Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun talking to Maya. Maya scares Arjun that they will kill Chaturi. Arjun says he has kept his condition, if any passenger dies, they have direct orders to cancel the deal, they can go ahead and kill them, if they don’t want RK, but if they want RK, then don’t do such mistake, I know RK’s life is important for his sister. He says he assures that RK will be with them soon. Maya says fine, I will just send 10 passengers. Arjun says fine, we will send chopper. Maya says no, I don’t want any movement here, and she will send the passengers. Vadeja says good job Arjun and gives him water. Chatur is scared. Bhabho ask her not to worry. Maya says there is good news, they are getting freedom. She says not everyone, just 10.

She says india govt has demanded

for 10 passengers, and they will free RK. She says who will be those 10. Rohini requests Maya to send Mamta and Sweety and says Mamta is pregnant. Maya says yes, Indian govt will trust me, but she can take just one person with her, either her mum or daughter. Sweety says she has to come with her. Rohini says send Mamta and Sweety. Rohini asks Mamta to go. She says she will stay here. Maya says the old lady is smart, she has lived her life. She asks Mamta to take her daughter and go. Mamta says she can’t leave her mum, and can’t be alive without her daughter. Maya says I can’t agree to you. Mata says they both will come with me, else I don’t want to go.

Maya says fine, someone else will go in your place. People request Maya to let them go and give reasons. Prema says how will we choose now, everyone has reason here. Maya says in our way. She says she will throw chocolates, the one who gets it will get the freedom, the rest will die. She throws the chocs and everyone start fighting. Sooraj asks them to stop it. Prema says see they are fighting to save their lives, and then they say they have humanity. Sweety gets under their feet and Chaturi gets hurt. Sooraj takes Sweety. Maya smiles. Sooraj starts singing Aaye malik tere bande hum…………… Everyone stops fighting.

Mamta joins him and sings. She takes Sweety. Gautam and Chaturi sing. Gautam hugs Sooraj. Bhabho and all the passengers start singing and hold hands. They show their unity. Maya, Prema and Disha looks on shocked. A silence takes place. Babasa donates few things to people and asks them to pray for the passengers of hijacked plane. Emily says Lord has heard us, the news is terrorists have decided to free 10 passengers. He says just 10. She says yes, lets pray Sooraj, Bhabho and Chaturi has to be there. Meenakshi says yes, I will tell Sandhya, Babasa asks Vikram to call Sandhya. Vikram says its not connecting. He says I think she is in no network area. Babasa says he will go to police station to meet Sandhya. Meenakshi says she will also come and goes with him.

Maya tells Prema that they have to free 10 passengers to get RK. She asks who has got their lives. Chaturi shows the choc in her hand. Chaturi goes and throws the choc, saying they will go together or no one will go. Sooraj and Bhabho smile.

Vadeja says Arjun and I are ready for Sandhya’s surprise. Zakir acts as RK and puts gun on their head, shocking them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Same old precap

  2. Chocolaty hijack!

  3. yet 1 more week to complete hijack Mystery.

  4. Stopped watching this nonsense. Hijack day? I bet when we are all dead this hijack is still going to be happening,

  5. I dnt think d director of this serial belong to this era. Wic kind ov rubbish is this? Jst three women, three women hijacked a plane? Does it make sense? All d male passengers dt are in d plane are useless. To hell wit u Suraj!!! To hell wt u Sandhya!!! To hell wt u ol!!!

    1. give me a highfive bro exactlyyyy

  6. Owais Ahmad Bhat

    stupid drama

  7. Owais Ahmad Bhat

    every1 shd put blame on sweety the litl daughter of mamta & b’coz of mamta all passengers in hijacked plane are suffering through her 1 mistake

  8. yupp…truly its draging n so dumb….probably they have got no other idea so what all that they knw is to drag this hijack 4 months 2gthr…if am crct dis hijack session has started in the month of october n hell wid it that its’nt taking d name 2 end………huhh

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