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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man taking the Jhanki to Binny’s house. Riddhi says come fast. Binny asks Bhabho to come and do darshan. Meenakshi thinks to agree to Bhabho or Sandhya. Sandhya and Sooraj look on. Binny’s son asks his wife to explain Binny not to do all this. She says let Binny do this, if she likes, she will feel bad. He says I won’t stay and goes. Meenakshi goes to see. The man gives a plate to Bhabho and says Mukeshwari’s feet marks, whoever gets it on their cloth, think Mata chose her for service. He takes the wooden slippers to put the mark. He dips it in water and then puts the slippers on white cloth. Ved looks on. Sandhya says why is Bhabho coming in their words. Bhabho’s cloth does not get the marks. Meenakshi thanks Lord.

Riddhi prays and the man puts impressions

on her cloth. He moves the slippers, and they all get shocked seeing the red foot marks on the white cloth, while others did not get any mark. Meenakshi says how did this happen, and goes to see. Riddhi says its great. Meenakshi says its miracle, how did this happen. Sandhya also wonders how did this happen. The lady says Riddhi is lucky that she got chance to serve Mukeshwari, and asks her to give chadava. Riddhi runs to home and takes her money box. Sandhya and Sooraj follow her.

Ved tells Sandhya that Riddhi’s cloth got the footmarks, its magic or miracle. Sandhya says no, its not miracle, its science, if chemical is used, cloth color changes. Binny’s son asks Riddhi to stop this nonsense. Sandhya asks Riddhi what are you doing, and stops her from keeping money as chadava. She says you kept this money for your education, your dreams and future. Binny and the ladies argue with Sandhya. Sandhya says blessing is not business, which mum will take money and jewelry to give blessings, Maa will see just devotion.

Binny’s son Rishabh agrees and says which Lord will be happy by taking money from poor. Binny says no one is forced to do this. The man says yes, neelvish patient also got fine, if Devi blesses us, can’t we give chadava by our wish. Sandhya says its strange that by just name, any illness can go, that too like neelvish. The man says its miracle of Mukeshwari. Sandhya says blessing has miracle, why is its price taken, why does any ill person get free of illness when he has to give everything, this man lost his home. Bhabho says its about disease, don’t get in this matter.

Sandhya says disease goes slowly, it does not get fine by any miracle. Meenakshi says Sooraj is just seeing. The man says I have met Devi Maa. Binny tells Bhabho that people will hate Sandhya, stop her. Sandhya asks where does all the chadava go. The man answers and says they give chadava for cows and poor people, and when Mata gets chadava, it disappears, no one can cross that place.

Sandhya says I m sure someone is using your devotion, and playing with it, you are giving everything to that person, he has become crorepati, real devotion is not by money, you have read in Ramayan, Lord never sees the Prasad, he just see devotion in devotee’s heart. The lady asks Riddhi not to ruin herself by agreeing to Sandhya, else she will face wrath of Maa. Sandhya says trust on Lord gives me courage, not fear, Lord needs love, not this chadava, if you keep just one flower with love, Lord will accept it.

Vikram asks Arzoo not to fall in Piya’s drama, you know Chotu, he loves you, whatever happened is by Piya, Chotu has nothing to do in this. Babasa says Vikram is saying right. Arzoo says I want to believe you Babasa. Chotu brings Piya home. Arzoo wipes her tears. She looks at Chotu and Piya…. Chotu says Babasa, if you permit, I want Piya to stay here for few days, her mummy is not at home, I don’t want she stays alone in such weak state. Vikram says Babasa… Babasa agrees.

Vikram asks Babasa why did you agree, when Bhabho knows this, she will not leave you. Arzoo says Babasa thought about me and permitted him, if Babasa did not say yes to Chotu, Chotu would have gone with Piya. She cries and hugs Babasa. Babasa asks her not to worry, nothing will happen, we are here.

Sandhya says Lord can’t be enemy of the devotee. Don’t create fear by Lord’s name, teach devotion, not any superstition to your children. Riddhi puts just flowers instead any money. Sandhya is glad and says you inspired everyone who is not superstitious, I m proud of you. The lady says its first time Jhanki is going like this, now Maa’s anger will be on Riddhi. They all get worried.

Riddhi holds her face and everyone ask what happened. Riddhi shows her face. Sooraj covers Ved’s eyes. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sandya’s arguments against superstition is well established and we really appreciate the director for bringing in such a scene against fake piety and superstitious behaviour. The mastermind behind this drama should be detected and penalized.

  2. Okay Episode.
    Good theme about blind faith.
    Hate Piya.blo*dy dirty b*t*h.
    But please end all the ongoing tracks soon.At least by mid of May.
    Suspense filled mysterious track begin.

    But we want some happy romantic tracks.

  3. I think the new track looks like Telugu movie kaarthikeya…. And now chotu will realise the true love of arzoo….also diff b/w piya n arzoo…..i think neelvish is created by binny’s son n bahu…bcoz dey both r doctors….

  4. I think riddi iss doinng just prank only or her face may be hurt by anything……

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