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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi being shocked seeing her ring being gifted to Emily by her mum. She controls herself as Bhabho will question her if she says. Emily thanks her mum. Bhabho asks Sandhya to make breakfast. Emily shows the ring to Meenakshi and have fun seeing her tense. Meenakshi says its nice. Emily takes it back and says think before you say, and taunts her. She thanks her mum for the gifts. Meenakshi says how Emily got the ring from the coconut. She thinks so Emily is the one who took that ring and she is the one who is blackmailing her. She says how dare she give such reply to me, I will do anything to see her.

Sooraj looks at his shop and is upset seeing it shut. Bhabho sees him and comes to him asking what happened. Sooraj says I came to change the bulb. He leaves.

Bhabho feels bad understanding his pain. Sandhya gets ready to go to work. Bhabhi asks is she going on duty. Sandhya says yes. Bhabho asks her to take few days leave to be with Sooraj. Sandhya says I understand you are worried for Sooraj. Bhabho says yes. She says he is very upset, you go on duty but try to get the shop back, as its Sooraj’s breath, he prays to it like a temple.

Sandhya cries and brings a laptop to Sooraj. She asks him to become its friend. Sooraj looks at it and thinks. The FB scene shows Sandhya showing him their marriage pics on the laptop. Bhabho sees Sooraj smiling. Sooraj says he does not know how to use it. Mohit says I will teach him and make him perfect. Vikram says great, its good to be up to date, teach me too. Mohit says fine.

Chavi is trying to win Pushpa’s heart by washing clothes by hand. Pushpa is still angry on her for her big lie. Dilip comes and says he has an important meeting and will go late for it. Chavi says great, I was thinking to make hot kachoris for you, as you like it. Dilip says I don’t want. He ignores Chavi and asks Pushpa to make tea. Chavi thinks he did not ask me. Pushpa says she will make tea. Dilip says he has to go in friend’s marriage. Pushpa asks them to go. Chavi says yes, I will go. She gets happy. Chavi thinks she will win Dilip’s heart. Dilip says no, I will go with friends. He says Chavi does not like this, she just wants to rest at home, so I will go alone. Pushpa says fine.

Chavi thinks things are going out of hands, how to make him happy now. Sandhya is doing her duty. Sandhya comes to meet a govt officer and asks the clerk. The clerk asks the officer to attend Sandhya, as its her husband’s shop matter, and he better work for her fast as she is ASP. The man says I m here to work for normal public. Kanha plays with Pari. Meenakshi makes them eat the apples. Kanha starts crying. Meenakshi thinks about Emily. She gets another pink chit and reads it.

Meenakshi sees Emily working and think who has sent it if she is here. Sandhya waits outside and asks the clerk to ask his boss when will he meet her. The clerk says he left for home. She gets worried and comes home. Babasa tells Bhabho that this problem ahs taken away his sleep. Bhabho says Sandhya told meet she went to meet that officer and could not meet him, she will go tomorrow again, I know she will try again, but this matter can take months and years, Sooraj does not have that much time, he has four days time and two days are gone. He says I know, if we are so sad, don’t know what is Sooraj going through. They cry. Sooraj is upset and cleans his sweet shop utensils. Sandhya comes there and sees him doing this. She says she can understand him and feels sad.

Kavita taunts Bhabho and says Sandhya has failed, I know one thing that Sandhya will come to my home and beg me for the shop papers. I will give you the shop papers being pity on her. Sooraj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I missed a few months of episodes during a certain point but I wonder whatever happened to all that money he won for that big cooking contest. I understand that this little shop is sentimental but why waste time and have your enemy win when you can open a bigger shop and do what you love to do everyday and also work on getting the little shop back all at the same time. I guess, they have to drag everything as much as possible for as long as possible.

  2. wer is the 29th episode wat will happen wen sandhya says about that 5 lak have to be paid for sooraj shop

  3. UPDATE OF 31st JULY EPISODE………. PLEASE !!!!!!!

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