Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit asking Lalima some money. Lalima and Lokesh give him money. Mohit tells her that Bhabho does not like Sandhya’s police duty, time is less, and she should take bigger steps now. He leaves. Lalima says its Karwachauth tomorrow, it will be Sandhya’s last day in Rathi house. She gets shocked seeing Sooraj outside the glass door. Sooraj comes inside shop and says sorry, my phone diary is here, can you check. She gets relieved and says yes, I will see. He gives him the diary. He thanks her and leaves.

Lokesh says we got saved, else we would have been out like Sandhya Rathi. The kids play and Sandhya asks them who got this crackers. Ved says Lokesh. Bhabho asks Lalima to get mehendi applied, as its Karwachauth tomorrow. Sandhya hears them. Meenakshi shows

her lahenga and reminds its Karwachauth tomorrow, it will be here or there decision tomorrow. Ved asks Sandhya to change and come to play with them. Ved plays with fake gun. Lalima looks on.

Sandhya goes to her room and keeps her service revolver in cupboard. She goes to change. Bhabho sees kids playing with toy guns. Lalima rushes to Sandhya’s room by making excuse. She opens the cupboard and takes the gun. She says you won many fights by this gun Sandhya, but this gun will be the reason of your biggest failure, this will show you the exit of this house. Lalima brings the gun and keeps it on the table. She asks Meenakshi did she not take pic today. Meenakshi says she will take pic with her smartphone. She says she got the pistol, kids were not giving her. She says she will take selfie. She sees Mohit and says Bakra…. She asks him to come. He says tell me. She aims gun at him and says hands up. He laughs. She says lets play, we have played police and thief. She asks him to get scared and he will take selfie. Lalima smiles. Sandhya plays with Ved.

Lalima thinks everything is fair in war, I have to break Sandhya, I will celebrate Karwachauth with Sooraj, but Sandhya is not seeing her, I have to get her attention. She goes to Sandhya and collides. Sandhya turns and gets shocked seeing her gun in Meenakshi’s hand. Meenakshi says she will fire and he should look scared. Sandhya pushes Meenakshi’s hand away. Bhabho asks what happened.

Sandhya asks what was Meenakshi doing, its not a toy, its her service revolver. Meenakshi asks what, is this real, if it fired then.. Mohit asks is she mad, if she fired then… I would have… Bhabho says nothing will happen. Sandhya says I locked gun in cupboard, kids were playing with me, who has gone there to get it. Bhabho says I got it. Sandhya says don’t get me wrong, but anything could have happened. Bhabho says you have to understand this, your work and job is dangerous, it may take anyone’s life, why did you get gun home, and now you are blaming my family, don’t dare… Sandhya says I have locked cupboard, did this happen before, you know I m doing this job since years. She sends kids to room.

Bhabho says enough, what if it fired and anyone died… Sandhya says I have really locked the cupboard, someone else got it. Bhabho angrily says I have opened locker and get this gun here, I gave it to Meenakshi to shoot Mohit. Lalima smiles. She gives gun to Sandhya and asks what will she do now, will she send her to jail? She says you proved you are police officer, and till you stay here, some danger will be hover on my family. Bhabho says tomorrow on Karwachauth, you won’t get my blessings, you won’t get Rathi family’s eldest bahu identity. Mohit says keep it first, what would have happen with me, Pari and Emily. Meenakshi says I would have gone to jail, innocent Lalima is good for our family. Sandhya cries and leaves.

Lalima thinks she has hurt Sandhya well, today Sooraj is not here, Sandhya will surely break. Sandhya cries in her room while recalling Bhabho’s words. She thinks of Sooraj’s promise. Ved comes to Sandhya and asks will she leave him, if Bhabho does not accept her. He asks her not to go, as Sooraj and he can’t live without her. She hugs him and says I won’t go anywhere, even I can’t live without you, Bhabho is ours, we should convince her, I will not leave her and you… and one day Bhabho will love me a lot and bless me, everything will be like before. He asks really. She says yes. He says I love you and hugs her. She replies I love you too and sends him to play.

She says if I was a kid, I would have hugged Bhabho and tell her importance, I can’t stay without her, don’t make me away Bhabho. Lalima says this time Sandhya has to lose, she will regret in her heart and leave this house and Sooraj, I m waiting for tomorrow. She tells Lokesh that Sooraj will become hers tomorrow.

The people protests against Bhabho and asks her to apologize. The lady asks how can she do injustice with the IPS officers, on whom the country feels proud. Bhabho apologizes to Sandhya. Sooraj looks on. Meenakshi says does a mum In law apologize or bless bahu on Karwachauth… Lalima smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. tt

    don’t drag this track too much…..
    for her winning sake Lalima used real gun without worrying about lifes

  2. ajay

    The serial is getting more and more unwatchable andf stupid and illogical.
    They drag the storyline am bit too long.

  3. Jeyam

    What happened to Bhabhu who once upheld Sandya’s dealing hijack drama while Suraj and Babasa were against her. She has become more or less turned turtle against Sandya without any plausible or reasonable argument. Where will it end?

  4. anu

    Thanks amena !!!!!!!!!!! horrible episode…….i cant see sandhya like this lalimaa is a such big devil… sandhya kho doubt kyu nahi ara……..richu i cant see these type of horrible episode today i feel very bad

    • richa

      yeahhh agreeeeeddddd!!! it was horriblll episodeeeee nd hard to watchh and those lines nd symptomss sandy wish too b a child ggiiime a wrongggg intution that she leave nd then hav a girl which willl thn bring her bak toRH alll bad signalss goinggg on nd loolimaaa ahhhh!!!!!!! adding to thisss hrribll booo bt m happy chahe kaise hi bbbbooo maafi mangegi ,,…..

  5. richa

    @ anu bbboooo want to giv that pot to loolimaaaa butt samaj sewak/mahila sangathan interfrere as per loolima plan nd sndy is framed nd bbooooo fold hand and ask srry from her & they shw a video in whichhh sandy speal ill abt booo that she is unsupportiv and protest against bbbbboooooooooo sooo bbooo ask srry & sandy still defending bbooooooo thia iias alll abt the spoiler u posted on last dayyyyy pg

  6. AD


  7. seema

    u stupid mohit…fr u money s important than relationship….idiot go to helllll….if we are united ,third person cant break our family….fault s within the family….sandhya u r wrong, u said that u learnt from bhoabho to become selfless while dng anything fr family , if this s true y all except sooraj , bhabho’s children are selfish n , underrate the value of the relationship….this s the quality n character u learnt from ur parents, if u r tooooo gooood n selfless , all bcos fr ur parents nt bcos f this mad bhabho…even bhabho did a mistake by giving a wine chocolate during ur examssss….except soooooraj no one s gooood in this family…. even bhabhasa tooo sometimes hated you……hw come she believed the third person this much rather than her own daughter in law…..??????

    • s.sathyanarayanan

      Bhaboo does not realise that Sandhya gave her kidney donation for transplant. All Rathi family members are selfish. Third person Lalima they are showing very sympathy and she is loyal to their family, thus hating Sandhya. Story writer to be changed. Otherwise this serial will be a flap.

  8. AD

    Today’s episode was nice.
    I really liked the scene MOHIT got scared.
    MOHIT blamed SANDHYA.But what right he has to blame SANDHYA.He is a brat who don’t love anything or anybody other than money.HATE YOU BASTARD.

  9. seema

    any guessss..pls telll me..cant wait…….who wil expose looolima —sandy???? or mohit??????? or sooraj?????????—

  10. Salina

    You are right Ajay stupid and illogical are correct. Hope this serial pulls back to a sensible storyline.

  11. Phu

    Sandhya you can check finger print on your gun and your gun cover. You will see the person who pick up your gun.

  12. Omo

    She has forgotten Sandhya gave her a kidney, she risked her life for her. People forget kindness so soon. Shame on you Bhabo, you are a shame to womanhood and humanity.

  13. Omo

    Please stop dragging this show, we don’t even watch it anymore, we only read it. It’s illogical and out of plot. Sandhya needs some time with Surag after a long time

  14. Seema Katara

    Hope Sooraj doesn’t throw Sandhya out for the third time, thinking she is the one who has complained against Bhabho. I hope he shows the same confidence in Sandhya.
    When will the wicked Lalima be exposed?
    I hope Lalima gets exposed and is thrown out.

  15. up camming episode is sandhya and laalima do karvachvth for sooraj. bhaboo bless laalima. bhaboo folds hand in frent of sandhya and says live the family. sooraj tries canvence bhaboo. all rati family ladies do fast. bhaboo take karvachvth pot

  16. vaishnavi

    u r [email protected] sandhya ll definitely checks her gun whose finger print is tis…watever definitely sandy ll find tis culprit lalima and kick her out…

    • Phu

      This Ep, Sandhya is challenged to find the truth. Lamima, she have never love anyone. She just only want to defeat and make Sandhya to be a loser.

  17. anu

    I am waiting for monday episode not tomm in tomm episode babhoo and lalimaa kha drama hi hoga may be……on monday exact story will come out how lalima expose. i think sooraj eye on lalima may be……if it happens story acha rahega….i want to see how lalimaa character will end and babhoo reaction…..sooraj will give promise to sandhya on karwachath u will celebrate as babhoo bahu…so i am waiting …..

  18. Anandhi

    I think writers dont get any new ideas… Except sandhya has to win bhabo’s heart… Passing test…. Bearing taunts…. Let strangers to stay in house without knowing their identity ( Rajkumar and his group ladies, babysitter who made pari and misri begger and now lalima)
    Pls writers turn this into positive.. Let sooraj build d chotu, chaturi, vansh, ankur…

  19. Hey Lalima, does your shiv ji accept this? Meenakshi also cunning but she never played with others life. You are so dangerous. For sooraj you don’t even think to kill baboo. Very bad.
    I think tomorrow we will see big suspense for Monday.

  20. this is stupid n bore………… nobody is gd except suraj. bhaba sahab is only dummy piece. he don’t hv backbone. he is always behind bhaboo saree n never correct his wife. mohit is a lazyman who don’t wnt do any job n always depending on others. everybody always put the blame on sandya but suraj, he is her husband n not able to tell them that his fmly members don’t hv any rights to hurt his wife sandhya what a fool serial i hate cunning bhaboo n others.

  21. Seema Katara

    Please do not be ridiculous. If Sandhya leaves, Ved goes with his mothr and not continue to stay in Rathi House.
    If Sooraj really cares, he should also go along with Sandhya as he had done earlier before Sandhya’s IPS studies. He should fully be with her

  22. Liyana

    and bhabi are you forgetting how much sandhya helped u she risked her life for U . You don’t deserve sandhya. This track is dragging to much and I just want lalima THROWN OUT OF THE HOUSE WITH HER BROTHER.

  23. Spoiler of Diya Aur Baati Hum:

    Sandhya and Lalima keep Karwachauth for Sooraj. Bhabho does not accept Sandhya and folds hands to request her to go. Bhabho is annoyed with Sandhya and blesses Lalima instead her. Sandhya, Lalima and everyone keep Nirajala fast. They do the puja together. Sooraj tries his best to convince Bhabho to accept Sandhya. Bhabho holds the Karwa pot and its suspense to see whom will Bhabho give the pot.

  24. Hi Anu,
    Looking towards Bhabhoo’s reaction on Sandhya in last 2-3 episodes… something is there… somewhere Bhabhoo’s anger is melting… tears in bhabhoo’s eyes in that scene(- returning money)…
    So, it’s my assume
    Baki Writers jane…

    • anu

      No dr today i saw sbs bahoo is doing nirjal vrath for not accepting sandya….suraj is suffering….and sandhya is thinking mere vaja se e sab hora

  25. Lalima became Negative will be Positive for SurYa later…
    Trp ke liye yeh sab dikha rahe hai…
    Btw everyone r doing awesome acting spl Sandhya, Ved, Bhabhoo, Minaxi, Sooraj…

  26. One Good news for Dabh fans. (May be)
    Zakir may back in Dabh in coming episodes… his show – tum ho ho bandha Sakha… ends .. So he may have time for Dabh

  27. anu

    In one video clip sandhya told sandhya understand that babhoo will not accept sandhya and she indirectly telling plz get out from my house. sandhya told sooraj ji buri tarah pas gaye hai lalimaa sandhya and bahoo ke beech me ab kya sochungi office ka flat tho hai na vahape shift hojavungi….she told

  28. Amn

    I think bhabo has kept eyes on lalima,and mohit, what they are doing but she want lalima to returns the favors she did on rathi family, and she will do it definitely, coz she cant do injustice with anyone, even with sandhya.

    She will bless sandhya as her bahoo and let lalima go from home very soon may be in next two or three episodes

  29. anu

    see sandhya tho karwachuth manane ke liye ready tho hori hai bt susupense kaise truth bahar ayega atleast one week tak thi drag kartha hoga

  30. Ruhi

    But really feeling pity on lalima character, directors made her negative within seconds.. Joh shuru se achai ki moorti thi ab wahi burayi ki misal hai 😀

  31. Sonia

    Plse end this rubbish let Lalima and brother truth get caught

    Want see Suraj and Sathaya reunite quickly don’t waste time with bhabho and lalima it is getting boring and rubbish

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