Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with sandy telling suraj that often people hurt themselves out of anger. Adds that one should not lose their temper. They can’t change the thing which happened. Suraj tells that she is right & he tries to start. Sandy finds the key in his pocket & tells that one will not be able to use their brain. Suraj asks her what to do now. Sandy tells to leave out the anger. Surajasks her what about her & adds that she came here out of ire to grind wheat in this hot weather. Chotu whstles from there who is licking icecream & suraj waves to him & gives a thumbs up. Sandy asks him whether he did it intentionally. Suraj tells that he feels very bad abt what happened & bhabho’s new deadline. Sandy tells that she doesn;t feel for that but she feels

as it is based onbaseless complaint. Suraj asks her not to waste time in these & look for a remedy. They share an eyelock

Suraj asks her why is staring at him . Sandy tells that he has thought her imp thing today & she will follow that. Suraj asks her to come with him & asks chotu to take the wheat. (poor chotu)

The Marketing rep is showing him some catalogue. Meena interrupts by telling he is trying to cheat her hubby. Taunts him left & right She packs him off.

Meena tries to throw his stuff in the dustbin. The man runs away. Vik tells her that he was telling some good scheme. Meena asks him to concentrate on 1000 extra money which bhabho asked. Vik explains abt the advantages of having a discount scheme. Meena is dumbstruck.

Momily room

Ems gives him water & is excited to open those gifts brought by him to ems. She looks at it & finds some nice shirts. Bhabho comes in. Bhabho asks him whether he has spent all the money on shopping. Asks him what is the need to buy these when he has brought 10 sets in the wedding 7 reminds abt the new family. Also asks him to contribute to the family. Mohit tries to manage. Bhabho asks him to return those & get money back. She adds that she is telling for his good . Today she is telling or else other people in the family will mock him. Ems thinks she is right. Mohit throws those on the bed (literally on her face)

Meena & vik have a nok jhok with kanha. Meena asks him abt the new soap for fair complexion.

Break: Preca; Sandy warns chavi.

Bhabho comes in ViNa room & quickly meena hides the money. When vik opens the door meena starts saying loud that kanha has drunk 250 rs worth milk today & worries abt her financial crisis. Bhabho asks her not to worry & take care of kanha. Bhabho picks up all the cosmetics of meena & asks her to avoid these from next month as she is born beauty. Bhabho asks vik the money.

Break Precap: Sandy tells chavi that she will not keep quiet & she would do the necessary to prove her innocence & tells that it is not the matter of SIL & bhabhi but the matter of truth & lie.

vIKRAM TELLS THAT HE WAS ABT TO COME. Meena some how manages to give the money on the insistence of vik & bhabho. Bhabho receives the money & counts it. Chavi is doing something in her room. Sandy dabang enters the room with an attitude & tells that what did she gain by telling truth as she did not pass either. Chavi asks her why did she enter her room without asking. Sandy tells that she has lost bhabho’s trust bcoz of her. Chavi tells that she is not in a mood to listen to her. Sandy tells that she knows that & it is of no use. She adds that she knows that she iwll not tell the truth in front of bhabho. Adds that she will not keep quiet & she would do the necessary to prove her innocence & tells that it is not the matter of SIL & bhabhi but the matter of truth & lie.

Precap – SurYa at the balcony (night). Suraj asks sandy not to worry about the broken pot & to concentrate on the remaining. He promises that they will not allow none of the remaining two matkas to break.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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