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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the award announcements. Zakir is called for receiving award and he is praised to save innocent people from hijack attack by RK. Zakir gives the speech. Babasa goes to Sooraj’s shop to call him. But Birju says he is not here. Meenakshi says Sooraj would have got Sandhya from Scotland, she would have been getting this respect too. Zakir receives the award. Sandhya smiles and everyone clap for him. Next person called for award is Sandhya. She is praised and Ankur feels proud. Sooraj attends the function and Ankur is shocked seeing him. Babasa says Sooraj is not here. Meenakshi says he would have seen it. The announcer says Sandhya is not here for her personal reasons and praises her.

The family is proud of Sandhya, who has saved many innocent people and also

captured RK again. Sooraj says he wants to tell her something. Sooraj apologizes to Ankur. He walks to the stage and talks in mic. Sandhya is shocked to hear Sooraj getting the award on her behalf. The family sees this and is surprised. Bhabho smiles. Sooraj says I m proud of Sandhya, I hope she is hearing me, I m very glad to get this award for her. He says I just know that its not an ordinary award. Sandhya and everyone cry hearing Sooraj. Zakir smiles. Sooraj says she has risked everything to save her country and did her duty well, she would have left RK safe and got us back, but I m proud of her decision when she risked her life to save the country’s respect.

He says she did not leave her duty on my saying, I don’t regret now, as I know she did it to show she is different from me, I m selfish, and weak, I was just thinking about my mother and some passengers, I was fighting to keep them safe, but today entire country and I am proud of her. He says she has done all her duties well, but I m her husband and could not learn anything from her, I could not do my duty, and broke my promise, I regret that I have spent a lot of time with you, and could not understand you, I have seen you as a culprit for the bullet which has hurt my Bhabho, as a son who has seen his mother’s in blood was afraid.

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He says my thinking capability was over, and I named your duty as your mistake, I got all my anger on you. He says I was selfish and could not see your efforts, and when I have chance, I want to accept my mistake infront of the world and apologize to you. Sandhya cries.

He says she has done all duties of a good wife and good bahu, but he has lost as a good husband. He accepts his mistake and says he knows she is seeing him and hearing his words. He says please let me tell it today, it was my big mistake to kick you out of home, and my entire family is bearing its punishment. He accepts all his mistakes. Daisa and her family also hear this. Meenakshi says why is Sooraj saying this infront of the world. Ankur also cries. Sooraj accepts all his mistakes. Bhabho cries listening to Sooraj.

Sooraj says without any fear, I want to tell everyone that like I have insulted a woman’s sacrifice, you all don’t do this mistake. He asks them why is every test just for a woman, why is everyone after a woman, that she is our bahu, but not this house is of our bahu. The woman see the news and like his speech. Sooraj apologizes to Sandhya and asks her to decide if she can forgive her. He says he will wait for her decision forever. Everyone at home see this. Ankur and Zakir smile. Sandhya cries. Diya aur baati hum…………….plays……………..

Bhabho tells Sooraj that he will get Sandhya where he left her. He rushes to the park and her dupatta falls on him. He is shocked seeing Sandhya. She smiles and comes to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Finally Sooraj and Sandhya getting reunited.

  2. No words to say about this episodes………super episode….

  3. woow….awesome

  4. ithink sandhya pregnant while she turns on sooraj voice blook at the belly

  5. Finally!!

  6. wow it really a heart toching the way suraj said sry to sandy before all is just amazing.iam made me cry also.once we used to scold suraj how dare u can make sandy now again we can say it old suraj back.which suraj we love to c.the one all say husband should like suraj.the same suraj is back.and guys just imagine suraj is parising sandy a lot.wt happen when suraj findout sandy is the one who gave kidney to will suraj react.i bet suraj will be nt even get a word to praise our sandy.finally it goes well.and ofcourse dabh deserve trp position no.1.superb show.

  7. Awesome… no need for words

  8. Superduper hit episode.

  9. Awesome episode… no word to express …

    Both of them good heart person sure god won’t punish them…
    waiting for tomorrow

  10. this s the real DABH….no words to say for the feelings…sooraj overcome all his mistakes by the way of his apologize… really heart touching episode…..everyone likes this very much…. i love to see bhabhu and sandhya…………..sandhya sooraj’s emotional feeling is awesome…..their expressions only says wat a love b/w them……superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  11. Hats off suraj..ur done now. Sandhiya its ur turn..

  12. Sooraj is really great. We shouldn’t forget what kind of sacrifice he did to make sandhya as IPS officer. Whoever is in his situation would have done same mistake but his greatness is he asked for apologies in front of the world. No one can do this. That is Sooraj.

  13. The best episode of the DABH

  14. l like this serial very much…good love story…nice episode and i have no words…don’t end this serial…

  15. Tomorrow Sandhya will come back to India from Scotland…. But I am not happy with writers because they made a Sooraj character like that due to that today he got to apologize Sandhya in front of everyone… He did a lot for Sandhya. No husband can do that for her wife… Of course Sandhya also did a lot for the family… Today’s episode is good but I am really pity about Sooraj… Honestly all my excitement gone… I may not feel excite or more happy with their reunite because of today’s episode… Earlier I could not able to bear Sandhya’s pain and today Sooraj’s pain…

    1. Sooraj did not support Sandhya when she needs him. There is no excuse for him.

  16. Women like Sooraj’s sacrifice. Men like Sandhya Ji’s sacrifice.

  17. Jeyam Ramachandran

    I really get astounded ,rather annoyed that Sooraj talking for hours in Rday function attended by government officials and talk about his family affairs .

  18. Some people are born great.-that is Sandya
    Some people are made great-that is Suraj.
    But other characters like Vikram, Mohit, their wives and Chavi were shown as villains. Poor fellows! Some greatness should be thrusted upon them by the director to make the whole Rathi family as great.

  19. SUPER EPISODE……….Sooraj finally understands sandhya…she is a GEM of a woman….dear Sooraj… your speech was really touching…we also were in tears…of course your darling sandhya will come to you…to your love…Please don’t make her cry any more…I hope this serial will not end….I pray to the DABH team…. don’t stop this serial..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. I do not have much faith with Rathi’s family. Chavi, Mohit, Vikram and Meenakshi will give trouble continuously.

      I hope that Sandhya did not give her kidney to Bhabho. Then there will be other issues.

  20. Chandrasekaran N

    This shows an ordinary Indian husband’s mind. Do all the hurts to wife ,do all mistakes against their wife and lastly easily say sorry. Only the women herself always punishable and also sacrifice

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