Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj thinking he could not find Sandhya till now. The man asks Sooraj what is he doing here at night. Sooraj says I was feeling restless, so I came to have fresh air, do you have water. The man says yes, take and puts water in his hand. Sooraj washes his face and the water goes via the open brick space to Sandhya. It falls over Sandhya’s face. Diya aur baati……………plays……….. The man asks do you know no one is allowed to come here. Sooraj asks why, is this any special wall. The man says its Garjana’s order, as behind the wall is… Garjana men come there and ask what are they doing here. The Garjana man says Durga Maa idol is placed here so no one is allowed to come here. He sends Sooraj.

Bharat does not get Sooraj’s camera connection and

hopes its technical error, and Sooraj is not caught. The man says don’t worry, our attack plan is ready. Bharat says its 1st October today, we will attack tonight and ruin Garjana. Its morning, Sooraj tries finding Sandhya by roaming in village and giving sweets. He thinks he could not find Sandhya anywhere. Bharat goes to meet the minister. He tells his assistant that we will attack tonight after getting permission letter from minister. He greets the minister and asks for his permission. The minister praises his dedication and says there are some positive changes, you will be glad to know we will not attack Garjana. Bharat asks what.

The minister says I want you to meet someone and calls Shekhar inside. Bharat turns to see and gets shocked seeing Shekhar. Shekhar sits beside Bharat and greets him smiling. Sooraj thinks this is the last house and sees Chote Taja. He thinks its Sajni’s house. The commander makes food and feeds his son. Sooraj says such a good father, he loved his wife Sajni too, maybe he will understand my pain, I will ask him about Sandhya. He recalls Bharat’s words and stops. The commander asks who is he. Sooraj says I m Soo… halwai… I got jalebis and makes Chote Raja have it. The boy runs from there. Sooraj goes after him. Chote Raja runs towards the wall.

The minister says this is Shekhar alias Chandu, he is Garjana’s leader. Bharat thinks what is he doing here. Shekhar says I know what you are thinking, I have come here to surrender and want peace between us. Bharat asks how did this miracle happen, how did you get positive thoughts in your negative mind, you wanted to protest against Indian govt, and not this violent Sanghatan wants peace. Shekhar says the reason is Officer Sandhya Rathi, she has explained us that violence will kill innocent people and shown us the right way. I don’t know politics, accept my proposal, 2nd oct in Gandhi jayanti, it would be better to have a friendly relation on that day. Bharat reacts saying this man is clearly lying.

Chote Raja tries to make jalebi reach Sandhya and jumps to throw it inside by the open brick space. He fails and gets sad. Sandhya thinks she can’t fulfill her second duty towards her family, as death is approaching her. She cries. Sooraj comes and gives another jalebi to Chote Raja.

Bhabho checks some jewelry. Meenakshi and Vikram come home. Meenakshi sees the jeweler at home and tells Vikram that she will also get one. She likes one and Bhabho says this is not for you, but to welcome Sooraj’s bride. Meenakshi asks for whom? Bhabho says Sooraj has a rebirth and now his wife is coming home for the first time, so its imp to give her jewelry. She leaves.

Meenakshi asks Vikram why did he not get mad, then if he got fine, Bhabho would have given her a necklace. He asks what is she saying. Sooraj helps Chote Raja in keeping jalebi there. He asks him about keeping jalebi there. Chote Raja recalls Shekhar’s words and does not tell him. He leaves. Sooraj says maybe he kept bhog for Maa Durga, kids’ heart is really pure. Diya aur baati………..plays………..

Sandhya sees the jalebi and thinks its essence is like Sooraj’s handmade jalebi, it means Sooraj is here. Siya ram…….. plays………… She tries and stands up to get it. Sooraj looks at the wall. She struggles to take the jalebi and says she has to tell Sooraj that she is here and meet him by any way.

Sooraj says Sandhya…. And touches her hand by the open space. She smiles happily.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Romi

      Who’s??? END???
      Are you talking about yourself? Just chill yaar don’t loose hope! B optimistic sandya will make everything fine including you and bhabo ?

      • Darth Vader

        I wish Sandhya dies a most horrific death !!!

        my options would be: –

        a. beheaded
        b. shot in the head
        c. cut up and fed to the animals
        d. cremated alive

  1. John Smith

    Shekhar is playing a good game – respect to him.

    I want Garjana to win their fight and oust the corruption in the Indian Government.

  2. Jeyam

    I could not believe that the terrorists are simply high-handed and well informed than that of the intelligence department of government. How’s it possible? Will Suraj save Sandya? It’s simply remorseful to see Sandya in this condition.

    • Varsha

      Actually that minister believe on chandu… Bcoz chandu use sandhya’s name… He say that sandhya change his thoughts that’s why he trust on that shekhar… Also one thing that shekhar come there for surrender…. If any if someone come to surrender it means that person is Change this is the thought… So that’s why that minister is believe him… Nt with him…??
      Ya definitely suraj save sandhya… This is the mystery that how suraj save sandhya frm that wall …..????
      Hope now ur daut was clear…. ??
      Thanks amena for fast updating….??

      • Darth Vader

        What rubbish, you can tell that the minister has been bought – like almost all India Politicians !!!

        The only thing to do to a know terrorist when they come to you and apparently “surrender” is to arrest them and charge them with what they have done.

        If Shekhar was really there to “surrender”, he would have said that Sandhya will be released.

        Also, in broad daylight, we see Suraj holding Sandhya’s hand through the gap in the wall. Garjana can see this – I would expect to see Suraj shot there and then for this.

        If the commander and shoot his wife, he or anyone in his “gang” can kill Suraj for this.

        This soap has too many gaps in it.

        The sooner Garjana fire the NUCLEAR MISSILE, the sooner this crap soap can end !!

        I want to see them all die !!!

  3. John Smith

    So Sandhya has been able to stand on apparently broken legs for atleast a day !

    Is she Super Woman ? Is she human or from Krypton ? Is she related to Superman, and that only Kryptonite can hurt her ?

    Bring on 2nd October !!!!! July, August and September have been boring !!!

    S&S about to see each other for the last time before Sooraj dies !!!

    But with Sandhya “legally” already dead, his widow will be Lalima !!!

    • Romi

      John are you really a human?!!! Are you the one who used to spoil every site like sathiya and yhm!
      Are you baffollo’s husband John he was also mischievous like you !
      Today’s episode was great
      DABH always Rockzzzzzzzzz ???

    • Varsha

      True @romi @anu…. This is mad person…. I think this is the that person which come in past cmts… Which always use bad words against this show… Then telly update team block that person id….may be this is that idiot person…..?????

      Just ignore them…. Dnt recmts on this cmts….???
      Today’s episode was rocking…. Bt tomorrow episode should be super rocking…???

    • Darth Vader

      Didnt he die already, unless they did a “Face/Off” and are keeping him alive, and trying to transplant his face onto someone else so they have another spy in Garjana ?

  4. Dabh

    If government is like that there is no use of officers those who gives their life for country@ (barat sir,sint,sandya)

  5. Anu

    I know that idiot chandu will do some thing bt bharat will not belive chandu…idiot idiot

    Sorry to say this word.thanks amena

  6. rekha

    Awesome episode to watch dabh today .bt i got scared by looking at the promo because it was shown as sandhya was crashed to death. Pls dont kill anyone. I plead u dabh creative team pls dont kill anyone

  7. Varsha

    In starting they show my favvvvvvvv scene …that suraj wash his face with water then his some drop of water throw on sandhya’s face… My fav scene… What a scene…. Ek dam zakaassssssssss…?????

    • Varsha

      Hope that after completing mission mahabali… Sandhya take chote raja with her…. Hope they show like this…???

  8. Varsha

    Shem on u chandu… He lie to minister that he is coming there for surrender…. Idiot and that minister also trust on that chandu….????

    • Varsha

      It’s nice that bharat sir give good replay to that chandu… Plz minister dnt believe on that idiot chandu…????

    • Varsha

      May be now bharat sir do attack on garjna sanghtna without permission of minister… Hope so….. Bharat sir do this…. To save sandhya and suraj as well as to whole couy… Bcoz thus is there mission….. ?????

  9. Varsha

    Minakshi scene was nice that when she see jewellery man at home she think that bhaboo give her jewellery…. And then bhaboo give best replay to Minakshi….?????�

    • Varsha

      And then after bhaboo go she say vikarm that why u r nt mad…if u r mad then recover… Then bhaboo definitely give these jewellery to me… And then suddenly vikarm also say yes….and then he release that what Minakshi say… That time vikarm expression was too good…. Awesome part….. I can’t stop my laugh on that funny part….?????

    • Varsha

      Plz… Dnt reveal any spoiler… It’s request…. If u want this then do what u want bt now nt come on this page after my cmts post….. Plz don’t reveal any spoiler… Sorry I know so many people wants to read upcoming spoiler… ??
      Sorry for hurting u guys… Forgive me… If possible… ??????
      No one kill in this show only garjna sanghtna people die…??

    • ANU

      Guys dont read spoiler news bcoz serial me hi itna suspense chalra……spoilers news aur irritate karenge….really maine tho spoilers news dekhna hi bandh rak diya….with out negative thought i watching my fav serial…i am happy now…otherwise tension tension tension spoiler kha news dekh khe

  10. R

    Hate bhabho sooo much
    Hope soorj comes and slap her hardly idiot bhabho and make her plans fail
    Lalima should not come into soorajs life.lord rama has single wife
    I think sooraj is also like dat nly

    • Varsha

      No bhaboo is prepared only for sandhya… And may be lokesh fix lalima’s marriage with some one else… So that’s why lokesh come to bhaboo to do parents ritual… Bcoz they see bhaboo and bhabasa as parents…??
      And may be bhaboo is trust on suraj that sandhya is alive.. So that’s why she was do that preparations… She believe that suraj definitely bring sandhya…???
      This is my thought.. Hope this will be happened in the show… My thoughts will come true…????

      • divya

        I think Lalima will undergo a plastic surgery (since her face is burnt) and come back as sandhya. That is what Lokesh and Bhabho have planned which is why Bhabho is all excited about welcoming Sooraj’s wife

  11. Varsha

    It’s nice that suraj nt ask anything to that bade raja… Thanks bharat sir that u say suraj that dnt believe on any person of that village…???

    • Varsha

      So sad for chote raja….he loss his mother bcoz of that bade raja… He didn’t think once abt his son…before killing his wife… Idiot…. Shem on u…?????

    • Varsha

      That scene was nice when suraj give sweet means jelebi to chote raja… And then chote raja take that and run to give this to sandhya… So sweet of u chote raja….?????

    • Varsha

      Bt bcoz of his hite he can’t reach them then suraj come and left chote raja and then chote raja put there that sweet…. So nice…????

  12. Varsha

    When suraj ask of that sweet why he put that….he just say that BT unfortunately he remember that chandu’s word and he stop….so sad…??

    • Varsha

      Wowwwww so nice that sandhya feel that smell and she find that this is the suraj sweet …????what a strong love between both of them….??

    • Varsha

      Superb that sandhya find that suraj is there in that village… And she is doing so much effort to remove frm that tread… To tell suraj that she is in that wall..????

    • Varsha

      Full awesome as well as in m style ek dam zakaassssssssss…. Precap… Tomorrow we see suraj and sandhya reunity…. Bt hope that garjna sanghtna people nt come between them…. It also suspense that how sandhya remove that….. ?????

    • Varsha

      So excited to watch upcoming episodes…. Suraj and sandhya reunity… Bharat sir next plan…can’t wait…..????

  13. Varsha

    It was nice that at least they play only Diya aur baati hum in background which I like most… As well as they play my face song in last that ek ke bina adhura duja ek sada siya ram….?????

    Diya aur baati hum song:-

    तू सूरज मैं सांझ पियाजी 

    मारे सपनों की तू परवाज़ पियाजी 

    थारो मारो मिलन ऐसो लागे 

    रे साथी जैसो 

    दीया और बाती हम 

    हूँ… दीया और बाती हम 

    मैं जो चलूँ तो संग चलो 

    जी मोरे पिया मोरे पिया 

    मेरी खुशियों में 

    यूँ रंग भरो जी पिया 

    मोरे पिया 

    तुमने जो देखे सपने सुहाने 

    उन सपनों को अपना बनाने 

    तू धड़कन मैं जान पियाजी 

    मारे होटों की तू मुस्कान पिया 

    थारो मरो मिलन ऐसो लगे रे 

    साथी जैसो 

    दीया और बाती

    हूँ… दीया और बाती हम 

    तुम जो संग हो 

    लागे है मुझको सारा जहाँ 

    अपना मुझे 

    मिलके चलेंगे है ये कसम 

    जो साथ तेरा मुझको मिली 

    राहों से कांटे हम चुन लेंगे 

    धुप में छाया बनके चलेंगे 

    जग से निराला होगा साथ पियाजी 

    मारे सपनों की तू परवाज़ पिया 

    थारो मारो मिलन ऐसो लागे रे 

    साथी जैसो दीया और बाती 

    हूँ… दीया और बाती हम???????

    tu suraj mein saanjh piya ji maare sapno ki tu parvaaz piyaji…

    (Your the sun, Im twilight..yet you are wings to my dreams)

    tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

    (you and me together is like candle and light)

    mein jo chalo tho sang chalo ji maane piya..more piya…

    (when I walk..walk with me)

    meri khushiyon mein yu rang baroje piya..more piya

    (fill the colours into my happiness)

    tumne jo dekhe..sapne suhane…

    (the dreams you dreamt so beutiful)

    un sapnon ko…apna banane…

    (I will adopt your dreams)

    tu dhadakan..mein jaan piyaji mare

    (if your heartbeats then Im life)

    hoton ke…tu musukaan piya..

    (ur the smile to my lips)

    tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

    (we are like candle and light)

     tum jo sang ho lage re mujhko sara jaha..apna mujhe

    (if your with me then the whole world feels like mine)

    milke chalenge  he yeh kasam jho saath tera mujhko mile

    (we will walk together..promise if you walk with me)

    raahon se kaante hum chun lenge..

    (we will pluck all thorns from our way)

    dhoop mein chaya banke chalenge…

    (will be the shade in the sunlight)

    jag se nirala hoga saath piyaji maare sapno ki tu parvaaz piya

    (unique to the world will be our relationship.. you are the wings to my dreams)

    tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

    (yes we are like candle and light)????

  14. Varsha

    Hate u all that people who speak bad words abt my favvvvvvvv showwwww DABH character…..?????
    If u dnt like this serial our its characters then plz stop watching this show as well as to cmts on this page…
    Actually u forget that this all characters give there best for this show… Bcoz of all DABH team they completed 4 year recently…. (As well as they also created one record that u guys also know I tell which record they created upto 3 to 3:5 year this show is continuesly in no. 1 position…. No one serial do this… Only DABH do this…. When they show sandhya and suraj sepertion as well as more close scene that time this show trp loss…. Bt its very nice that this show continually in no one position …)✌✌???☝
    Bt u guys r jealous of this show bcoz now a days this show is rocking… Bcoz of these u r guys ego hurt that’s why u always say useless as well as bad words against this show…??????
    Actually u guys dnt know who much this dabh team do for this serial success…. They always shout 15 to 17 hour’s… As well as they daily shout… As well as when this serial character’s do any holidays then when they come on that time they shout…????
    Bt u guys didn’t understand there pain… Bcoz ur ego nt give u permission to see the success of this show…??????
    Plz stop this nonsense talk…. If u nt know the value of these show then its better that u get lost frm these page….???
    This show of different frm other show… Bcoz in this show they nt only show saas bhahu drama…. They only show how we face every problems… How to girl manage her home as well as her duty…. They also show that how much police officers sacrifice their life to safe our country ….. They also show that beautiful relationship between husband and wife… And always they stand for each other in any situation… To support each other… They always give us a good lesson in every episode…????????

    • Varsha

      Bt some bad person dnt understand this… They only feel poison in there mind that this show is worst as well as bad show…. ????
      Bt for that people I again say that plz get lost frm this page… ???
      I also say my dear friends that just ignore this kind of people…. We dnt mind that what people say abt our show… Bcoz we know the importance of these show… We have nt give any explation to those bad person… For us DABH is best…. And also dnt recmts on that bad person cmts… In few days they definitely go frm these place… So just chillll and dnt spoil our good mood… Just ignore that cmts…??????☝
      Sorry guys for hurting ur feelings… If definitely I do this then plzzzzzzzzzz forgive me….???
      Bcoz I can’t see my friends in pain.. I know u guys r unhappy of these bad person cmts…??
      I m so sorry… Plz forgive me…. Guys please accept my sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????once again I say sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy….
      If possible to plzzzz guys forgive me…. Hope u accpet my sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy and u forgive me… Sorry for hurting u…

      • Darth Vader

        you need to relax, and chill !!!

        remember, this is fiction, and if I or anyone else says anything that you dont like, then take it on the chin, and move on !

    • BENNY

      I’m New tis site from TAMILNADU, wat’s the meaning for “soap, halwai, diya aur baati hum”, really ur comments r good, against bad,,,,

  15. Indàr

    Well…epi was superr?but d problem..will suraj die…
    ?? And then..wat will b next ….in upcoming episodes….wat about diya bati relation??

  16. #indian forums

    Confirmed news!!!
    The Upcoming Tracks are not enjoyful
    for Sooraj’s fans.

    DABH will take 15 years leap.
    After destroying Garjana Sangathan , when sandhya will back with chote raja ( Sooraj will die) , Rathi family will not accept her including Ved ( for his father’s death) .
    Sandhya will start another journey with chote raja and another upcoming person in her life.
    15 years leap will take next December.

    • NoNoThisCntBeTrue


    • Romi

      ?? plzzzzzzz ik baar keh do ke ye jhoot hai ? Aisa kabhi bhi nahi hoga sooraj ki moat matlab qyamat nahi abhi hum iss kiliye ready nahi hain ?

  17. ANU

    Today episode was good.. Garjana village looking me very’re searching Sandy that dangerous place made me tears ..poor chote raja indirectly showed secret place of Sandy..she received your jalebi message.. Precap was very very good.. SurYa scene with bangles.. Waiting for tomorrow episode.. Keep rocking..want to see SurYa together..

    DABH rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Guys dont do bad comments plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Raj

    yesterday, read in a magzine that sooraj will fall in coma and ultimately sooraj’s character wil fade away..hope so that this is false rumour
    i wish DABH will flourish as best serial as usual and make the DABH lovers not sad!!

  19. Chandu really smart. He knows that the government will attack them for sandhya. Once she comes out from the wall , she won’t leave chandu.

    • Mathan

      its really true? it will happen i am very happy to see the diya aur baati hum till end of the episode…………………

  20. #indian forums

    @NNTCBTu & @ Romi,
    True is alwayas true.It never change.
    It Is confirmed news.
    Next year, in March, Dabh will focus
    with new mature generation ( i.e. Ved,
    Chote Raja, Golu etc).

  21. Shruti

    When Rashi was died, then I was not watching Sath Nibhana Sathiya.
    Now, After Sooraj’s death, I will never see Diya aur Baati Hum (?)

  22. Shruti

    When Rashi was died, then I was not watching Sath Nibhana Sathiya.
    Now, After Sooraj’s death, I will never see Diya aur Baati Hum (?)

  23. Darth Vader

    admit it people, this show is dying a slow death, and needs to end !!

    the best way the soap can recover is to become darker. this way they will move away from the normal Indian soaps where good always wins.

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