Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj thinking about Sandhya. He asks Arzoo about everyone. Arzoo says I will call Bhabho and Babasa. He says no. She asks then about whom are you asking. They hear some sound. He asks whats this sound. She says Sandhya is creating that noise, she is waiting for teacher who would teach her halwai work, I heard that person is great chef, Sandhya is sure that the chef will teach her everything in 13 days. He says I want to see that chef, can you take me there. Arzoo says yes and takes him. Sooraj looks at the kitchen. Sandhya sees Sooraj and recalls the pujari’s words to make maha Prasad. She thinks I will become suitable to win maha Prasad making challenge. Meenakshi asks Sooraj to see Sandhya, she is having modern age Karchi.

Sooraj asks Sandhya about her teacher,

the chef who was going to teach you. Sandhya asks who. Sooraj says I know you got habit to lie these days, where is the popular chef, I want to see who is he who will make you a good halwai in 13 days. Arzoo signs Sandhya. Sandhya says no need to hide Arzoo, I will tell Sooraj, a Guru is coming to teach me and encourage me, I can blindly trusting him. He says such trust on a stranger, I want to see who is he, who is capable to make you a good chef. She says I regard him like Guru Dronacharya, will you like to meet him. He says yes, I want to see who is he, as you have big hope from him. Sandhya gets mirror and shows Sooraj’s reflection. Diya aur baati…..plays………… Sooraj asks whats this joke. Sandhya says this is the person I trust the most in the world, who can make me capable to win this challenge, this is my Guru.

Bhabho says Sooraj, we did not break your promise, we did not help Sandhya, where there is will, there is a way. Everyone smile. Bhabho says Sandhya chose her Guru herself. Sandhya says this is my Guru who can make my self confidence solid, then I can’t lose, I know my Guru will not refuse, he can’t make me lose, if I need him, just he can support me. Sooraj refuses and says this is not possible for both of us, don’t have useless dreams, Arzoo take me from here. Sandhya says there is power in belief, I m also stubborn like my Guru, I can write this.

Om keeps the dress and thinks first gift for Emily, I hope she likes it. Emily comes there and sees the dress. Om thinks did she like dress or not, she did not say anything. Emily recalls Mahen’s words. Om asks about the dress. She thinks should I say Om about Mahen’s behavior, till when will I hide. Om asks did you not like the dress. She says I have to talk something imp, Mahen ji….. Maasa comes and says Mahen’s mum called, they want to keep engagement after 14 days, we will get mahurat for marriage too. Om says its good thing. Maasa prays that there is no hurdle in Ritu’s marriage, I m very happy. She goes. Om says you were saying something Emily. Emily thinks everyone is happy for Ritu, this can ruin their happiness. He asks about dress. She says dress is good, I think this will suit Ritu, I will give this to her. She goes. Om says I got some gift for her for the first time, she did not like it.

Sandhya prays that Sooraj agrees to teach her, just he can make her win the challenge, I just wish people have belief on this shop. She smiles seeing customers coming, and asks what do you want. She names all the sweets and says its fresh and good. The men say we did not come to buy sweets, we came to buy this shop. She gets shocked. She says our shop is not for sale. He says Sooraj called us here, he said he has to sell shop soon for some reason, so we came here, its our shop from tomorrow, we completed the legal formalities, you talk to Sooraj. They leave.

Sandhya goes to Sooraj and asks him how can he do this, how did he think to sell the shop. She says we all know that shop is temple and life for you, how did you decide alone, you did not tell me. He says you also did not tell or ask me about quitting your job. He explains importance of her job, which was their united dream. She says you can’t take revenge like this, I will call everyone here and tell them. She calls Bhabho and Babasa there and tells them that Sooraj is selling his shop without saying anyone. Bhabho asks Sooraj. He says I did not take decision in hurry, I thought well, I need you in this decision, support me like always, the buyer is coming with papers tomorrow, my thumb impression is pending, then the shop will be theirs.

Bhabho thinks this fight has failure of the family, Sooraj’s decision is not right, but I can’t explain Sooraj now. Sandhya asks Sooraj to do this, but I will never do on duty, sell shop if you want. Babasa asks whats happening here, you both are fighting and breaking each other’s dream, the end of this fight will be dreams breaking, do you want this to happen, there will be some solution, the family will bear loss in your fight, you both love this family. Sandhya says Bhabho will take the decision.

She asks Bhabho to take decision and say whom will she support. Sooraj also leaves decision to Bhabho. He says I will believe Bhabhi’s decision always, Bhabho will always think good for family. Bhabho thinks both are right in loving each other, but they are breaking their dreams, this decision is going to get toughest one of my life. She cries.

Bhabho says this is tough decision, Sooraj’s police duty dream and Sooraj’s shop dream, I m asked to choose one dream, after thinking a lot, I have decided….. They all look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good Episode.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes to see how SANDHYA convince SOORAJ
    Suspense Precap

  2. today episode is very very good, sandhya says is right, sooraj ji is very very good and superb chef, mirror scens was so super, sandhya and sooraj couple are the best, world and international best couples and best jodi,precap is very interest because what’s bhabho decision,i am very big fan of dabh,so i am see that only one serial is dabh.

  3. I think sooraj will end up helping her n both dreams will be fulfill

  4. Exhibition of extreme love leading to disaster that is the moral of the story. Interesting but irritating.

  5. Really I can’t understand one thing. Sandhya needs only 15 days time to win the priest’s trust. For this, she can apply leave or atleast loss of pay( she is an experienced senior officer). Why should she resign her job?

  6. Can’t estimate the suraj recovery, it may or may not happens. So, she might feel it is her responsibility, not only for maha prasad and also take care of shop and family in suraj place.

    Every time she is taking and this is the right opportunity to give something for suraj.

  7. nice episode

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