Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj deliberately insisting to doctor for Bhabho’s operation. Doctor says its not about small thing, we are talking about operation, it will happen after 3 days, we can’t prepone it for your personal problem. Sooraj asks can I admit Bhabho here 2 days before. Doctor says I can’t explain you more, I have work, please leave. Sooraj gets worried and leaves.

Sandhya, Satya and staff come to the PCO from where they got a call. Satya questions the PCO owner the details, saying date and time. The man says I don’t get time, many people come here to call, I just remember that man was tall. Sandhya asks other people. Another man says he was strange looking man, aged 40-45. She sees a chaat vendor and asks him about the man calling police from this PCO. The

man says yes, I think it will be some young man. I m not sure. Satya signs her. He asks the man to say did the man look at him. The pco owner says yes, he looked like you. Satya praises him, and asks Sandhya to come, they all are saying nonsense, its tough to find that caller.

She says yes, we don’t have any option than finding Komal now, did she call any friend or relative. He says not yet, I m sure she will call. Alarm rings for reminder and she reads about Ved’s PTA meet. She calls Sooraj to inform it as she is busy. Doctor attends call and tells her that Sooraj forgot his phone. She says I will come and collect. He asks what happened to Sooraj, every operation has some process, he was worried and asked me to do Bhabho’s operation soon. She says I will explain him, he maybe worried for Bhabho, its fine, I will come and take phone. She thinks why is Sooraj hurrying for Bhabho’s operation.

Meenakshi takes care of Bhabho at home. Emily comes home recalling her crime confession in police station. Bhabho asks Emily did she talk to doctor about Pari, don’t worry, Lord will make things fine, take care, did you have food. Sandhya comes home. Meenakshi asks about her investigation. Sandhya says its going on, culprit will be found. Bhabho asks Emily to take care of Pari. Bhabho scolds Meenakshi and says salt is less, I will get it.

Meenakshi tells Sandhya about Bhabho’s operation in Jaipur, and she is going too for Bhabho and Misri’s program. Sandhya says Sooraj will be going too. Meenakshi says no, Sooraj is not coming, he said he has work here. Sandhya wonders why is Sooraj not going. Lalima comes there. Meenakshi compliments her and asks did she go temple with Pramod. She likes the clothes fittings and asks why did you wear different lahenga in engagement, how did he stitch fitting blouse today. Sandhya thinks Lalima’s excuse. She thinks if measurements are same, why did Lalima not wear Meenakshi’s given lahenga in engagement. Bhabho asks for salt and shouts. Meenakshi goes to give salt. Sandhya compliments Lalima and asks about fitting of lahenga. Lalima says that day I lied to everyone. Meenakshi gave me 5000rs lahenga, she counted it many times, I did not feel to wear that lahenga, so I lied.

Sandhya says Meenakshi’s heart is clean, don’t feel bad. Lalima says yes, I know, but sometimes you do wrong things unwantedly, don’t misunderstand me. She goes.

Its night, Sooraj comes to room and tells Sandhya that he wanted to call her, but lost his phone. She says I have your phone, you left at doctor’s place. She asks him can he go in PTA meeting tomorrow. He agrees. She asks why does he want to keep Bhabho’s operation soon. He says I m worried. She asks why is he not going Jaipur with Bhabho then. He says I told Vikram and Meenakshi, they will manage, shop is new and I have to be here. She says I agree, but you never left Bhabho alone, is there any problem. He says nothing, shop is new, I have to give time towards shop, I will give medicines to Bhabho and come. He goes.

Its morning, Sandhya asks Emily to see other work serves tea to Babasa. Sooraj and Ved come. Sandhya asks him to be well in PTA meeting. She says she will call Sooraj. Sooraj and Ved leave. Emily sees Sandhya’s phone ringing and gives Sandhya. Sandhya attends the call. The constable says we tapped Komal’s phone, Komal is coming to Pushkar in one hour to meet her relative. Sandhya says I will come. She thinks Mohit’s murderer truth will be out today.

Sandhya recalls getting a number on her office line and thinks of Sooraj. She thinks did Sooraj……..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bengali:valo legece……..

  2. There is no-hard-to- believe turn in the story and it is obvously known that Bhabu was the killer. So the story failed to managae to hit the right button to keep the viewers seated on the edges of the bench.

  3. Did not like the spoiler. Why do the producers want to cause a rift between Sooraj and Sandhya always. Why can’t they be together and solve the case like they did in Mission Mahabali.
    I hope Sandhya who is such a good human being is not troubled anymore

  4. Today’s Episode nice

  5. Episode was okay! There was no progress in the story! Again suspense sustains ?

  6. Lalima’s dialogue “sometimes you do things unwantedly “should be written as”unwillingly “instead of unwantedly?

  7. Lalima may b the killer… Suraj, emily and lokesh might have seen the murder.. So they want to save lalima, if anything happens to lalima bhabho will get hurt.. So suraj is hurrying bhabho operation..

  8. Pari is the culpirt..All members are protecting her..Pari felt unconscious when she heard of her father death..Btw she did not love her father..may be she fainted bcos of that

  9. Omg making viewers mad.very silly episodes.

  10. I think pari kill her father n sooraj help her or knows about it

  11. Why again separation of surya .We don’t want any more separation track. If sooraj told he is the killer of mohit then what will be the reaction of sandhya. I can’t imagine sandhya’s pain. It’s so horrible.

  12. No sandy will find out who is the real culprit;it’s not from the Rathi’s ?Someone else ( mysterious person)
    Mujrim chahe jitna b hoshyaar ho; koi na koi clue zaroor apne peeche chord deta hai,and sandya will find that clue through her intelligence!! Very anxious to watch that scene ?

  13. I think Satyadev is the killer :P…the shop owner said HE LOOKS LIKE YOU :P:P

  14. I am feeling sick instead of thrilling. ?
    Everyone behaves doubtful and but it’s not interesting. I hope there will not be a silly climax like mission mahabali.

  15. I think definitely that pari killed her father

  16. Now it is too much mess up in serial,not that interesting,which it should be

  17. Maybe both Sooraj and Mohit were fighting and bhabu came behind and hit Mohit but why she would throw him in a well?? :S

  18. may be sooraj want after bhaboo’s apparition camplition he was surrounding his self and sooraj nows who was killer. when mohit killed sooraj make a call to inform to police station

  19. may be there is any one of the raati family member not killed mohit they thought they killed mohit. the character of chaturi was main witness the murder so the character re introduced welcome back chaturi

  20. Bhaboo killed mohit, on the sceene, must have been all of them, so they are witness and want to protect bhabo,,,,were as Lalimas brother, seems to be a bit suspicious, he must have any relation with any other police case,,,so he tryed to hide his fingertips,,,to prevent something bigger, he egreed upon,something which he didn’t commit,…bcs he knows who is the murderer, soon or late, it will ome out…at the moment he is helping himself…it could be another twist…bhabo and suraj had an argument with him and they ended up on fight, then bhabo must have hit him on his head, fallen unconscious , suraj must have run to call the police,,,maybe, before the police arrived, Emily must have come and thrown him in the well, he must have been concussion,after a argument, with Emily he ended up in the well,,,or she just seen suraj and bhabo arguing with him for her sake, which ended up with murderer…she wants to sacrifice herself…

  21. I think whomever did murder mohit,,,the director, is waiting for the opinions of all of us,,,then he will twist as he likes, he or she will make the story go for long time,,,with suspense…until there s no more left to suspense…no point giving a view about it…up to them,,,

  22. Yes Sooraj has informed police on Sandhya’s mobile. Killer is not from Rathi family. It could be satyadev. But please end the suspense. Bring Sooraj and sandhya together. Always I don’t understand why there should be a misunderstanding between them

  23. Confused moment

  24. I think babho hit Mohit on the head n Mohit himself jump into the well .nobody pushed him n the other family member r just protecting Babho .

  25. Pari or Bhabhi …… usual nice episode…. Thanks amina giving fast updet….surryyaa we love u..,..

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