Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya getting angry recalling Officer Singh’s state. Shekhar greets her. Sandhya picks a water pot and breaks it. Shekhar turns and sees him. Manjari comes and scolds Sandhya. Sandhya argues with him. Shekhar asks Manjari not to argue and gives the money of Sagarika’s drama to her. Sandhya takes the money and says she can’t bear her dad’s insult, she will pay all the money, her dad was govt employee, he gets pension, I will get that money and throw on your face, come to city with me, the bank is there. Shekhar thinks the saas bahu fight always goes on, and leaves.

Sandhya thinks now Shekhar/Chandu will see how she opens Garjana’s door for her, she will not let Officer Singh’s death go waste, she will meet Bharat. Meenakshi tells Bhabho that maybe

Lalima has stolen things. Bhabho handsover the utensil to her and asks her to think and talk. Mohit asks Meenakshi about some idea. Meenakshi says she can show Sooraj the engagement pic, that he was marrying Lalima, then he will not like her. He asks her to show it to him soon. Meenakshi loses the pic to Lalima and asks her to listen to her.

Sandhya thinks Bharat will try to reach her. Manjari and Sandhya are on the way. Manjari says she did not get any gift. Sandhya says she will get her dad’s pension. She thinks she has to tell Bharat and enter Garjana today, she wants to ruin their plan. A man sells nuts and Sandhya recognizes him as Bharat’s officer. She says she is hungry and goes to buy groundnut. She gives him a message. He reads that Sagarika needs to get inside Garjana Sanghatan, and she is going to pension office, they have to be ready there. Sandhya thinks Bharat will manage everything once he gets the info.

Lalima drags Meenakshi outside and asks why is she hurting Sooraj, if she shows this pics, he will be hurt. They have lied to Sooraj and her, they broke his trust. She says she met Sooraj’s doctor, he said to keep Sooraj happy, if he gets hurt, then it will affect his mind a lot, which can be fatal for him. Bhabho and everyone look on. Lalima asks don’t they value Sooraj, are they his family or enemy. Bhabho thinks does Lalima really want to help Sooraj. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to see Lalima is calling her enemy. Lalima says she won’t leave them if they hurt Sooraj. Meenakshi argues and asks how dare you hold my hand and bring me here, get out of my house. Ved stops Meenakshi.

He cries and says Sooraj will be sad if Lalima is kicked out, he will leave house again. He requests Meenakshi not to send Lalima. Sandhya and Manjari come to pension office. Sandhya tells about Shantanu Das pension and they get inside the office. Sandhya sees Bharat there and says Sir…. He asks her to say soon, will he stand all day here. She tells about her dad’s pension. Bharat asks Dubey for tea. Sandhya says thanks, we don’t want tea. Bharat says I m asking for tea for myself. Sandhya says we came from far. Bharat says what to do, did you do any favor on us.

Manjari says she troubles me all day, she does not do any work. Sandhya steps on her foot. Bharat says you write the application, give your dad’s details. Sandhya writes about Agrima Singh, who wanted to help her and died, she gave this info from Garjana, they have to crack the info, she has to enter Garjana’s group now, she has reached Chandu, its Shekhar, who has stolen power chip, its part of the masterplan, I will find it soon.

She gives the paper to Bharat. Bharat reads it. Manjari talks to Sandnya. Bharat gets shocked reading it, and signs Sandhya. He coughs and laughs. Manjari asks what did she read. Bharat says you are Shantanu’s daughter, who died in train accident. Sandhya asks you know him. Bharat says yes, everyone knows him, he was involved with Garjana Sanghatan. Sandhya says what, its not true, are you not ashamed, my dad was a teacher, he was not linked to Garjana. Manjari looks on puzzled. Sandhya says apologize for this. Bharat says why will I apologize to a traitor’s daughter.

He says your dad was linked to Himanshu, who was right hand of Garjana. Manjari says Himanshu my son. Sandhya says I don’t know about Himanshu, but my dad had nothing to know. Bharat says you don’t know and your dad made him son in law, you do wrong with govt and come to take pension, your face should be blackened. He throws ink on her face. Sandhya says its my right to have pension, I will not go. Bharat asks Dubey to send them out. Bharat hopes this try will be enough to make Sandhya a part of Garjana, this will help her win Garjana’s trust, hope their plan succeeds.

Sandhya and Manjari come back to village. Shekhar sees Sandhya’s blackened face and asks what happened. Sandhya goes. He asks Manjari. Manjari tells him everything what happened in pension office. Shekhar goes after Sandhya. Sandhya makes a rope circle to hang herself as part of her acting.

Lalima does Sooraj’s tilak and says I spoke to Sandhya today.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. richa

    hey ns4 did u note thet they didnt show lalima’s and meenu’s face together in nthat dupe scene……………..

  2. NS4

    Hello…. Mr/Mrs.Admin, Amena and Telly team……..Its a request
    Please take care about..these pronouns… he,she,it,him,her…..
    while reading update…can’t able to understand “who is he” “who is she…him,her””

  3. Romi

    Nice acting by sagarika and Bharat sir but feeling sad that sandya doesn’t know about garjana’s oct 2nd evil plan ?

  4. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass.superb episode BT only Sandhya’s part.???

    Thanks amena for fast updating. ??happy b’day anas ji ?? sorry for the late guys for my late cmts read my post if they post.hope they post my cmts. I m so angery on my self. Bcoz frm yesterday on a words after 11 am telly update team didn’t post even my one cmts. I write so many cmts bt they nt post that.And today frm morning id block. So that’s why they dnt post my cmts.??? Bt plz now post my cmt it request. That why frm yesterday I can’t cmt.??BT may be in this also they have some technical problems. Bt I written the serial related. Bt this is my bad luck. ??That I can’t cmt on my favvvvvvvv showwwww DABH written update page.?? hope they post my cmts. Plz it one request to TU team that plz post our cmts in within one or half our. Bcoz I can’t wait till more then one hour. Plz accpet my all request.? Dnt worry @Richa and @ NS4 its k dear. I m nt upset.?so chil guys ?

    • anu

      @varsha its too bad i am waiting for u r comments from yesterday …(serial related) thank god u r back………….

  5. richa

    ? ? ? ?ok imaginativ story time? ? ? ?
    now sandy is trying to suicide by hanging herself…..she is about to jump from the rock and hang herself justt then cxhandu makes an herioc entry as expected by sandhya….. he saves her. and sandy starts her drama………..and ask him to leave her as she cant take the insults anymore……..that govt officer…………………chandu cuts her in between and scold her………….she says alll hate me and u 2 scold me………he console her and try to manage the situation………and tell her ending her life can do/ change nothing. she says soo nwat to do now i hasv no1 in this world baba(father) died and…garjana. govt……..pension .relation (NOTE: she is crying and saying these words,,,her voice is stammering and sulking)……….. chandu looks with pity on her……………..

    • anu

      @richa its right in tomm episode may be this happen and one more thing u forgot……sandhya chandu se kahegi ki garjana me join hoke sarkar se badla khe bare me bhi boleghi …bharat nd sandhya ka plan eyi tho hai …………its my opinion wt do u say guys……

      • richa

        ,,yeahshe will say that but indirectly moke pe choka maregi………………..i think chandu ask her to calm down and offerwater …she continue drama and say y did he stop her.and chandu answer her and she says there nothing left now….. chandu say y is she talkig like this she is a lively girl & only one who can handle manjiri…………..she says she wanna show that officer his place………….and she’ll do anything for this and may be she mention garjana tha time just opputunity seeking thing dr lol………

    • NS4

      Good imagination @richa…. i think it will happen….
      i was imagining sandhya expression in this drama…scene….

      But one thing sad… previous..we saw these type drama by sandhya in a funny way..But now it will be in serious way….y becoz…sandhya was angry on sheker/chandu

      Anyway serious action only need naaaa…to join in garjana plan

  6. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee finally they post my cmts. So happy. Bt it takes to much time.BT its k.Always show like this more Sandhya’s part and less rathi family part. Bt plz dnt show that bhaboo is positive to wards lalima. I want bhaboo hate lalima. I also want that lalima should bring all Sandhya’s memory in rathi house for suraj sack. So that time lalima know that bhaboo is main reason of suraj this state. So then we see bhaboo vs lalima fight. I want this fight between lalima and bhaboo.????

    • anu

      actually eyi tho hona chahiye ………..its right may be this can happen……..writer not this point .plzzzzzzzzzwe want bhaboo vs lalimaa

  7. richa

    dont mind buttt todays sbs india tv spoler showed lalima hug sooraj so that he doesnt see jyoti in the palki passing by 🙁

    • anu

      No Richaa it should not happen …..i cant see that kind of scene.. Wy these people putting this bakwas lalima nd suraj….really i upset…wt kind of mess they wt to give…??

  8. Thank God in first they show sandhya part. Now sandhya in full angry mood. Sandhya and manjari drama was nice. Nicley sandhya shout on manjari when manjari speek abt sagrika father death. And that time sandhya’anger was awesomeeeeeee. ???

  9. Jeyam

    It seems that the operation Mahabali will consume a few more weeks to executed. The director is well versed in dragging the story like a chewing gum thus biting cintnuously at varance and thereby trying the patience of the viewers.

  10. Suraj scene was nice he put all Sandhya’s cloth in there cupberd. That was beautyful scene.?? Lalima scene was k. Again Minakshi plan fail. Bt hope they show lalima vs bhaboo fight.??

  11. AD

    Super Episode.
    Hope Sandhya will enter garjana & defeat them soon.Cheer up SANDHYA.Only you can do it.All the best.
    Superb Episode.Last 3 episodes less Rathi Scenes.Show mission more.End mission soon.We want see Sandhya making villagers realize the truth of Garjana & she killing Garjanawala.Especially Chandu & Commander.
    Precap not so good.
    Mission related scenes all are superb.Great.

  12. Jeyam

    It seems that the operation Mahabali will consume a few more weeks to be executed. The director is well versed in dragging the story like a chewing gum thus biting contnuously at variance and thereby trying the patience of the viewers. Moreover the case of Lalima is still hanging in air. What is she going to do?

  13. geetha

    super…………… sandhya will make use of chandu to enter into garjanas plan….how clever she is?????????she will take revenge on agrimas murder…lalima is now a great support to suraj…in his present condition lalima will be a great help by saying to him that she has spoken to sandhya…this positive energy will make him cured of his bad mental health..thank you lalima..u r super and loving maintaining an excellent friendship with suraj who is totally broken at heart…

  14. AD

    This Mission Mahabali track was much more interesting than Previous Police tracks till date.
    Becoming more interesting day by day,episode by episode,even scene by scene

  15. For anas birthday special
    Popularly known as Sooraj Rathi in Star Plus’ most famous show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’, Anas Rashid turns 34 today! Here’s wishing Anas a Happy Birthday!

    Know all about the actor…

    Anas was born to a conservative Muslim family on 31st August in Malerkotla, Punjab. He did his schooling from an Urdu Medium School. He knows Urdu as well as Arabic in which he can both read and write. Anas is also fluent in Persian. He is the eldest son of the family and has 2 brothers and 2 sisters in the family. Anas is a trained singer as well.

    Anas has done his post graduation in Psychology. He also won the title of Mr.Punjab in 2004 and was always interested in modeling and acting. He started his acting career from Star Plus’ ‘Kahiin To Hoga’ where he played the role of Kartik Ahluwalia.

    After his debut on TV, there was no looking back for Anas. He then got the role of adult Prithviraj Chauhan in the TV show ‘Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan’. He also played the role of Yashwardhan in ‘Aise Karo Naa Vidaa’.

    Currently he is seen playing the male lead as Sooraj in Star Plus’ most popular show ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ opposite actress Deepika Singh. The couple shares an amazing chemistry on-screen. The story revolves around Anas aka Sooraj who wants to fulfill his wife Sandhya’s dream of becoming an IPS officer.

    In 2012, Anas won the ‘Nayi Soch Kirdaar’ award at Star Parivaar Awards and also the Best Actor in Lead Role (Male) at Zee Gold Awards for ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. Anas was also felicitated by the UP Government for his achievement in the acting profession.

    Anas loves traveling and riding bikes. He is a proud owner of a Harley Davidson Fatboy. Bikes have been his passion since he was a child and loves to travel across the country on his bike.
    Once again happy birthday anas Bro. God bless you?????

  16. anu

    I think its sandhya dream……… comes to real i am very happy for that….i am eagarly waiting for sandhya nd suraj unite…:-)

  17. Riya

    Suraj plays with kids on the road.

    Suddenly, some people brings a palaki towards Suraj and Lalima is shocked to see palki is about to hit him.

    Lalima saves Suraj nick of time by hugging him but society is angry to see Lalima is hugging Suraj.

    Bhabho (Neelu Waghela) upsets on Lalima

    Daisa taunts Lalima for staying in Rathi house without marriage and doing such type of shameless things.

    Bhabho apologizes to everyone for Lalima’s deed while Lalima behaves normally as nothing happed.

    Meenakshi is happy to see everyone taunting Bhabho and Lalima.

  18. anu

    Guys latest promo released any body watched??????//

    here the link

    Sooraj sees Sandhya’s pic and says that everyone says she has died, but his heart says she is still alive.. Lalima comes.. Sooraj asks her whether she will help him to find Sandhya.. Lalima hold Sooraj’s hand and says that they together will find Sandhya.. On the other side, Sandhya sees a picture of Ved and Sooraj..
    VO: Removing the darkness of separation, Will Sooraj and Sandhya be able to shine together??

    • Ya nice promo. I see this yesterday i n morning. Bt I dnt like that suraj hold lalima’s hand. Nice when sandhya see her and ved pic. That was nice scene?????

  19. NS4

    Thank You @ Anu, Varsh, Richa, Riya….. For sharing nice pic’s of sandhya-sooraj and sbs news and last promo video

  20. anu

    Guys bt i dont like spioler news …… Wy they did nt end lalima character nobody likes that character.. Bt one thing i like it she is giving moral support to suraj…koi tho dena chahiye na ….lalima turn nahi hona chahiye …..lalima be like good friend of suraj….☺

    • Hope they show lalima and suraj as friends. And in friendship also they plz dnt show that suraj hold lalima’s hand or any couple scene. Lalima is good girl. Bt plz dnt show this kind of scene between suraj and lalima.??????

      • Romi

        Yeah agreed!!!their friendship should be pure and without any lust or greed!!!
        Lalima should remain positive till the end of her role in DABH

  21. Which I thought in sunday that sandhya is going to pension office for take his father pension and then bcoz of bharat sir plan he put ink on sandhya’s face that happened. I also post abt this my thoughts in Saturday as well as Sunday as well as on Monday BT unfortunately they nt post my this and entire Saturday and Sunday cmts.BT its k.???

  22. Sandhya and manjari part was awesomeeeeeee. Manjari continuesly blem sandhya and then sandhya put her leg on manjari’s leg. That part was superb.???

  23. Finally sandhya tell bharat sir abt officer agrima Singh and 2 Oct mission. And also she tell that she find chandu .shekhar is chandu. Awesome. ????
    In that pension office drama was too good. Bharat sir say bring tea and then sandhya say plz dnt bring tea for us and then bharat sir say I m mad that I bring tea for u that tea I bring for me. That part was awesomeeeeeee. Can’t stop my laugh. Lol.????

    • And than bharat sir say bad words to words abt shantanu and himanshu. That time sandhya’anger was awesome. And then sthey put ink in sandhya. And then sandhya in anger mood.????

  24. Last part was nice that sandhya go for suside . and now definitely chandu save sandhya and shekhar bring sandhya in there garjna sanghtna. Now Sandhya’s plan definitely work. Now she join garjna sanghtna to know abt there plan against our nation.????

  25. Wating for today’s episode. In today also some suspense. Bcoz why that lalima put tika to suraj. In today episode we see raksha bandan scene.??????

  26. Wating for how chandu react on sandhya’s fake tears.??
    Plz it request dnt post spoiler yaar. ????How many times I say that plz dnt post any spoiler. Bcoz of spoiler watching serial that excitement was goan. ???? In first we get know that what is the upcoming scene then why I see the show. Bt u guys never understand this. Actually for this is nt ur fault this is my fault that I say this so many times. Sorry for that saying that nt post twist. ????Now u can post what u want. I dnt mind. Bcoz that was ur choice ur Id ur thought abt serial ur mobile and ur feelings.???? So its my fault so I say sorry to all u guys now u post what u want. Now U guys post upcoming twist. I never angery on u. ????? I can’t say anything to u all guys. It’s k. Wating for upcoming episodes. ??

    • anu

      ya @varsha its true abt spoiler news ….even i got tension abt spoiler news bcoz only spoiler giving news abt suraj-lalima i cant bear this plz dont post spoiler news it my request…..abt mission story pahle patha chalgaya tho trill kaha se ayegi coz mission is the action track ………….action track kho suspense se dekhe tho acha lagta…..

      abt sooraj- lalima kha news sune tho mujhe tension athe hai plz dont post it guys plz

      nd one more thing @riya is a new to this page…so she dont know abt spoiler news….so dont upset….;-)

  27. True say @AD. This mission mahabali track was awesome. It’s more interesting when they show officer agrima Singh death scene bcoz of this scene now sandhya is more in angry mood as well as now she can do anything to fail garjna plan. Bcoz now sandhya is given this big victory to officer agrima Singh as a gurudakshina.??????

  28. True say @geetha. Sandhya is now more angry on shekhar as well as garjna sanghtna. Bcoz they kill officer agrima Singh. Ya lalima is very nice girl. Bcoz of her no one harm suraj. And also no one chit suraj. I only want that suraj and lalima friendship. Hope now we only see suraj and lalima as a friends just like sandhya and zakir. ?????????

    • Bt one thing I like that bcoz of lalima is more positive to words suraj we see bhaboo vs lalima scene. Bcoz lalima also nt believe on bhaboo. And so that’s why I want that lalima bring all Sandhya’s items in rathi house which bhaboo throughout. Hope bcoz of lalima this behaviour then i 100 % sure that definitely we see bhaboo vs lalima war….???????

    • Romi

      And sandya should try a rakhi to chandu so that he doesn’t bring anything in his heart for sandya!! Then their sis and bro bond will become strong and he will take her to his sanghatan and the mission will proceed to its success

  29. NS4

    @richa u asked me abt meena-lalima scene……. yeah i observed lalima-meena scene….it means they shooted that scene twice( meeana-lalima dupe scenes and nly lalima scenes ) right…

    • richa

      noooo these type of scenes r not shot twice buttt the real actor just gives a closeup to show d face once………..

    • anu

      OOOOOOOO thank u @ns4 i waiting for this link ……..thank u .very very much………..but in this some persons are missing like sandhya meena lalimaa mohit………….no probs they celebrate successfully i am happy………DABH every time rocks………..i wish they celebrates more and more……..success partys

  30. richa

    lalima ………………………………………………………… huh y is she shown a way tooo extra positive……….

    • anu

      @wy richa they r showing like this aur kuch bhi batha sakthe hai na suraj kho bacha ne ke liye……..actually these people r testing our patience……….

    • anu

      zinki zinki wish hote pahle sab share karthe the spoiler news patha nahi jabse e separation track chalri hai some members are not wish to read………..mere taraf se eki objection hai down me comment padho………spoiler news me suspense tho rahta hai ooooo bhi puri news leek nahi karthe ….s & S khe bare kuch bhi boldethe……..plzzz dont mind nd dont get upset……..

  31. anu

    Plz @richa dont mind for spoiler news………..mujhe only for one objection to see that news ————-suraj aur lalima khe bareme kuch bhi kahdethe ooooooooo mai sun nahi sakthi…………..coz i love suraj nd sandhya a lot……….this is my probs…..i wish u understand me plz………

  32. unknown

    i hate lalimma very very worst precap …………here after don’t show lallima and sooraj together it our request …………….

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