Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arzoo telling Sandhya that I got a new name here, that of a terrorist, think if a girl gets hatred even by kids, what will she go through, how did you think I will harm my loved ones, I promised to take care of my inlaws, how did you think I can betray them, just because I m Pakistani. Sandhya cries. Arzoo says you did not give me chance to say anything and shot me, if I was culprit, I would have not regret to die by your hands, but how shall I bear this terrorist tag, dying looks tough to me, I can’t leave the world with so much hatred, I respect you a lot, and you gave me terrorist name, why did you do this. Sandhya apologizes to her, and says I m your culprit, please Arzoo, I did mistake. She cries and her imagination breaks. She sees Arzoo on the ward bed. She sits

and holds Arzoo’s hand. She apologizes to Arzoo and cries for her big mistake.

Later on, Chotu comes and gets sad seeing Arzoo. Resham asks lawyer to help her. He says Arzoo is Pakistani, blame is of big crime that she has done conspiracy here, my fees is much, you will refuse hearing my fees. Resham asks him to say. Chotu thinks this 10 lakhs belongs to Arzoo, she needs it today. He takes the money and Piya stops him.

Sandhya meets commissioner and says it was huge misunderstanding, Arzoo is not of Gul’s group, she is innocent, she is not a terrorist, she has saved people, I m getting credit for her efforts, I have put wrong charges on her. She says I tried to find out, Arzoo came back on my mum in law’s saying Bhabho wanted Arzoo to celebrate first holi with her husband here in Pushkar, Bhabho is also innocent, she thought that because of our tradition, my mum in law arranged that house infront of townhall, Arzoo did not choose that house, Arzoo used to give tiffin to Gul, but laak was filled in it by Gul and reached townhall, I found Basu’s phone in Arzoo’s bag and I put charge on her, it was wrong, Gul killed Basu when Basu got to know that everything in townhall was made by laak, Gul was there as Swami, Gul called me and told me, my phone has that recording.

She says my charge on Arzoo to ignite fire in townhall was wrong, she has blown off fire and failed Gul’s plan, she is not a terrorist, she is that girl who has come from other country and risked her life to keep up humanity, she saved so many people, she is critical today because of me, I shot her, I have proof, drone camera video clip cleared things, she got the axe to open water valve, I thought she is coming to attack me and I shot her. Commissioner listens all the explanation.

Piya argues with Chotu. He says Arzoo needs this money, how can you be so selfish. She says yes, I m selfish for our love, why are you worried for Arzoo, whats your relation with her. Chotu says I don’t know, but I will help her. She says you are a fool, we worked hard for money, I won’t leave this. She snatched money and it falls. Piya picks it and he tries stopping her. Sooraj comes there and stops Piya.

Sooraj asks about money. Piya lies that she got this money thinking Chotu may need it. Chotu says no, she is lying, even I m lying to entire family, I broke your trust, not anymore, I married Arzoo for 10 lakhs, I wanted to marry Piya, her mum kept condition that I have to pay her college fees, so I lied to you and everyone. Sooraj looks at him.

Sandhya says drone camera hit my head after I shot Arzoo, I fainted, these Cds have all the proof that Arzoo opened the tanker valve, I did not. She says the biggest lesson of law, even if 100 criminals are set free, no innocent should be punished, I did not do wrong with any innocent, but I shot an innocent girl and blamed her to be terrorist, everyone is cursing Arzoo, because of my mistake, I broke my oath by shooting an innocent citizen, its because of my misunderstanding, people have trusted me, its wrong, I accept my mistake, whatever enquiry department wants to do against me, I m ready for me. Commissioner asks her to understand, Arzoo is not a terrorist, this news should not go out, you won’t tell this to your family too.

Sandhya throws the things at home and cries. Everyone look on. Sooraj asks Sandhya what is she doing, she does not behave like this ever. He stops Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The passionate and moving conversational scene between Sandya and the fictitious image of Aarzoo is simply superb.drawing tears.

    1. Rubbish episode if Arjoo is innocent how come she stopped Sandhya from going to open the tank . The writer of this script has completely lost the plot

  2. Arzoo was stopping Sandya to climb on the tank, pulling her leg, sanhya fall badly, they had fight. was that to save the lives of the people. ? come on. How can you change the story in the middleof the episode. looks very bad about writers and for the show.

    1. When writer writes out of his senses this happens

  3. Sandhya is going to go true a faze because of arzoo now

  4. Oliver beadle

    I bet soorag has a 9 inch d I. C K

  5. What does sandhya’s senior what to show by hiding the truth about arzoo? Why did arzoo fight with Sandhya? What are the writers trying to show now?

  6. Wat was the maksath discussed in between resham n arzoo at the time of marriage ?

  7. Arzoo did everything to block Sandya from opening water. She pulled Sandya leg,choked her all of a sudden arzoo become good. Nonsense. They forgot what they showed, we didn’t.

  8. There are certain doubts to be cleared by the producers from the day when Aarzoo entered Pushkar with Chulbul till the day when she was shot down by Sandya.
    1.Why did Aarzoo pretend as if she did not know Hindi?
    2.Why did Aarzoo lead Sandya to the border to meet Gul?
    3.What was the relationship between Aarzoo and Gul aka swamy that she gave him food?
    4.How did it happen that she carried the mobile of Basu who was killed by Gul?
    5.If Aarzoo had real intention to extinguish the fire why did she prevent Sandya to do the samething?

    1. And also why did she steal ATS time sheet????❓❓❓

  9. End this track you blo*dy f**king stupid irritating idiot bastard writers.
    For the sake of making Arzoo good they are making Sandhya a negative character & spoiling her.
    I think they want to separate Sandhya again from her family.
    If they want to make Arzoo good, they should have shown her good from beginning to till date like how they shown Emily till now. What was the need to make Sandhya a villain.
    blo*dy Scoundrel Writers & Director.

    Show is becoming worse because of this bakwas track.
    Emotional precap.Why that blo*dy Commissioner told Sandhya to hide the truth even from family. Selfish bastard.Just to protect the respect & name of Police Dept. ,he is making an innocent woman terrorist. Bastard.But it’s true that there are such Police officers in ou nation.

    1. I think Sandhya will hide the truth even from her family. Resham’s curse will come true.Sandhya’s both career & family life will be ruined. This is the upcoming track.
      It’s better if you blo*dy director’s make Sandhya commit suicide and end this show by next month itself.
      After Sandhya’s death Ankur will give Vansh back.Rathis will make him study & after a leap of 18 years Vansh will become an IPS Officer. Ved will fulfill Sooraj’s hotel dream too.This will be the better climax for DABH.

  10. nice end AD

  11. This whole episode written by someone who amateur in story writing.Arzoo acted in slow motion . Her action was not to save that it was protrayed by the writer and changed the story to show what? That Indian intelligence is stupid .Why write stories which dies not have head or tail. Sandhya her acting is so irrational. Why would you shoot someone before warning them to stop otherwise she will shoot. The whole episode is so poorly excecuated.
    The serial is going down day by day. if you do not have a story to show end the show for now and come back with season 2 with fresh writers and good story line. Do not waste time of public who for the show.

  12. If arzoo is really a terrorist. Why did she stop sandhya from opening the valve? Sandhya should stop believing that arzoo is innocent and work on that point

  13. Agree wid sid & everybody here how can they change story in mid.
    Writers if you proved Arzoo right then you are making fool of us (all viewers of the show.

  14. This track is just tooo much…How about this equally crazy rendering below?? 🙂

    Gul made Arzoo to cooperate by threatening to kill Resham Dadi in Pakistan otherwise. Arzoo accepted thinking she can somehow save Pushkar people from fire at the last moment since she is currently here in India. Arzoo fighting with Sandhya in the terrace is to make Gul’s man (who is continuously watching Arzoo) believe that she is still following Gul’s orders to make lakshagrah a success. After seeing both Arzoo and Sandhya fallen down Gul’s man leaves (maybe he was in a neighboring building so was not in drone’s footage). Then Arzoo wakes up… sees coast is clear and opens water valve. Somewhere in between Arzoo let the Commissioner know about all this. This is to make sure even if Sandhya finds out the truth, it should not be revealed to the outside world… because Gul’s is still free to kill Resham Dadi. Also she does not want her precious bhabijan to earn bad name. So she is willing to sacrifice anything for Sandhya. Sandhya is emotional now so she thinks its all her fault. Once Sooraj clears her head she will realize that given the facts what she did was correct. But Sooraj will motivate her to capture Gul to clear everything. All things will be cleared once Gul is captured.

  15. Anjula Chopra

    We are not liking this anymore. Now 9 pm I prefer watching Arnab’s news headlines. Our upright , honest , brave and patriotic Sandhya Rathi, who became an IPS topper with so much opposition from the family and solved great problems with her bravery cannot be feeling guilty. She shot at Arzoo only because Arzoo’s all actions were anti India and she was a constant liar .She could have opened up and told Sandhya her problems and why she is in India even after her passport explained. Instead she kept quite.All her actions were like an aatankvadi. Police can shoot at suspected desh drohis….are there no encouters taking place? Why should you make Sandhya a mental wreck? She has done no wrong……….In order to portray that Musthandi dont tarnish our favourite sandhya’s image. She came up the hard way from a conservative family facing so many problems because of her unpad gawar in laws husband who can only whisper without any expressions. If you tarnish and spoil sandhya’s character , I ll hate this serial and that mushtandi even more. How a beautiful serial can be spoilt ….this is a big example.

    1. I completely agree with you Anjula. As it is I have stopped watching the serial and reading only updates.

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