Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho regretting that she did not make Sooraj study, he was helpless and became a halwai just to support the house, his age was to go school and he went to sweet shop, he was so intelligent that he could have become doctor or engineer, she made him halwai and he did not say anything, and obeyed me. She says he has taken care of his parents in the age when they should have raised him well and taken care of his expenses, I did not think of his life and dreams, this is my biggest mistake. She cries and shares her pain with Meenakshi.

Emily pacifies Sandhya and says Sooraj is fine now, its not her mistake, everyone dream big and everyone don’t run after it, Sooraj gave importance to his family, not his dreams. Meenakshi says Sooraj is strong, he made everyone smile,

he has big sweet shop, everyone respects him, he makes best sweets, everyone is known by his deeds, he is good man, don’t think much, Sooraj did not feel bad. Sandhya tells Emily that she has seen Sooraj working for her dream, why did he not think to do anything for himself.

She says he could dream and fulfill it. Emily says he has won world’s top cook trophy in Singapore, is this anything less. Sandhya says yes, he has talent, he is hardworking and want a right direction, I m his wife and did not do anything to guide him and push him to success. She says Ved would have not lied and Sooraj woud have not bear this, all because of me. Babasa tells Mohit that he did not do anything for Sooraj, by putting responsibilities on me, I did not do father’s duty, he would have not see this day, I regret to not support her. Mohit asks him not to worry. He comes to Pari and asks her did she hear what Babasa said. He defends his step and says its no use to tell this now. He says what Ved did was not right, he lied, and see what happened because of his one lie. He asks her not to lie ever and study well to become doctor. Pari smiles. Sooraj talks to Ved and asks him to call everyone for dinner, he will get icecream. Ved calls everyone to come soon as his Papa is bringing icecream. Emily asks Sandhya to smile as Sooraj is fine now.

Meenakshi asks the kids to sleep. Golu asks her to say a story. Meenakshi says fine and starts saying. She feels sleepy and praises herself. They ask her to say a good story. She asks them to sleep and leaves. Sandhya asks Sooraj if he goes now, kids will trouble, and asks him to rest. He says he wants to be with kids. He lies beside Ved and looks at him. Sandhya thinks Sooraj’s smile is hiding his heart pain. Sooraj sleeps.

Sooraj wakes up after some time and sees Sandhya there too. He recalls Ved’s words and cries. Sooraj goes out recalling the humiliation he faced. Sooraj takes the keys out, and opens his shop. He recalls everyone’s words and cries. Sandhya wakes up and looks for him.

Bhabho comes and sees him crying. Sandhya and Bhabho look on and cry, seeing Sooraj shattered. Bhabho stops Sandhya from going to him. She says let him get his pain out, I know my son has deep wound in his heart, he is trying to hide it. Sandhya says no, I can’t see him like this, the one who supports the family, how can he break like this. Bhabho says he hass to get strong himself. Sandhya hugs Bhabho and they cry.

Mohit says I know this is your dream, but it has some age for dreams. Meenakshi asks them to explain Sooraj. Sooraj says he has decided and will not move back, he will fulfill his dream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i really feel sad … y ppl r after a content vch has least meaning….
    um a big fan of ths serial…. wallah….
    can u hv directors of such moral values even today…..
    Wallah… ths serial has targetted the realness……
    i jus love the way actors r putting hardwork into practice…. u ppl r just awesome….
    n i might not b a frequeny watcher of the show… but wen eva i get time to watch television… i search for dabh…..
    director sir or maam…. u r jus awesome
    ……. Masha Allah…..

  2. one more thing… if some way the episode updater gets in contact vth ny of the actors or director…. gv ma best wishes to them for their real work…. n a flawless work…. ma heart feels the realness of evy dialogue……
    vn eva i watch this show… i m as if lost….. sm wr into a woemrld of real ppl….
    i vsh for a real world…. a real family…. real ppl….. love u dabh show

  3. first time sooraj cry vigorously iam also cry

  4. Feeling bad about suraj…u cried lot..i can’t bear it…there is no age to fulfil ur dream..go ahead..sandhya is with u.diya aur baati hum.

  5. Nw d serial is gtng to its real meang…… of life partners and to fulfil each others dream

  6. When Sooraj cried a lot we are feeling dad. But Sooraj don’t worry Sandhya is always with you.

  7. I am realy sad this episode. But Sooraj this is your tearn. Always Sandhya with you. So win the life. You are the worlds top cook.

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