Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with bhabho fixing the new deadline on sandy’s b’day. Everyone is shocked except meena. Bhabho adds that those two matka must remain intact or else sandy will loose the challenge. Bhabho asks sandy why is she staring at bhabho & asks her to clean the litchen & asks her to think how to save the left matkas. Sandy goes to kitchen & starts cleaning. Suraj is worried. Bhabho grins. Vik tells that bcoz of today’s thing everything again got spoilt. Vik asks meena to come to their room. Bhabho tells chavi to accompany her to the college & adds that she would beg the principal. Chavi gets scared & decides to stop her. Chavi tells bhabho it is of no use & her year is gone & goes to her room. Bhabho worries. Meena looks at the broken matka

& happily cleans those. Sandy stares at her. Bhabho shouts at sandy saying if she gets this much anger she shd show it on household work noton her. SAndy all the more agitated. Bhabho hits her leg & gets hurt & asks ems to leave the place & go to her room without looking at her. Bhabho starts worrying about Dilip’s mom’s decision. Suraj tries to convince her saying that he would speak to them. Bhabho shouts at him telling will he ask them by telling the truth that his wife did the spoilsport, Bhabho starts telling that he can’t do anything & shouts like a mad women & continues her work.

Bhabho leaves the cleaning spot & taunts everyone (meena too). Suraj approaches her again but she throws the vessels on the floor. Everyone gets shocked. (bhabho has gone mad). Suraj looks at chavi talking over phone. Suraj advises chavi to tell the truth if she had said lie on any pressure.& it is important for sandy. Chavi tells that she feels for her too but she doesn’t lie. Sandy is upset in the kitchen & picks up some dabba & leaves for the market. Meena asks her where is she going (sandy was full of ire.) Meena suggests her to go in the evening. Bhabho looks at sandy leaving without any reason. Meena tries to add fuel to bhabho but bhabho tells that she is not a kid to walk with her. Suraj runs behind sandy & asks her to stop & tells that he can understand her feelings. here bhabho shouts at meena if she wants to help sandy she shd follow her & asks her to concentrate on her kid. Bhabho gives a worried look. Sandhya asks him to leave her alone & leaves. Suraj gets upset.

Break: Suraj & chotu on scooter & chotu finds sandy. Suraj asks him whether he is clear & pick u something

Vikram is marketed by the a marketing expert. Saying some loser idea. Vikram talks blah blah & denies his offer. Meena looks at them. The marketing Rep tells that gifting & offers are good choice today. meena is attracted to it.

Sandy n market remebers bhabho’s words saying that she doesn’t believe sandy & blah blah. Suraj & chotu comes & chotu fingers at sandy. Suraj gives him an idea & chotu gets black spots on his face.

BreaK: Chotu passes sandy once but she doesn’t notice. Surja signals him to do it again. Chotu does that again & sandy notices him & asks him what happened to him seeing his scary black spot.

Sandy is lost in her thoughts. Chotu passes sandy once but she doesn’t notice. Surja signals him to do it again. Chotu does that again & sandy notices him & asks him what happened to him seeing his scary black spot. Suraj looks at all these by hiding. Chotu exclaims sandy here!!!. Sandy asks him why he is crying . But chotu asks her not to talk with him or else suraj wd get angry on her too as he accidentally started the scooter when delivering sweets & they both fall. Sandy asks where is suraj. Chotu shows him. Sandy goes to him. He acts as if he doesn’t know she is here & changes the topic. Sandy supports chotu but suraj cuts her telling that he is getting badmaash day by day (naughty). Sandy tells that she accepts that chotu did a mistake & tells him that it is important to make them realise rather than doing this. Suraj asks her not to interfere in this matter & leaves. He asks her whether she comes with him or not. Sandy tells that she wants to talk abt chotu. Suraj denies that he can’t. Adds that f she is adamant then he will also remain the same. He will go alone. Suraj tries to start his scooter & gets hurt. Sandy gets shocked & tells him that often people do hurt themselves out of anger. Suraj tells her that she has also came here with anger like him. Sandy looks at him.

Precap: Sandy tells chavi that she will not remain silent & will do the needed to prove her innocence. Sandy adds that it is not a matter of SIL & bhabhi but it is matter of truth & lie…

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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