Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking I m cheating my uniform. Arpita thinks where did Sandhya go. Sandhya gets the papers and goes out. Arpita comes in her way. The papers fall and Sandhya takes it. Arpita asks her for imp file. Sandhya says I will get it. Arpita says your hands have black ink. Sandhya goes. Arpita thinks what was Sandhya doing in commissioner’s room. The terrorists wait for Sandhya. Bhabho thinks will Sandhya do as they said, why did she not come back till now, she did not call. Sandhya comes back and gives the papers to the terrorists. They check papers and IDs. The terrorist says good, you will get promoted today, you are an honest officer and did theft, you cleared difference between us, we both are criminals.

Vansh cries and says cheater and coward, everyone

lied that Sandhya is brave, you are helping Ankur and Ankita’s murderers. The ladies say we should be proud of Sandhya, she has done this to save our lives. Sooraj tells Vansh that Sandhya did not do theft, she did this to save all of us. Bhabho says Sandhya has done her life’s first theft for us. Vansh says its all lie, Sandhya always lied and did not tell me truth that Sooraj and Sandhya are my parents, she lied that she will punish Ankur’s murderers, but cheated again. Sooraj says we love you as Ved and Kanak. Vansh says don’t touch me, I m not your son, I m an orphan, my mum and dad died, no one loves me. He runs inside the house.

The terrorist says strange, its filmi story, Vansh is Sandhya’s son and cursing her, he does not know he is your biggest weakness now. Arpita says Sandhya went leaving imp meeting and was shocked seeing me outside commissioner’s cabin, Sandhya is not like this, something wrong is happening, I have to find out. Sooraj consoles Sandhya. A lady says no one could do this for us, you are best daughter, wife, bahu and mother, everyone should get daughter like is. Ladies bless Sandhya and say one day Vansh will be proud to have such mother and department will be proud to have such brave police officer.

Terrorists says neighbors are great, but I won’t let this words turn true, the truth is the world will see us as a traitor, she could not arrest us and will free us as she has no option, everyone will point fingers at her. Jimmy says this packet has just three IDs, we are four, Sandhya has played a game with us. Sandhya says I did not play any game, three scientists are coming, you have kept an eye on me by camera pen, I did not do cheating, you know everything, just three of you can go, this is your leader and will go, you three think who will go, I can’t add any extra name, think and tell me who will go. She thinks she has to break their unity to break them.

She says there is not much time, your getup has to made and taken pics in disguise, I have to make new IDs and keep in commissioner’s locker, hurry up and tell me who three will go. PP says its problem, how will we decide. Leader says decision will be made no, who two will come with me. Sandhya looks at him.

Arpita says something fell from Sandhya’s hand, she has taken that from Sir’s cabin. She checks the cabin and gets black powder on the locker. She gets shocked and says I don’t believe this, I don’t think Sandhya’s intention was good, there is something fishy, but what, everyone praise Sandhya and she is cheating department, now I will catch Sandhya red handed and expose her bad intentions infront of the media.

Leader says this is about life and death, you three pick these guns fast. The three guys take the guns. Leader says now you will point the guns at each other’s heads, you all will shoot at each other, one gun will fire, one will die, now the two who survive will come along with me. Emily says this is cheating, you are four people and playing this death game among three, leader should also play, this is wrong. Sandhya says Emily don’t get in this, they will take a decision. Sooraj thinks Sandhya played good trick. Leader starts counting and says I can’t see any one of you die. He turns and counts down. The three terrorists PP, Rocky and Jimmy aim at their chief. Everyone look on. Sandhya signs the men. The chief gets shocked. Meenakshi says the game changed.

Chief says you are my friends, don’t do this. The men take some knives to attack on the terrorists. PP says you want to get saved Chief and wants to sacrifice us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb Episode.
    End was awesome.
    Precap amazing.
    Hope everything will be fine.
    Hope SANDHYA will win VANSH’s love back.
    But plzzz don’t kill our SOORAJ-SANDHYA.We want SANDHYA to kill the terrorists without sacrificing her life.If you want let SANDHYA openly accept her mistake of stealing confidential details from the COMMISSIONER’s cabin & resign her job because of regret.But plzzz don’t kill her.We want a happy end.Hope SANDHYA’s game will be successful.Hope SANDHYA’s plan will be ultimate success.Plz don’t let this blo*dy terrorists overpower SANDHYA again.

    1. Sandhya resigns again ……
      I think Sandhya will retire when she’s old and season will about Kanak – Sandhya’s daughter life but Deepika will go on playing this main role. I think if there is any Sooraj in season 2……

  2. I hope vanch forgive sandhya n the terrorist get caught soon

  3. Richa

    Pls pla giv me summary after ankur and ankita were killed

  4. Oh… I think season 2 will around Kanak’s life – Sandhya ‘s daughter
    I wish Deepika Singh would play this role Kanak

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