Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Bhabo asks emily to call mohit… Ems asks why??? Bhabo asks her whether she needs to take some permission. Ems wonders whether she calls him for gift money. Mohit comes. Bhabo asks him to sit. Asks him to write accounts of her. Mohit does calculations. Bhabo asks him to make it half & separate it. Bhabo asks him to add the TV cost to that half portion. Bhabo asks to add his name on it. Mohit gets shocked. Bhabo asks him why he got shocked & if his wife is participating then he must share the expense… Bhabo adds that she knows he has no answer. Mohit tells how can he spend this much. Mohit silently leaves.. Bhabo to self a man who can’t spend money for his own wife & child can never earn respect from the society…

Meena tries to add fule to

sandy asking whether she is upset with ems participation. Sandy tells that she is not so & even if she participates then she has no problem. Chavi asks her to join & she can win too & can get 50000 Rs. Chavi tells that she can win only in eating competition & mohit & chavi laugh at her along with kanha. Meena leaves the place.

SurYa Room
Sandy watches some scientific programme & takes notes from that too.. Suraj silently notices her & changes his cloth. Suddenly the hear a sound like transformer damage. Sandy notices suraj for the first time… Suraj tells that he never wanted to disturb her. Suraj leaves to inform EB dept. Sandy reminds him abt his kurta…

Emily preparing for the exam. Meena plots agst her & gives her kanha to manage. Bhabo who was looking at then from window taunts her to manage her own kid & allow her to prepare. Meena leaves. Ems looks at bhabo. Bhabo asks her to concentrate on studies & not the reason behind her support…


Mohit teaches the gali students to earn more money as per bhabo’s advise earlier (i missed to add there in the first post). He tells them thta it is very important to solve a question rather than just answering. One student asks water & bhabo helps them out. Meena comes in taunting ems. She looks at tv & wonders whether she can watch & concludes that she can watch as it is jethji’s tv. Here down chavi looks at a paper about a cinema being aired on tv & decides to watch it as sandy is not there.
SurYa Room (TV Room)
Meena tries to switch on & watch but she didn’t get athe set top box remote & searches at the same time chavi enters & wonders sandy left the tv open. Chavi to finds one remote missing. Meena & chavi play hide & seek without knowing each other… Both find the remote on study table & try to pick up & get shocked.


Chavi asks meena what was she doing here. Meena tells that she came here to sweep & asks her .. Chavi tells that she is a guest of few days & will turn bhabo towards her if she tells about her. Meena pull chavi’s cheek & shows some laad pyaar & they both come to a deal. Bhabo enters the room & both get shocked. Chavi gives the remote to meena & tells that we don’t have the permission. Meena blames chavi saying that she came just to sweep & also wonders what chavi would do in her in laws house Bhabo calls ems & gives her the remote & asks her to watch tv. Both chavi & meena get shocked. Meena asks what. Bhabo shouts her to get out. Meena & chavi flees away Ems tries to speak something but bhabo leaves.

Suraj’s shop:
Suraj tells sandy that she might be getting disturbed with his kadai’s sound.& can study in RM & she has got only one night left. Sandy tells that she has got qualifying rounds tomorrow not the competition itself. Suraj tells that she has to prepare wither ways. Sandy tells that she is not getting disturbed & it is helping her in some way by studying in shop.

Precap: Babasa tells thathe is seeing some dark intentions on her sending emily to participate in the competition so that she can defeat sandy… She is not finding any way to stop sandy & got it out with emily. Bhabo grins at him…

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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