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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya meeting Himanshu. She thinks he is the one and she has to fail his plans. Bharat says Sagarika, he has come for your proposal. Himanshu greets her. She asks him to sit, she will just come. Bharat wishes Himanshu agrees to her and fails in their trap. Himanshu asks is his pension stuck. Bharat says its 10months, Sagarika goes to get it and they refuse by some excuse, Sagarika says its hard earned money. The file falls and Himanshu goes to pick it. Bharat get worried that Himanshu can get a doubt. Himanshu goes to her bag and sees it. Bharat thinks he is so clever to see the papers on pretext of jute bag, its tough for him to trust others, as he cheats everyone.

Himanshu says its pure jute. Bharat thinks he chose right office for this mission, Sandhya has kept

every minute detail in mind, she will not get caught. He asks Himanshu to sit. Sandhya brings the tea and gives them. Himanshu asks her qualification. She says she did MA. He says he thought her subject is literature after seeing stock of books here. Bharat signs her. Zakir asks Bhabho to trust him once, he has come to ask her a valuable thing, don’t refuse. He asks for Emily’s hand. Emily and everyone get shocked.

Zakir says he will love Emily a lot, and promises her that he will give her all happiness she deserves. Meenakshi says he is very brave to ask for blessings by putting salt on their wound. Bhabho says no, this can never happen. Pari comes and asks why. She asks why can’t Zakir and mum marry. Bhabho looks at her. Sandhya says whats seen does not happen, I love literature, books are best friends. Bharat asks him to have Bengali sweets. Himanshu eats it and says this time my guess can’t be wrong, this is not made by Sagarika.

She asks how did he know. He says his mum makes the sweet and he knows the taste made at home. Bharat says yes, they got it from nearby shop. He signs Sandhya to talk. He says he will come, and asks them to talk. Himanshu says he feels he has seen her somewhere. She says in some marriage. He says I did not go there, did you go to police station. She asks what. He says you should go and complaint as your dad’s pension is stopped by them. She says I will think and smiles. He asks what type of life partner she wants. She says the one who respects my dad and takes care of me.

Himanshu calls Shantanu Baba/Bharat and says you can do your work later. He says mum told me that you like Rabindra music. She says I love it. he asks can she sing for him, if she is fine with it. She says sure. Bharat thinks Sandhya did not get time to practice singing, I hope she passes. Sandhya plays the veena and sits to sing. Himanshu says I have a fav song and tells her. Bharat thinks she did not practice this song, she has practiced other song. Sagarika says his choice shows her has knowledge of music. He says yes, I feel life is incomplete without music, I heard you are good Bengali singer, lets see.

Pari asks Bhabho why can’t this marriage happen. Emily asks her to stop it. Bhabho says they ruined her home a lot, its enough. She asks Zakir to leave from her house. Zakir nods and greets her. He leaves. Bharat sings Sandhya can’t sing this song, Himanshu will doubt and our mission wil fail. Himanshu looks at Sandhya. Sandhya thinks how to sing, she does not know even a word, she has to do something.

She hurts her finger by the veena string. Bharat asks what happened. Himanshu moves the veena and says its fine, you take care. Bharat brings the first aid for her. He thinks she did great to manage the tough situation. She sits crying by the pain.

Bhabho sits stitching in anger and the needle breaks. Babasa looks on and asks her to leave it, as her heart is not in peace. He asks her to say why is she angry. He asks is it for Chavi’s relation breaking, or that Zakir chose Emily instead Chavi. She says both have different meaning. He says no, its not different, when he refused to marry Chavi, you have bear it, Chavi also accepted it, but knowing he refused Chavi and asked for Emily’s hand, you did not bear this, I know you regard Emily as your daughter, you have kicked Mohit out for her respect, but when you are seeing someone else taking your son’s place in your bahu’s life, this is hurting you.

She says she has kicked her son out, as she regarded Emily a daughter, she took with her when she wanted divorce, I would make her remarry, but… He says but you could not give Chavi’s happiness in Emily’s lap, I can know the big difference in own daughter and namesake daughter. She leaves. Himanshu opens the betel and gets nuts out. He says he does not like nuts in betel. He asks Sagarika does she like him. Bharat says yes tell him, don’t be shy. Sandhya smiles. Bharat says she accepts this proposal, now you tell your decision to take the talk ahead. Himanshu says he could not decide in this short meeting, does she not think she hurriedly took this decision, sorry but what did she know in this short meeting.

He asks what did she find special in him what she said yes for marriage, this can change their life, its not right to take decision so soon. He keeps the betel and says he felt good meeting them, but he will think well and reply for this proposal. He greets them and leaves. Sandhya looks at Bharat. She says what will he answer, will he say yes or not, I did not understand him. Bharat says his yes will be first step to this success of this mission. She says everything happened as per the plan, then where did we make mistake. He says Himanshu does not trust anyone easily, they don’t see whats seen, but measure the shadow, we have to work hard for his yes, he should not doubt on us.

Sandhya asks nurse about her dad. She meets him in the ward and sees Himanshu with him. Himanshu stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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