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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandu taking Sandhya. Sandhya thinks the mission will fail, she has to do something, there is something which is not right, one small mistake can make her mission fail. Chandu brings her to bus stop, and says all the best for your life, but poor Manajri, she will curse the walls. She thinks she did so much to reach here, Garjana has eye on her. He gives her snacks and shows the bus. She thinks what to do now. He asks her to sit in the bus. She thanks him for helping, and convey thanks to Yashoda, she loved me as my mum. The conductor asks her to come fast.

She gets on the bus and he waves her. Lalima is shown coming to the temple. Bhabho, Emily and Sooraj are also present there. Emily tells Bhabho that she has seen in temple, that there is no diya or any havan

puja, so they can take Sooraj there. Bhabho says fine, and asks Sooraj to come. Sooraj sees Lalima and thinks she is Sandhya. Bhabho and Emily see him looking at Lalima. He says Sandhya and goes after her. Bhabho and Emily go after him. They all pray.

Lalima’s dupatta flies over his face, just like Sandhya’s dupatta in their first meet scene. Diya aur baati…………plays……….. She turns and he looks at her. He turns. She stops him and smiles. She asks him to take Prasad and go. She gives him Prasad. He leaves. She gives Prasad to Bhabho and Emily.

Sandhya is in the bus. She thinks she has to get down the bus, she can’t go away from the village, maybe there is some man of their group, I can go back and make any story. A man keeps an eye on her. The bus stops and Chandu boards the bus. He covers his face and keeps an eye on Sagarika. She looks around. He thinks her truth will be out today. She thinks she can’t take risk, else mission will be spoiled.

Bhabho prays to Lord and asks till when will Sooraj bear punishment of love. Lalima tells someone that Lord does everything for our good, which we understand later, if it happens by our heart, its good, else better, as its from Lord, who can never be wrong. Bhabho hears this and thinks who is she, her words lessened by pain and answered my questions. The lady asks Lalima why is she giving sweets to everyone, is her proposal fixed.

Lalima says no, my dad has gone to Lord, he used to say whatever the time, the face should have smile, to accept anything from Lord, its also devotion, if we can’t stop Lord’s doings, we have to believe Lord and accept death happily, if birth and death are from Lord. Bhabho hears her and says what if anyone’s death becomes an illness for other. Lalima says Lord has cure for all illness, Lord makes solution before giving problems, we should not complain, but pray that we reach to the solution of our problem. She goes. Bhabho looks on.

Sooraj looks for his slippers and his feet gets burnt by the hot floor. Bhabho sees him and comes worried. Lalima puts water on his feet and he thanks her smiling. Bhabho smiles and thinks she has seen smile on his face after 3 months. Sandhya thinks she has to get down the bus, but she should have some solid reason. She sees a man staring at the woman’s jewelry and thinks he is thief, she got him on right time. She buys ticket and shows money to the thief. The man sees many notes. She thinks he has seen the money, it will be first time a thief will help police.

Sooraj plays with Ved. Bhabho and Babasa look on. Sooraj says your mum won, she has habit to win. Bhabho says if Sooraj becomes like before.. Babasa says he does not have high hope, he knows what she is going through seeing him, but today she has to be strong. She says she has a ray of hope, the girl met me in temple, she is sign from Lord, the girl made Sooraj smile today. He asks who. She says I don’t know, I was praying to Lord and she answered my questions, if she comes in Sooraj’s life, he will learn to live again, today she came infront of us for Sooraj, I will reach her to make Sooraj fine, I will find her.

Bhabho prays to Lord that she finds the girl. She sees out of the window and is shocked seeing ……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hope ved nt accpect that lalima as mother…..
    hope that lalima should only nice friend of suraj. then i accpect lalima character. if this nt happen then i hate lalima…

    1. True say varsha I think ved and sooraj will not accept bhaboo’s wish day before yesterday ved said to Emily pappa aur mai mamma se bahut pyaar karte at last bhaboo apne bath manvahi legi spoiler said no….

    2. may be but can’t say….Ved won’t accept lalima as mother…….But there is another chance to accept …it’s becoz of Bhabu and babasa …finally for sooraj..

      1. Dont Say like that NS4 mujhe tho abhi se tension lagegi ……………

      2. Ok ok cool @Anu….. i just said bhabu babasa will make ved accept for it…..
        But i too don’t want this nonsence….

        Anyaway we have to wait till this 2nd marriage drama ends….
        So don’t worry abt it and wish for positive end….

        Thats it don’t get tens Ok!!

      3. No Probs i understand plzzzzz i request one thing to dabh team plz show mission scene more jab e bakwas dekh na kum hoyega (bhaboo and lalimaa)

        fans bhi upset nahi hoyenge………….

  2. I think that lalima is in negative character. Bcoz how she sweet with bhaboo. In first meeting she win bhaboo’s heart.that’s why I think she is negative. One more think is first rajkumar is also act so sweet with suraj and he also win suraj heart in first meeting BT then rajkumar real identy reveal that he is terrorist , then that prema and that disha they also first behave sweet with suraj and vikram BT then they reveal that they also the part of terrorist. One more think that Roma that also behave sweet and in first meeting she win sandhya’s heart BT in last they reveal that she is also the part of terrorist.
    So for all this I think that lalima is also like this means negative character. Hope this will be happened. Lalima should in negative character. Hope my thought come true.?✌?this is my opinion.?????

    Comment edited: too many emojis

    1. YAaa @varsha i wish it happens but in interview she said na my character is positive……

      i am really worried abt this separation track …… i want to lalimaa will be negetive. if it happens then only sooraj second marriage will stop……..

  3. If laalima turns negative the same track will repeat.rathi will not confide in any outsiders.shefali told her character was pure.I want her to be pure and return sandhyas place when she returns
    and make babho understand sanhya better

    1. Dear @km sandya is not sitting on her chair in the office! Instead she’s ( I think) unknown about sandy’s whereabouts! So if she marries suraj then it will be difficult for her to leave suraj bcoz in some way its also injustice with her ?
      So I request the writer will not make them married ???

      1. Sorry I meant ‘lalima ‘?

  4. Sandhya,
    you come soon before Lalima

  5. Guys this is the 101 comment… congrats and waiting for 2day episode ….

    wating…………… bhabhoo ke sir pe bandid kaise lage dekhna hai mujhe……….

  6. Guys be cool.laalima won’t marry fact sati has reborn as soul of sathi and paarwati are the same.laalima and sandhya are different shiv ji play tells us that sandya only can be the wife of sooraj.entry of laalima is just drama.

    1. yeah… your right @KM…..nobody can come b/w our sandhya sooraj……………its just drama to create curiosity in viewers…… so no need to worry abt this stupid drama….

    2. I hope it happens we will expect positive end …………….

  7. Lalima should be in negative character, Suraj will believe this and at last this blind belief cures Suraj and teach a good lesson to babaho………..

    With this lesson she never think to get another girl into Suraj life…..and she will realize that sandhya is the only person to be perfect in Suraj life………..

    If this happens then series will be awesome

    Am I correct guys………?

    1. Yeah your are right but…..i not expecting 2nd marriage and 2nd marriage drama too… no need and not need

  8. Hope they show sandhya scene a days I only like sandhya’s scene and ved and suraj or ved and emli scene. Hope plzzzzzzzzzz only show this scene. Nt that lalima and bhaboo.BT we can’t do that bcoz today they show bhaboo and lalima scene.??

  9. no one missed my comments and wild imaginations……
    if lalima is a pure character nd positiv one………..
    she shud b tyaag ki devi like sandy nd leave sooraj & sandy….
    if she make a fuss bhabho go nd marry her to mohit…….

    1. No dear nt like I miss ur cmts.BT that nt post my cmts. Actually my my 60% cmts not post.sorry dnt upset with me.Ya hope that lalima should in negative character. She teach some good lesson to bhaboo. And that lalima should behave badly with any other person in rathi family.ya at least she should only friend of suraj.??✌

      1. ya i am expecting the same it happens dont worry.

    2. I did! But there’s another @richa with a different dp so
      Well come back and wait for the upcoming twist of lalima and bhabo ?

      1. ????? thank u guysss….
        and yess varshu my also 60% commentd dont get posted and the ones taht are posted maineely get posted twise
        ok wait i will chk that richa………
        anyways……. dabh roksss
        and a sad news acc to sbb trp chart dabh is on # 10 position ………….. but it usedto be #1

    3. No dear we miss ur comments …..

      but yesterday episode i got too much tension ….

      now we will see 2day episode…

    4. Hi richa…….Actually……all are sad with yesterdays episode…

      So we all missed abt your comments……

      Finally you came…

      Anyway wat happened no comments from you??? Busy or health problm??

      1. nothing serious ns4 dr ……. yeah m alsooo sad abt yesterdays epi…. and i hope if lalima is positiv she should be little extra positive…… and let sandy and sooraj go and live happily
        and i missedu all too guyss @ anu,romi varshu nd ns4

  10. agar kisi ko bhi saja deni ho toh uski shaadi mohit ya chavi (old one) k saath karwa do use khud hi sabak mil jayega……………………

  11. Suraj and lalima marriage should not happen or else the audience will be left heart broken ?
    So please Mr writer keep this in mind ! Its a request! Think something good for suraj sandya ved and lalima
    We don’t want anyone of them to be hurt??

    1. romi wat do u think about lalima and aryan jodi??

    2. Oh ho dear she looks to me aryan’s Didi
      Just like chaturi ??

  12. Only half an hour left to see sandhya and that thief drama.????

    1. nooo now 15 min varshu dr

    2. ya me tooo plz show sandy and suraj aur ved scene’s more …….15 min’s left

  13. Ekta Tiwari of Tere Mere Sapne fame is excited about her new avatar, that of a God woman in Star Plus’ popular show, Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi-Sumeet Productions).
    As reported in media, she will play the sister of actor Aadesh Chaudhary and daughter of Shalini Arora’s characters.
    The lady happens to be the first and only choice set by the production house for this coveted role of Devi Narayani.
    As per sources, Narayani would have been bestowed the title of Devi by the villagers, after seeing her Godly avatar.
    Ekta’s character will be draped in a typical Bengali manner, similar to Aishwarya Rai’s look in Choker Bali. Devi Narayani would be worshipped by all in the village, and Akana Raja (Ravi Kale) would be her ardent follower.
    The lady would have a past and would be very proud of her achievements. She would have fallen in love and married the man, only to later realize that he would have been a cop in disguise. The girl would not have even shuddered to kill her own husband in order to protect her villagers and the naxalite group. She would have a major hand in curing her naxalite friends of any kind of illness with her Ayurvedic touch.
    Her entry will be aired very soon, with a dramatic scene wherein Sandhya (Deepika Singh) will be badly in pain after getting a scorpion bite, and the villagers would call for Devi Narayani’s magical touch to cure her.
    Here is Ekta Tiwari’s stunning look in Diya Aur Baati Hum.
    When contacted, Ekta told us, “Yes, I have started shooting for the show. I play a very powerful role, that of Devi Narayani. You will have to watch the show for more details.”
    Ekta, we wish you luck for this new role….
    guyss that jungle girl neem hakim girl
    # credit # TOI

  14. heyy thosee comments really dissapeared by KN how cm this is possible………….

    Msg from Team: KN requested to remove them.

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