Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit telling Bhabho and Babasa that he has been away for six years and apologizes to them. Mohit says I became very selfish, he did not be in peace even for 6 mins in 6 years, he went to find Lord and he just wandered, no one helped me, I m tired now. He says parents are also Lord avatar. They forgive him and ask him to come home. Mohit worries and they say they will support him. Everyone cry and Bhabho tells Emily to forgive Mohit. Mohit says he does not have words to apologize and folds hands. Sooraj hugs him and cries.

Sandhya says Mohit is right, he does not have anything than apologizing. Bhabho says anyone can forgive him or not, it does not matter and asks Mohit to apologize to Emily, she has been in much trouble because of him. He apologizes to Emily. Sandhya

argues with Bhabho. Bhabho asks Emily to take Mohit to room before Pari comes, as she will get her father after six years, she will be very happy. Emily cries and goes to her room.

Ved sits in some car and does mischief. Mohit asks Emily was she sure he will come back. He sees their pic and asks how is Pari, she would have grown up. He apologizes and Emily scolds him. She asks him to change his real face before Pari comes. She recalls how he has went leaving them and fed up of all duties. Emily asks how will we stay without you. He says family is here. She begs him not to go. He says he will take Sanyaas and will leave them. He goes. Emily cries.

She sees him and gets sad. Ved comes to a school and asks where did I come. He likes the international school and see the kids dong skating. Sandhya asks Bhabho not to pressurize Emily, as she is not a puppet. Bhabho asks her to understand and what does she want. Ved says he wish to do this with them. Bhabho explains Sandhya.

Ved also tries skating and says its easy, I learnt. He falls. Bhabho asks Sandhya to understand by her view, as a mum. She says if she forgot everything and thought as mum, Vansh would have been here as Ved. Sandhya cries for Vansh. Ved meets a boy and he falls when Ved fell. Vd holds his hand and makes him fall, and talks to him. He says he will do better skating soon and show him.

Sooraj comes there and is stunned seeing him there. He asks how did he come here. Ved asks him to hear first, and tells him that if he had not come here, he would have not come a big thing. Sooraj asks what. Ved asks him to close eyes and thinks where did the paper go. The other boy gives the paper and says Papa, talking to his dad on phone. Sooraj cries seeing him. The boy leaves. Ved asks why are you seeing him, you are my dad, see this. Sooraj sees the paper and reads it. They come home. Ved asks him to convince Sandhya. Sooraj says I m your best papa, just see now.

Pari is glad that Mohit came and tells Misri. She says she is very happy and hugs Mohit. Mohit is glad seeing her. Bhabho talks to all kids and Ved meets Mohit touching his feet. He says be happy Vansh. They all look at him. Bhabho says he is not Vansh, he is Ved. Misri asks who is this Vansh. Bhabho asks the kids to have halwa and Emily serves them. Ved asks Sooraj why did he tell everyone when he asked him not to say. Sandhya talks to Misri and Babasa asks for cold coffee. Bhabho scolds him for not having teeth and want cold coffee. He says I have teeth, see and shows her. They smile. Ved asks Mohit how did he come so soon, when he called from England yesterday. Sooraj says no, he has habit to give surprise, he reached here and was at airport. Mohit says yes, Ved went on Sandhya to know things and question.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that Ved has become very naughty and we need to bring him on right path. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where is vansh …I think he will be alive as in many serials

  2. Bhabo is not change. though taking modern concept, she doesn’t leave their blind love for hopeless son.

  3. Again a task is ready for sooraj and sandhya.

    These two r best as couple. .but not as parents
    Wat is stupidity of monk by mohit…such a Brainless Direction

    U stupid director how many days u take to show. ..those selfish people ( ankur ankitha bulbul )
    And we’re the characters (chavi meena vikram chotu deelip)
    Plz show the evil face of bulbul…

  4. Looks like the other boy is Vansh or is director making viewers fool by showing that there is some suspense behind that new boy character.

    1. Yes that boy is vansh as it is already revealed tat after some hits and misses tat sandhya wil fnd vansh

  5. I think Vansh is with Ankur and Ankhita, they did the kidnap drama to take Vansh away from Sandhaya

  6. The new boy must be vansh.

  7. Now i got you shandhya and suraj!! to avoid the responsibility of twin and for ips career you both split the twin. being a educated one, how come u both ( specialy sandhya) fools deprivd the baby from br*ast feeding? ethicless stupid irresponsible time waisting dramabaji.

  8. Mohit n took sanyas.. . Good gracious. .. kuch logic hai bhi ya nahi yaar is dabba serial mein… . Khitchdi ban gayi yeh serial.. Since hijack yeh serial nautanki ho gyi..

  9. I am sure the new boy Vansh is the other twin but my only doubt is how did they give him the same name? He went missing when he is was not even a month old and I am sure he could not have given his name. Then how? Ved looks cute but very badly behaved even after having a father like Suraj….he is a spoilt brat. Where are Meena and Vikram? Kids are found . Have they also taken sanyas?

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