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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit asking Lalima some money. Lalima and Lokesh give him money. Mohit tells her that Bhabho does not like Sandhya’s police duty, time is less, and she should take bigger steps now. He leaves. Lalima says its Karwachauth tomorrow, it will be Sandhya’s last day in Rathi house. She gets shocked seeing Sooraj outside the glass door. Sooraj comes inside shop and says sorry, my phone diary is here, can you check. She gets relieved and says yes, I will see. He gives him the diary. He thanks her and leaves.

Lokesh says we got saved, else we would have been out like Sandhya Rathi. The kids play and Sandhya asks them who got this crackers. Ved says Lokesh. Bhabho asks Lalima to get mehendi applied, as its Karwachauth tomorrow. Sandhya hears them. Meenakshi shows

her lahenga and reminds its Karwachauth tomorrow, it will be here or there decision tomorrow. Ved asks Sandhya to change and come to play with them. Ved plays with fake gun. Lalima looks on.

Sandhya goes to her room and keeps her service revolver in cupboard. She goes to change. Bhabho sees kids playing with toy guns. Lalima rushes to Sandhya’s room by making excuse. She opens the cupboard and takes the gun. She says you won many fights by this gun Sandhya, but this gun will be the reason of your biggest failure, this will show you the exit of this house. Lalima brings the gun and keeps it on the table. She asks Meenakshi did she not take pic today. Meenakshi says she will take pic with her smartphone. She says she got the pistol, kids were not giving her. She says she will take selfie. She sees Mohit and says Bakra…. She asks him to come. He says tell me. She aims gun at him and says hands up. He laughs. She says lets play, we have played police and thief. She asks him to get scared and he will take selfie. Lalima smiles. Sandhya plays with Ved.

Lalima thinks everything is fair in war, I have to break Sandhya, I will celebrate Karwachauth with Sooraj, but Sandhya is not seeing her, I have to get her attention. She goes to Sandhya and collides. Sandhya turns and gets shocked seeing her gun in Meenakshi’s hand. Meenakshi says she will fire and he should look scared. Sandhya pushes Meenakshi’s hand away. Bhabho asks what happened.

Sandhya asks what was Meenakshi doing, its not a toy, its her service revolver. Meenakshi asks what, is this real, if it fired then.. Mohit asks is she mad, if she fired then… I would have… Bhabho says nothing will happen. Sandhya says I locked gun in cupboard, kids were playing with me, who has gone there to get it. Bhabho says I got it. Sandhya says don’t get me wrong, but anything could have happened. Bhabho says you have to understand this, your work and job is dangerous, it may take anyone’s life, why did you get gun home, and now you are blaming my family, don’t dare… Sandhya says I have locked cupboard, did this happen before, you know I m doing this job since years. She sends kids to room.

Bhabho says enough, what if it fired and anyone died… Sandhya says I have really locked the cupboard, someone else got it. Bhabho angrily says I have opened locker and get this gun here, I gave it to Meenakshi to shoot Mohit. Lalima smiles. She gives gun to Sandhya and asks what will she do now, will she send her to jail? She says you proved you are police officer, and till you stay here, some danger will be hover on my family. Bhabho says tomorrow on Karwachauth, you won’t get my blessings, you won’t get Rathi family’s eldest bahu identity. Mohit says keep it first, what would have happen with me, Pari and Emily. Meenakshi says I would have gone to jail, innocent Lalima is good for our family. Sandhya cries and leaves.

Lalima thinks she has hurt Sandhya well, today Sooraj is not here, Sandhya will surely break. Sandhya cries in her room while recalling Bhabho’s words. She thinks of Sooraj’s promise. Ved comes to Sandhya and asks will she leave him, if Bhabho does not accept her. He asks her not to go, as Sooraj and he can’t live without her. She hugs him and says I won’t go anywhere, even I can’t live without you, Bhabho is ours, we should convince her, I will not leave her and you… and one day Bhabho will love me a lot and bless me, everything will be like before. He asks really. She says yes. He says I love you and hugs her. She replies I love you too and sends him to play.

She says if I was a kid, I would have hugged Bhabho and tell her importance, I can’t stay without her, don’t make me away Bhabho. Lalima says this time Sandhya has to lose, she will regret in her heart and leave this house and Sooraj, I m waiting for tomorrow. She tells Lokesh that Sooraj will become hers tomorrow.

The people protests against Bhabho and asks her to apologize. The lady asks how can she do injustice with the IPS officers, on whom the country feels proud. Bhabho apologizes to Sandhya. Sooraj looks on. Meenakshi says does a mum In law apologize or bless bahu on Karwachauth… Lalima smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When this lalima will be thrown out by bhabhi??? 😉 just waiting for her throwing movement 🙂

  2. But really feeling pity on lalima character, directors made her negative within seconds.. Joh shuru se achai ki moorti thi ab wahi burayi ki misal hai 😀

  3. Plse end this rubbish let Lalima and brother truth get caught

    Want see Suraj and Sathaya reunite quickly don’t waste time with bhabho and lalima it is getting boring and rubbish

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