Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th January 2013 Written Update

Bhabho, Meena and Sandhya returning home. Bhabho takes them to Suraj’s shop and tells him that they wanted to have jalebis. Suraj happily welcomes them and goes to prepare hot jalebis. Meena thanks Bhabho for the treat and suggests to have some hot samosas too. Bhabho stares at her. Sandhya is confused as to what is Bhabho up to. Bhabho asks Suraj will he not ask her about the reason for celebration. Suraj asks her to tell by herself. Bhabho says that Sandhya did her first mistake. Suraj is shocked and drops his hands burning it slightly on the hot kadai. Bhabho runs to him and asks him to manage himself. She states she has forgiven it and will count mistakes from then on. She is about to leave and Suraj asks her to have jalebis. Bhabho answers that the day Sandhya will complete her three mistakes and lose, she will have them. Suraj is upset. Meena does not want to miss jalebis and takes it from him. Sandhya is also upset seeing Suraj.

Sandhya cheers him up saying she will prepare jalebis for him. She makes him sit on a table and comes near the kadai and prepares jalebis. Suraj is worried what she is making. Sandhya prepares it and brings it in a plate covered. She keeps the plate in front of him and removes the covering plate. There is a smiley face jalebi and Suraj wonders what. She explains him it is smiley and asks him to smile.

Meena is eating the jalebi outside the house thinking Bhabo might not allow her to eat in the house. She spots vaidrani’s assistant on the street. Both see each other and the assistant tries to run away from there. Meena runs behind her and catches her. The assistant turns the tables by showing concern on Meena’s baby due to improper treatment as she has stopped the medicines now. She somehow escapes by saying that she has kept the medicines near a window in vaidrani’s shop and the window is open so that Meena can take them if she wants. Meena thinks of taking those medicines.

While returning back to the house, Meena sees some children playing the game “langdi” and she wants to play and joins them. Bhabho comes there and scolds her for playing that game being pregnant. Meena blabbers something and in the end asks how will Bhabho keep track of Sandhya’s three mistakes and Bhabho thinks of it and comes with a plan. She sees a person selling earthern pots and goes to buy it. She also calls Sandhya to buy them. She explains how to test those pots and buy to Sandhya and they buy 4 pots totally. Bhabho asks beendanis to bring the pots to the house and leaves. Meena bargains with the seller to give them a pot free as they have bought 4 pots. The seller outwits Meena by asking her to give a saree free if he buys 3 sarees.

They bring the pots to the house. Chathuri wants to use them in the kitchen but Bhabho denies. Bhabhasa wondering then why did they buy 4 pots. Meena suggests Bhabho might fill them with gold coins, etc. Bhabho is very serious and goes near the tree near the water pump and draws swastik sign there. All the Rathis gather in the aangan and Vikram senses some drama and closes the main door. Bhabho calls Sandhya to bring those pots she was carrying and keep in front of the tree. Sandhya does so. Meena is happy as it is her turn to keep the pots. Bhabho again orders Sandhya to take the pots from Meena who is upset hearing this. Bhabho asks Sandhya to keep them over the pots she had already kept. While keeping the fourth pot, there is no balance and all the pots are about to fall. Suraj moves to help but Bhabho stops him and she holds the pots and explains how Sandhya’s mistake might have broken all the pots. She takes one pot with her and asks Sandhya what does the other three pots signify like her three sons, Suraj, Vikram and Mohit or the three Devs Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or anything of that sort. No one answers but Meena who says like Sandhya’s three mistakes.

Bhabho praises Meena for answering and knew only she would answer as she is more interested in interfering with others issues. Bhabho takes one extra pot and moves until she reach the center of the aangan where she breaks the pot with everyone shocked. Meena worried for the pot’s money. Bhabho explains others that she will break the pots with each mistake of Sandhya and tells Sandhya that each broken pot signifies her dream being broken.

Precap: Sandhya accepts Bhabho’s challenge. She says that she is not concerned about who wins or loses but would like to have a fair relationship between them irrespective of whoever wins or loses.

Update Credit to: b2011

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