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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj asking Sandhya to work calmly. He asks her to think he is doing this work, there is rule in this work, its just about emotions, find happiness in what you do, then everyone will like your work, work will be done with ease. She increase the flame of the stove. He asks her to lower the flame. She asks why, you said to boil milk at high flame. He says this is rava, it needs to be cooked on low flame. She says you just said there are no rules in this, and lowers the flame. She asks whats all this. He explains her in her language, catching a thief and murderer, will you punish them equally. She says no, thief will be arrested for 2 days and will be freed after taking fine, murderer can’t be left free. He says likewise, some things are cooked on high and some on low flame.

She says understood. He says its good I got some way to explain police officer Sandhya. She smiles.

Bhabho worries and thinks everything will be fine there. Babasa says its dilemma, Ritu’s engagement is on same day of Sandhya’s maha Prasad challenge. She says I m thinking about Sooraj and Sandhya, he took Sandhya to teach kitchen work, will she learn. He says you should be happy that Sooraj is teaching her. She says yes, I m scared as Sandhya can do mistake. He says its all going fine. She says I will go and see, then I will be content. He stops her and says let them do, husband is teaching his wife. She says I can’t believe Sandhya can’t do anything. He says you became saas again.

Sooraj says rava is ready, wipe your hands and cut these dry fruits. Sandhya wipes her hands and throws the cloth near the stove. The cloth catches fire, and they do not see that. Sooraj instructs Sandhya. Sooraj’s kurta also catches fire. Sandhya sees this and shouts Sooraj. Meenakshi sees the fire and shouts to Bhabho and Babasa about the fire. Sandhya takes a blanket and blows off fire off Sooraj’s hand. He gets much pain and cries. Bhabho and everyone come there. Sandhya cries. Sooraj says I m fine. Bhabho comes and asks Sooraj are you fine. He says yes.

Emily recalls Mahen and thinks how long shall I make excuses, marriage will happen in few days and I have to go infront of him. Om gets tea for her and asks how is her headache. She says fine. He asks are you annoyed with something, I feel like something is troubling you, you are hiding something, you can tell me. She says nothing, I just had headache. He says its good your headache is gone, get ready now, we have to buy ring for Mahen.

She asks who else is coming, is Mahen coming too. He says yes. She gets client’s call and says no, I can’t come to parlor today, you have to go in marriage, is it urgent. Om signs her. Her phone rings again. Om looks on realizing she was pretending to talk. Om starts leaving. Emily stops him. Om asks her not to give explanation, person should understand things without talk, have tea. He leaves. She says I know Om, my lie has hurt your heart, I wish I could explain you have misunderstood me, why I lied to you.

Chavi tells Bhabho to see Sooraj’s kurta state, its useless to teach Sandhya the kitchen work, its like hitting head to the stone, Sooraj’s state is like he did not know when his kurta caught fire, does Sandhya know the consequences, is shop imp or Sooraj, if anything happened then….. Bhabho asks her to stop her nonsense. Chavi asks Sandhya to say did she say wrong, you would have snatched our brother. Sandhya recalls the fire incident. She says no Chavi, you are not saying wrong. She tells Bhabho that Chavi is saying right, this incident taught me one thing, sorry Bhabho, I can’t risk Sooraj’s life in my greed. I have always been careless and did many mistakes, I can’t do all this, I will withdraw from this challenge. Sooraj says no, stop Sandhya, come with me.

Sooraj says you are taking all decisions alone these days, I have to show you something before you take this decision, come with me. She takes him to his shop. He says you just saw the incident, you did not see the result of your small tries, look inside our shop. He shows some little boys eating sweets. He asks her to take him inside the shop. He asks her to see these innocent kids carefully, they don’t praise by any pressure, see how they are eating the sweets you made by love, this is not your failure, its your victory. The boy asks can I get more of thse sweets. Sandhya smiles and says yes, I will just give.

She asks them to eat as much as they want and serves them halwa. Sooraj says if you see my sight, you will see your victory, is it good to accept defeat, you have won. She smiles. Sandhya says I will fight and never move back, I will fight in this challenge and win. Chavi hears this and holds her head. She goes. Sandhya and Sooraj smile. Diya aur baati………….plays…………

Dipen says I know it well Chavi, that’s why I did arrangements for Sandhya’s comfort. Sandhya lifts the shop’s’ shutter and pushes it above. She turns to enter the shop and the shutter falls on her hands. She screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. For all its flash dabh has become tedious, remote experience. We feel nothing, care for no one (especially the blink-and-miss heroine, – and the serial goes on and on. Two back-to-back action sequences at the expense of the viewers. It’s really a the most dulled soap opera.

  2. Superb Episode.
    Love it a lot.
    Bad Precap.
    Hate that stupid dirty b*t*h CHAVI.
    SOORAJ-SANDHYA parts are the best.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.

  3. Nice episode. Sooraj and sandhya scene very Nice.

  4. No talk about sandhya taking back her resignation back and continuing with her prestigious position. Even suraj wants her to become a halwaii. I have nothing against halwaii but her contributions as an IPS officer were so much more. Very selfish bhabhi and suraj. Unpaid Gawar log.

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