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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lady thanking nurse. She sees Misri and thinks you will be caged forever. Sandhya asks nurse with whom did Mansi come. Nurse says its tough to say that, we can’t remember faces, sorry. Sandhya says such tests of a 16-17 year old girl, maybe my doubt is wrong. The lady tells Meenakshi that all tests are clear, congrats. Meenakshi asks about charges. Lady says don’t worry, company will see that. Meenakshi says great. She leaves with Misri. Sandhya thinks to reach to some conclusion, and not tell Mansi’s parents about this. Neeta calls her and asks about Mansi. Sandhya says I started investigation, but could not reach any point, I will meet you and discuss case. Neeta says I will wait for you.

Sooraj tells Maasa that he was missing her and got jalebis for her.

She says that’s why you are dear to me. He asks about Pari and Sparsh, I felt Pari is sad. She tells about Emily and Om fights, this will affect kids too. He says I remember you said where is love, there are fights too, I know you will sort this, I trust you. She says yes, I will show them real Maasa. He hugs her. She asks him to sit, she will make something for him.

Meenakshi tells Misri that you will go to Dubai soon. Sandhya sees them and asks what happened. Misri is about to say and Meenakshi stops her. Meenakshi lies to Sandhya and takes Misri with her. Misri asks why did you not tell Sandhya. Meenakshi asks her to come and they take rickshaw.

Om wears shirt and finds button missing. He looks for cupboard keys and throws things. Emily comes and gets angry seeing the messed room. They start arguing. Maasa laughs seeing them and hides. He asks for keys. Emily says I don’t know, I have house keys, you should know cupboard keys. Om says I will go office like this. Maasa asks Sparsh why did he keep shirt button open. Om covers up his shirt open side. Sparsh says I m hero. Om and Emily look on. Emily asks Om to come to room as she will stitch the button. Maasa smiles.

Sandhya tells Sooraj that kids eat chewing gum, I ask them not to have it, see it got stuck in my hair. He laughs and makes her sit. He applies oil to free her hair by that chewing gum. She smiles. Diya aur Baati….plays………..

Bhabho asks Sandhya about Mansi. Sandhya says I did not find anything till now. Meenakshi says I think she has run away. Sandhya says you should not blame anyone without knowing anything. Meenakshi says you see her age, 16-17, she would have an affair. Sandhya says you should not believe others, society gets satisfied when they gossip and stain other’s characters, think of her parents, what are they going through, Mansi is talented girl and kept her parents name high, she can’t go on wrong path, she can’t think of spoiling their name, its some other matter.

Makrand sees the girls pics. He sees Misri’s pic and calls his helper lady. He says I have seen the pic, she is very good, out batch will be for big businessmen, judges, diplomats this time, just make sure its all good. She says don’t worry, we will have these girls in our clutches very soon. Meenakshi says even if you don’t agree, people will stain her character. Sandhya says girl can be kidnapped, such thinking is so bad, its easy to gossip about others, think if someone says this about your daughter, no one helps the girl when needed, we women can’t understand each other’s pain.

Meenakshi says your words are inspiring, but society does not understand this. Bhabho says its not good to make our thinking as per society, we have two daughters at home, if anyone tells so about our daughters, what will we feel. Meenakshi says sorry, I did not say anything, what shall I do, its fine if you are saying so. It thunders. She says my words are true, see its thundering. She goes. Sandhya worries. Bhabho asks Sandhya not to worry, Meenakshi won’t change, Lord will protect Mansi.

Sandhya promises Amit and Neeta that she will get Mansi in two or three days. Sandhya and Arpita leave. Amit makes a face. Neeta and Amit smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I did not understood precap.. What it keans amith makes a

  2. Sorry my last comment full of spelling mistakes

    Actually i wanted to say what it means amith makes a face. Neeta and amith smile each other. I did not understood the precap..

    1. I think they r not the real parents of mansi , they r just doing this to divert the mind of sandhya

      1. If my guess is right,Amit & Neeta are acting as Mansi’s parents either to find out Mansi’s(as she escaped from the clutches of Child traffickers) or to divert SANDHYA’s mind for trapping MISRI as MISRI is SANDHYA’s niece.

  3. Good Episode.Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.Mysterious Precap.
    If I guess right Neeta & Amit are not real parents of that Mansi.They have some other plans.
    I think it’s all just a plan to divert SANDHYA’s concentration from MISRI

  4. How wicked if they were the real parents of that girl Mnasi they wouldn’t have done so
    Kidnapping under false pretences . Team DAB should be applauded for making parents realise of girls trafficking Racket that’s going on all over the world especially in poor countries
    All the best team DAB
    I think they should also introduce awareness of child trafficking as well on this serial

  5. Good episode. Good storyline
    . Dabh always rocks. Sooraj Sandhya scene awesome. We expect more scene like this.

  6. Not entertaining. A tiring watch indeed.

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