Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kajiri all exhausted & Thakursa tells that she will not save his grandson as he rejected her plea to save her son. Someone shouts that the building is getting destructed. Kajiri is all exhausted. Suraj tells that she will do it & she is bit tired & she will do it. SAndy too tells that. Thakur remembers his illdoings to kajiri. Kajiri is too tired. Someone gives Water to her. Vishnu tells that he is danger as the fire has spread. KAjiri tells thakur not to worry & assures that she will save him. Kajiri walks on the rope. KAjiri imbalances a bit due to tiredness. Everyone shocked. Vishnu asks kajiri to come fast. Kajiri nods. Kajiri reaches the opp side & picks up vishnu on her back. Kajiri asks him to hold her tight. Kajiri walks on the rope.

Everyone watches her. Thakur shivers out of fear. KAjiri atlast reaches the safer side. Everyone relieved.

Thakur hugs his grandson. Sandy helps kajiri to get down & makes her sit on the floor. Gives her water. Bhabho & others look at kajiri with a thankful sigh. Sandy looks at the children. & everyone does the same. SAndy tells its all becoz of kajiri. Kajiri cries by resting her head on sandy’s shoulder & tells that sandy was right. Adds that if she doesn’t save them today she wouldn’t have been happy. She tells that she is happy that the children are saf. Kamla tells that today she did a big thing that they would never forget. Everyone seconds her one by one. KAjiri cries. Sandy asks everyone to stay back from kajiri. Everyone shocked. Sandy tells that she is from underpreviliged caste. And says that they never wanted to touch her & for them their caste is superior than humanity & even touvhing her is a paap for them. Adds that why are they touching her today & doing a sin. adds that her son married other caste girl & did a wrong thing (dharam brasht). Tells that she did beg for her son the other day. But you ppl killed her son. And now They are folding their hands before her only for getting benefit from her. Adds dharam ke aage kya hai (whats beyond dharam/religin). Thakur remembers is words. Asks thakur whether she said right.

Sandy gives lecture that they forgot living like a human & killed her son in the name of religion but she saved their children today. Everyone listens with their heads down. SAndy asks them to speak out. & asks who gave the right to take away someone’s life?

Break: Sandy tells that this world is beautiful & let it be. And allow persons to live acccording to their wish.

Suraj speaks. Tells that kajiri performed her dharam as a human. Human’s biggest dharam. Tells that she didn’t see whose children are they & just saw that they are struggling for their lives & came running to help them. Suraj asks how many lives have been ended by the name of religion & today their own children were trapped & who will be responsible if something happens & asks whether they can forgive themselves if other way happened.

Sandy tells that religion is only a way to live & character defines. And tells that one should not kill someone for the reason that they love other caste people.

Break: Precap same as above

Sandy tells that this world is beautiful place & let it be. KAjiri folds her hand & tells that her son will not return back & tells its his fate. Tells looking at sandy that she taught her one thing today that with anger nothing can be achieved & tells its only love which can solve everything & tells that with anger only enemity can be developed.
SAndy tells that god has given one more chance to them today & asks them to accept momily relationship

Precap: MEena telling Vikram that today is the last day of her challenge & is happy that there would be more dhamaka going on in the village bcoz of sandy. & tells that bhabho will come & at once break the pot. & adds that she would be happy to see her grandson too.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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