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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying she lost trust on herself. Sooraj tells Bhabho that I know something is worrying Sandhya. Bhabho says don’t worry, she has work, she is sleeping, let her sleep, you talk to her in morning, you trust me, go and rest now. He goes to his room.

Sandhya walks on the road. A man looks at her and follows. He holds a knife and goes after her. He shuts her mouth and holds knife against her throat, asking her to come with him. He takes her.

Maasa talks to Chandni and asks do you remember what I taught you, when did Purvi’s accident happen. Chandni says two days before. Maasa says I explained you it happened on holi day. Chandi says no. Her sister Ritu calls her mad and asks her to say what Maasa tells. Maasa asks Ritu not to call Chandni mad, Chandni

is her elder sister. They make Chandni remember, that Purvi’s accident happened on holi day by Emily’s car. Chandni says its lie. Maasa says this lie is good for Om, will you not say lie for Om. Chandni agrees and says Purvi’s accident happened on holi day by Emily’s car. Maasa sends the girls. Dadusa hears everything. He goes to Maasa and says you can’t do wrong as right by making Chandni lie, you know Purvi’s accident happened two days before, it was not done by Emily’s car, what happened was a drama, you are doing this to trap Emily. Maasa says I m doing this for Om’s happiness, I will not move back if I have to trap Emily for his happiness.

Commissioner tells minister that Sandhya will catch that man who attacked you, I trust her. Minister says relax, I know this, but don’t you think she is being misused, she is given all cases, what is police department doing, Sandhya should get rest and get case as per her capabilities. Commissioner says fine, I will give this case to someone else. He goes. Minister tells Ghanshyam that before the other police officer gets that attacker, we should get him first.

Its morning, Sooraj looks for Sandhya. He knocks the washroom door and checks. Bhabho does puja. Sooraj asks about Sandhya. Bhabho says I did not see her, call her. He goes to check outside. He says she is not anywhere and calls her. Ved gets the phone and asks where is mumma, her call is coming. Bhabho asks him to go and get ready. She says where did Sandhya go… Sooraj don’t worry, you know her job, she would have got imp work, maybe she forgot her phone, she will come.

Sooraj says I feel something bad is happening. Bhabho says no, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Sooraj calls police station and asks about Sandhya. The man says madam did not come today. Sooraj asks where is she, I mean did she go out for some work, her phone is not connecting. The man says no, we don’t know about that, if there was any meeting, she would have first come to police station, but she did not. Bhabho asks Sooraj what happened. He says I called police station, Sandhya is not there. She worries and says where did Sandhya go. He leaves. She prays.

Sooraj and Vikram look for Sandhya. The man who caught Sandhya has her gold chain. The other man asks why are you scared, did you murder anyone. The man runs from there and collides with Sooraj. Sooraj holds him. the man hides the chain and goes. Sooraj thinks where are you Sandhya, I can’t live without you, just come back.

A taxi stops at bajvaas… and man asks the fare. Sandhya says I won’t give. The man asks her will she give fare or not, and shouts on her. He takes her to police station. He tells inspector that he got this lady from Pushkar, she is refusing to give fare. Inspector thinks Sandhya is hiding her identity and maybe on any secret mission. He pays the fare and sends the man. He greets Sandhya and says congrats for saving townhall people, you are inspiration for us, I m glad meeting you today, my daughter is your big fan, she says she wants to become like you, you sit, I will get paper to get your autograph. She looks at the police lockup.

Sandhya sits with dust applied to her face. Sooraj sees her and hugs her. He says I won’t let you break like this, and pours a bucket of water to clean her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So its verified that Sandya has gone out of her senses. A sorry state of affairs.

  2. Waaaah….!!! Sooraj ji what a love yar…..

  3. Just bcoz of SOORAJ-SANDHYA couple & just bcoz the awesome performance of lead actors(DEEPIKA & ANAS),this show is watchable nowadays.
    End this blo*dy f**king bullshit bakwas irritating stupid track.This track is a blo*dy shit.f**k.End this crap you creep stupid writers.
    blo*dy brainless with even no commonsense.
    End this track you scoundrels writers and director.

    We can’t bear this nonsense track now.
    Plzzz end this track.

    Today’s episode watchable only bcoz of SANDHYA’s performance.
    Unbearable dragging nonsense.
    This was the best & inspiring show once.Now since the end of MISSION MAHABALI track there are very few episodes(less than 10) that can be said to be excellent. End this bakwas track sooooooon………
    Else the audience will kill the bastard foolish writers & director brainless.

  4. OMG!
    We can’t see SANDHYA like this. It’s painful crap. Plzzz end this track sooooooon. Bakwas track.

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