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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj saying Sandhya has dealt well with Chavi. He says Chavi got busy in work and will forget Zakir, but he is worried for Emily, she did not get happiness by Mohit, she is young and has Pari’s responsibility. She thinks to tell him about Zakir and Emily, and he asks her not to talk as she has throat pain. He asks her to write it and tell him. She writes on it and shows him. She writes Zakir does not love Chavi. He reads it that Zakir said he loves someone else, if he marries Chavi, they both will be unhappy. He says you are right. She then writes that Zakir realized that he has feelings for Emily, Zakir loves Emily. Sooraj gets shocked.

Sandhya writes that Zakir took promise from her that she should not tell this to anyone. He reads that Zakir does not want

Emily to be blamed for this, when Emily does not know anything. He says right, we will tell after few months, else Bhabho can get mistaken. She feels she is light hearted telling Sooraj, after she goes, Sooraj will guide Zakir and Emily’s relation to right place. The letter falls.

Meenakshi and Emily talk about Zakir breaking Chavi’s relation. She sends Emily and meets a lady. They come to meet Zakir. Zakir gets stunned seeing Emily. Meenakshi gets busy talking to the lady. Zakir says you here. Meenakshi asks why did he leave home and asks him the reason. Zakir says I know its your nature, but you can’t do this tricks, don’t interfere in my life. Emily says its related to Chavi’s life, we have right to know the truth, why did you refuse to her, Chavi loves you as she has seen a true man in you, you became her inspiration, she got hurt by your no.

She says we all are hurt, we regarded you as family. They leave. Zakir gets sad. Bhabho asks Sooraj to fill Sandhya’s maang and he gets shy. Bhabho says you are shy infront of me, fine I will go. She goes and he fills Sandhya’s maang with sindoor. Bharat calls her and says Himanshu is coming today. She says I will reach on time. Babasa asks Meenakshi for tea. Ved asks Sandhya is she going somewhere, did she get transfer. Sooraj says when you go, you make food for everyone, so maybe h felt this. He asks is she going somewhere. Babasa says he told her to get churan from Sooraj’s room. Bhabho says I forgot and sends Meenakshi.

Sandhya hugs Ved and gets teary eyed. She says Sooraj will manage Ved, he has taken care of the family. Emily goes to drop kids. Meenakshi looks for churan and sees the letter. She gets shocked reading it. She says this is big thing and everything should know this. She goes to hall and says everything. Emily asks what nonsense is she saying. Meenakshi says she is not saying nonsense. Bhabho asks what is she saying. Meenakshi shows the letter and Sandhya thinks how did she get this. Meenakshi shows the letter that Zakir loves Emily, not Chavi. They all get shocked. Bhabho asks Sandhya. Sandhya says I wanted to tell this, its true.

Emily asks how can this be true, no. She says this is all a lie. Meenakshi taunts her and says she took Emily to explain Zakir, she acts innocent and fooled us, she has affair with Zakir. Emily cries. Emily says no. Sandhya says Emily does not know this. Chavi says so she is the reason that Zakir refused me. She says I thought you are my friend, and you did this with me, you snatched my happiness. Sandhya says Zakir realized it late, Emily did not know this. Chavi says you don’t know they both fooled me, they have hurt my feelings, Mohit told this, and Bhabho kicked him out. Bharat calls Sandhya. Chavi says Zakir and Emily had relation, which we all did not know, this is the truth. Emily says no Bhabho. Bharat thinks the mission will fail if Sandhya does not reach on time, they will not get Himanshu.

Bharat opens the door and sees Himanshu. He welcomes him home. Himanshu looks around. Bharat looks at him. Sandhya sees 20 missed calls of Bharat and worries that she got late.

Update Credit to: Amena

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