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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj talking to Sandhya on phone. She encourages him to make his name shine and fulfill his dreams. He says I now Bhabho will be praying for me. She says yes, even Ved is praying for your win. She wishes him all the best and they all will come tomorrow to see his match. He says he will win, as his mum and son are praying for him, and he has such a wife who has shown strong trust in her husband always. He says this game is not less than prayer, he will win for sure. She smiles and ends the call.

Abhay removes the team pic and says he wants the team to lose tomorrow, I want their ego and pride to bite the dust, Aditi will regret on her decision, she will know its just Abhay who is the winner. He says this will surely happen, as you made me sure of this, right. Mahendra

comes in light and says it will happen as he wants, the team will lose. He says Aditi will understand when team loses, she regards me the best coach, she does not know my revenge, she says I m Focus singh, I m focused to make the team lose, so I have chosen wrong team players. He says he knows their weaknesses and tells about everyone. He says he has advised Aditi to choose Sooraj as the captain, Avinash has got angry and he will play for himself, not the team, and Sooraj is strong, hardworking, good player, but his weakness is his soft heart. He says Aditi caught him that day, and he became great Guru Acharya in Sooraj’s eyes, now captain is in his hands, Aditi’s ego will be broken, she will realize her mistake, she will have no way than coming to you, she will beg to you to join her team. They smile.

Zakir tells everyone about the new rules of the kabaddi. Babasa says we all know it. Zakir says everything changed and explains the family. The kids come to play kabaddi with him. Sandhya also explains them. Ved says Sooraj will win. They show a mock game. Its morning, the kids get ready and everyone prepare to go for the match. They make poster to cheer for Sooraj and explain Babasa. Meenakshi comes with the goggles.

Bhabho asks Meenakshi to cook food for Zakir, as he will be coming home. Chavi thinks she will stay at home. She tells Bhabho that she has some work and she has to be at home. She says she will cook food, don’t worry. Meenakshi says great, she really changed. Golu does not get tshirt fit, as he got more fat. Meenakshi asks him to wear anything else. Golu says no, I want to wear this one only. Bhabho says fine, I will make you wear it. Chavi laughs.

Sooraj and the team gets ready, and they all warm up for the match. Sooraj encourages everyone and asks them to perform well. Prem says great, he is inspiring him. Sooraj asks them to have passion and play well. Sooraj talks to Avinash and asks him to know his strengths, he is a good player, he is diamond of the team. He says captain will decide for the team. Sooraj asks them to be united, and asks are they ready. They say yes. Mahendra and Aditi look on.

Mahendra asks Sooraj to win the match and says some wrong plans to explain the team.

Update Credit to: Amena

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