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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying we will give them answer by celebrating republic day well, I will see who will stop us, we will raise our flag. Someone informs that guy about no effect of their warning. That guy says I think these Indians don’t understand warning, but attacks, she has to pay for this daring mistake, lets see the power in these bangle wearing hands, tomorrow will show, will IPS Sandhya Rathi be able to raise her flag in our country.

Sandhya looks for Sooraj and calls his name out. She says Sooraj did not come from market till now and calls him. His phone is off. She calls reception and she asks him to connect to a number. The man says this number is off. Sandhya says fine and worries thinking whether that guy…. She runs and tries going by lift. She worries

and runs by stairs. Sooraj holds her and she gets tensed. He says Sandhya and smiles. She asks what is this joke, I m trying to call on your phone and even called reception, I was so scared, where did you go. He says you are also thinking as Bhabho, that we are in Pakistan, we heard wrong about Pakistan, people are like our Indians, innocent and loving, when I went to buy bangles for you, I met a girl, she is great, she has same patriotism like us, I liked it, that we are same, we should take good memories from here by which our Bhabho and Babasa get happy. She smiles and asks where are those bangles. He shows the bangles. She says its beautiful. He says it will look more beautiful when you wear it. She teases him acting she got hurt and laughs. She says I like when you care for me. He says I like when you tease me like this. They smile.

The man asks Resham the names of members who are going to India, Resham talks to man and tells her family member’s name. He asks is there anyone else for visa applications. She says no. he says give all details, else it can be problem. Arzoo gets tea and says I feel its like big exam. Resham says yes, this letter has written who will go India, an officer will sign on this and then this will go to Rathi Family, someone from them will confirm it, then visa application will be given. Arzoo asks why all this. Resham says its legal work, your inlaws will guarantee that we are going India for marriage. Arzoo asks why, is marriage a crime. Resham says no, we will give application tomorrow. The man says I will try to do your work soon and goes. Resham asks Arzoo are you happy, and goes to call Meenakshi. She calls Meenakshi. She says we are coming to India, and we need a letter as invitation, you tell your family to send such letter. Meenakshi says I understood, I will send invitation, anything else. Resham says I will send letter to my known person, I will give medicines too for Vikram, he will be fine in few days. Meenakshi worries as this can expose her secret and says we will receive medicines from Gupta’s house, don’t send him home. Resham says fine and gives address. Meenakshi notes it and ends call. She thinks she got saved.

Its morning, Sandhya wishes everyone happy republic day and talks to the men. Bhabho calls her and they wish each other. Bhabho asks is everything fine there. Sandhya says there is no problem here. Bhabho says Chotu will become our family’s son legally, we are going to notary office. She asks Ved to talk to Sandhya. Ved tells Sandhya that Golu has become Gandhi ji and I have become Subhash Chandra Bose. He says lines and says they would have more fun if Sandhya was here. She says I miss you too. He says I m getting late for function and gives phone to Bhabho.

Sooraj asks Sandhya to taste the sweets he made. The chef says I told Sir ji I will make sweets, he did not listen. Sandhya says don’t worry, he does not listen to anyone on this day, its tradition to take tricolor sweets on republic day. Sooraj wishes her and makes her eat sweets. She wishes him and gives sweets to others.

Sandhya and Sooraj walk inside the building. Sandhya wishes them and gives them sweets. Some bouquets are kept there. She tells the men that Sooraj himself made these tricolor flag sweets. They hear some beep. She asks from where are this sound coming, I think its coming from here, check it. The inspector asks from where this bouquet come, it has bomb, move back, call security. She thinks did the threatening person sent this to stop us from celebrating republic day. The man asks them to vacate the place. The inspector asks Sandhya not to go ahead, we will tackle it. Sandhya goes to check. Sooraj gets worried and is stopped by officers. Sandhya checks the bouquet. She throws out the flowers one by one. Everyone look on. Sandhya gets the bomb and holds it. Sooraj and everyone get shocked.

Arzoo sees that guy taking the Indian flag box. Sandhya breaks the bomb. Sooraj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cinematic techniques were adhered ny the serial makers. Nothing special to write. It’s highly deplorable that Sandya did not know the Hyderabads of Pak and India

  2. So Happy Episode. So interesting precap.
    Sandhya Rockzzzz……

    As I guessed, it was Sooraj in precap.
    Precap was just to confuse the audience.

    But please end this track soon.But please make those Pakistani guy & team into positive characters @ the end of this track.

    Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes.

  3. Diya aur Baati Hum Serial should be more inspirational one. The story is getting streched unnecessarily. Does not sound interesting any more.

    1. Exactly,serial lost the track since Sooraj kicked Sandya out of the house. Again it got better by make her pregnent, but it was a big dung when without even have single hesitation in their thought gave no time for make the decision they gave one of the twins to her brother just bz their elder daughter was demanding for a baby. The brother also acted shamelessly. That was totally awful and insane. The director just drag the story wherever he and the story writer wants, I stopped watching. Read the update once a month.

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