Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Meenakshi to work faster. Meenakshi gets some money in clothes and laughs. Chotu receives a letter, and says its written that Sandhya’s posting will be in Kashmira, she will be posted there for 2 years. Sooraj asks how can this happen. Bhabho stops Sooraj, and says its govt order, its her duty and you explained me earlier, she has to do her duty. Sandhya says I can’t go. Bhabho says don’t worry for household work and Ved’s studies, everything will be managed, you go. Chotu says yes, you go. Vikram says you used to be adamant when we had problem earlier, now when we are ready to send you, you have problem.

Sandhya says I can’t go. Bhabho asks are you saying no because we did not support you for your mission, but we promise we will manage everything.

Everyone ask Sandhya to go. Sooraj says calm down, she can’t go on mission, she is pregnant. They all get shocked. Bhabho drops the tea cup and looks at Sandhya.

Meenakshi asks Bhabho what will happen now, you told Daisa that your both bahus are very mature, there is age to love, marriage and have children, but now Sandhya, your nose will get cut infront of everyone. Arzoo says Bhabho, I did not see you in dilemma, everyone knows Bhabho stays firm on her words. Sandhya says Bhabho, say something. Bhabho asks what shall I do, how shall I start, do you know how I feel hearing all this.

Sooraj says Bhabho…. Bhabho says you both answer me, how will we feel hearing this. Sandhya gets tensed.

Emily tells Purvi that they will go to police and say truth. Purvi says no use, entire village is with Maasa, no one will believe me. Emily says we will go to Pushkar, we will meet Sandhya. Purvi asks are you sure she will help. Emily says you don’t know Sandhya, she does not get scared to stand against anyone, she will find truth and get justice for you, I will get taxi, we will leave for Pushkar.

Dadusa tells Maasa and Om that Emily is taking Purvi to Sandhya, stop Emily, she is innocent and does not know Purvi’s truth. Maasa says don’t stop Emily, now this truth is out, they are going to right place, I trust Sandhya, she will not make me sad. Purvi recalls how she scared Chandni, and made her tell police that she has not seen her, else….. She hurts Chandni. She thinks how she has dug the pit and got inside it. She thinks now it will be fun, I wanted to meet Sandhya, Emily is taking me there, she made my way easier.

Bhabho asks Sandhya to answer. She cups Sandhya’s face and says I feel like Lord has given me lots of happiness. Sandhya and Sooraj get surprised and smile. Sandhya asks really. They all get happy and smile. Chotu says we fooled Sandhya and Sooraj. Meenakshi congratulates Bhabho. Chotu says this was our planning. Sandhya says I was scared. Bhabho asks how did you think I won’t be happy knowing this, see Daisa’s age, and see your age, you have taken time to make first child grow well and then planned second child, its good Arzoo and Chotu told us, else I would have not known this. Arzoo says we heard this at night and told Bhabho, Bhabho was not listening to us, so we made this plan. Sandhya asks them did they plan this, they are good actors, we did not know its an acting. Arzoo says we should have some function now.

Bhabho says there is no rituals for second pregnancy. Chotu says Arzoo is right, we faced much problems, we should celebrate. Bhabho agrees and asks Chotu to do arrangements. She asks Sooraj to arrange food. Vikram says everything will be done, don’t worry. Bhabho says I m giving you biggest responsibility, the sangeet is just for ladies, men won’t come, invite all ladies. Vikram says don’t worry, I won’t let any man come here. Meenakshi says no man is allowed. He says but we are family. Meenakshi and Arzoo leave. Bhabho takes Sandhya. Sooraj, Vikram and Chotu look on.

At Vikram’s shop, Chotu tells Vikram and Sooraj that it was their idea for function, and they are made to stay away. Sooraj says I m the father of the child, I was not allowed in function, then will you both be allowed. Vikram cries and says I m missing Babasa, if he was here, then he would have raised voice against this torture on men. My mind is not working, what shall we do. Emily, Purvi, Pari and Sparsh are on the way. Emily hugs Sparsh and sleeps. Purvi sees the sindoor on Emily’s maang and says you got Om’s sindoor in your maang, Om is just mine, I wish to kill you. She gets a sharp object and is about to hurt Emily. The driver applies break. Emily wakes up. Purvi stops. Emily asks driver to drive slow. Purvi holds her anger.

A lady comes to the shop and asks Vikram to show a good saree, she has to wear in his house function. Vikram shows some sarees by putting on him. She says its not good, and goes. He says no one can understand women. Chotu gets an idea and says I understood. Vikram asks women? Chotu says no, I have an idea to go inside that function. Sooraj asks Chotu did he forget what Bhabho said, men can’t come in the function. Chotu reminds that Meenakshi said if we are women, we can attend function, we will just do that. Vikram says you are mad, will you make us women. Sooraj says your idea is flop. Chotu asks can you see Sandhya enjoying alone in function. Sooraj says no. Chotu asks Vikram to think, if you want to see Meenakshi there, this is the way. Vikram says I m ready, what about you Sooraj. Sooraj says fine, and goes. Vikram asks Chotu to make Sooraj ready and wear a saree himself too.

Sandhya dances with Meenakshi and Arzoo. Sooraj and others dressed in sarees as women are also part of the function, and dance along.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanx amena for the fastest updates!
    Nice epi , purvi is going to die herself by sandy. She won’t b able to fool her!!

  2. Awesome Very Very Very Very Very Haaapppy….. Episode.
    Lots of Love.Lots of Happiness.
    Lots of Joy.Enough Fun.
    Superb & funny precap.
    What’s Purvi’s truth?Why she wants to meet SANDHYA.
    So…….. Happy for SOORAJ-SANDHYA.
    DABH always Rockzzzz…..

  3. I read in fut plot that arzoo n meena will b dressed like vikram n chotu n bhabho will b dressed like meena ……..i too saw arzo n meena in men attitire in ter insta…also anas, karan n kunal in women attitire…funny LOL?????.Waiting 2 c those funny epis……….
    N pls end tis emily track soon its boring…… semma boring

  4. I hate the blo*dy f**king STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS 2016.
    They gave all the awards to YE HAI MOHABATEIN.They gave even the International Favourite Jodi award to RAMAN-ISHITA.
    But it can only be SOORAJ-SANDHYA as DABH is the Indian TV show with most number of remakes & dubbed versions.

    Can anyone please share me DEEPIKA SINGH (SANDHYA RATHI IPS)’s classical dance performance in STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS.

    1. Yes agreed ! There is no jod( better understanding ) in Raman ishita jodi!
      He always de humiliate her , he never understand or support her !
      On the other hand , suraj Sandya understand and respect each other a lot ! SPA was very disappointing ?

    2. OK so I want to tell something they decide awards on the basis of published voting yhm fans want instead of trying to pull yhm dabh fans should go n vote for dabh

    3. I totally agree with you

    4. Just shut up this is d most stupid serial of all

      1. It much be given to Lord ram and goddess Sita they r completely the best Modi of all time

      2. Modi???? ?

  5. Nice episode. Eagerly waiting for next episode Dabh is always good show, Precap was awesome Sandhya looks beautiful.

  6. After a long time ⌚ enjoyments ND masti……….

  7. we miss baaba sa

  8. Favourite international Jodi sooraj -sandaya.dobh best show

  9. bhagyasree(ishveer,ishra)

    guys can anyone knows about chavi?where is she?

  10. varsha(ishra,ishveer forever)

    guys diya aur bhati hum is d best show but yeh hai mohabatein is also the best show ishitha deserves al d awards

  11. Just bcoz of Balaji enterprises name made them international Jodi…but d truth is nly Sandhya n Sooraj deserves that award… Nice epi…lol…

    1. Never

  12. I think u ppl should watch yhm so that u will come to know that ishu is the pllzz watch once her expressions r killer yhm is best

  13. I do watch yhm , no doubt DT is a great actress but she is a big over acter . DS ( SAndya Rathi ) is a great and genuin actress . She’s far better than ishu when it comes to comparison !

  14. The real intention of Purvi is not known and her character has not been exposed till now. And we have not seen her behavior as her role was was considered unimportant. Sandy’s pregnancy has been celebrated. Is this the way to whoop it up in Rajasthan?

  15. I don’t understand why oms family is like this and what is puri doing is she evil and y

  16. I like emily track a lot, right from the start its full of suspense thrill. Loving iyt.
    Thanks cvs for a wonderful side track. Never enjoyed a paraller track like this.
    Eagerly waiting to watch on how it gets merged with main track.
    Pooja as emily is superb and om and emily lool nice together

  17. Sooraj and Sandhya only deserve Jodi award, because they both are lovable, caring, they have unconditional bond with their love affection. Raman and Ishitha always fighting with them. Compared to all Hindi serials Suraj and Sandhya only Best Jodi, no one can never fulfill their place. Sooraj only the suitable person for best pati award not Raman. Raman has two wives and drunken, is this a quality of best pati? Award members you please give the award on the basis of the characters.

    1. Well said kousalya!!!

    2. No on my my opinion Siya nd ram shud deserve it

    3. No on my my opinion Siya nd ram shud deserve it and Sandhya and Sooraj might be good but yet how could Sooraj see Sandhya in Lalima?? Nd moreover the serial is like nobody helps her only she does everything nthin from the constables Si etc. It shud be more logical and it’s like an iPsfamily gets all the troubles and usually in hijacks they hijack politicians etc not an iPs officer plz u could hve put a Gd politician and she saves him etc., no logic at all

  18. varsha(ishra ishveer forever)

    yes only sooraj can deserves best pati award.but the awards is based on people voting the audience has more love for raman ishitha morethan sooraj sandhya that is fact no one can change the fact

    1. Yes just bcoz yhm telecasts on prime time and more people watch it !
      Anyways for me best pati is ONLY suraj?? coz he loves, respects and support sandy in every situation and has full faith on her !!! He never addresses sandy as ‘ yeh Aurat'( this woman) but call her ‘sandya or sandya ji’ in his sweet loving voice ?

      1. I love ur cmts vry much kitties u r saying the fact!

  19. Actually the star parivar awards of best jodi should be given to Ram-Seeta or Sandhya – Sooraj or akshara-Naitik but not the Ishita-Raman… But unfortunately it’s given to them.. very sad…

    1. Yeah
      Akshara naitik are cute even swadheentha adarsh
      But 95% Siya ram


    If Raman first marriage at his age of 25…now his son’s age I approximately 14..25 +15—40… He was around 40…but Ishita was around 26…is they international best Jodi???????????…sorry if I hate someone…but its my wish that’s all…for me always best Jodi is the cute couples sooraj and sandhya….


    I was totally disappointed ? to watch star parivaar award …..full award gone to yhm…irritating…much irritated…yhm is not much better than dabh…..

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