters of Swami Ji

Madam says now nothing can be done.

Supporters of Swami Ji says to students that even Madam got the reason correct and is not standing in their path so why are the students.

Sandhya pleads again and says being a man who spreads the light of knowledge, how can he allow this to happen as many students will suffer due to this decision.

Swami ji says he will take a decision keeping in mind the students and will soon make a solution for their affairs as well, and Madam says see now Swami ji told, you all can leave now as classes have been cancelled for the day.

Precap–> SurYa in pensive mood and Suraj says how they will file for admission in different college at this stage as no college will take admission so late now, and says what about her dream then and further studies

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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