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Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj being annoyed with Sandhya for not taking this advice and taking this big decision, it was not just her dream, it was his dream too, did she not think about him, what will he go through when he knows Sandhya cheated him. Sandhya cries. Sooraj says you lied and cheated me, why did you do this, answer me.

Bhabho, Babasa and everyone come there. Bhabho and Babasa ask what happened. Sooraj says Babasa, I don’t have this answer, Sandhya has answer, she has broke our dreams, Sandhya has quit her police duty. Bhabho thinks how did Sooraj know this. Sooraj says Sandhya took this big decision along without telling me. Babasa asks Sandhya whats Sooraj saying. Meenakshi asks is this true, did you leave job. Sandhya says yes. Babasa asks why, you and Sooraj did so

much for that job. Sooraj says so that she can earn back people’s trust on my shop, she has accepted challenge of making mahaprasad at Balaji temple, so she left job to take halwai training for next 15 days.

Sandhya thinks how did Sooraj know this. Sooraj says she has lied to me, she knew I will not agree to her, this uniform and duty which is her identity, she went to erase it, but I will not let her sacrifice her dreams. He says Sandhya, you will go to police headquarters and take resignation back, I don’t know to see you as halwai, I want to see you as IPS, for which you are made, if you want to see me happy, you will do as I want. Sandhya says I took this decision after thinking well, I can’t take this decision back. Sooraj says you mean you won’t do as I want, I m not with you in your decision, you won’t agree to me, fine do what you want. He asks everyone not to help Sandhya, I want to see when she realizes her mistake of leaving job, Bhabho you have to support me. Bhabho says but… Sooraj says swear on me, you won’t support Sandhya. He cries.

Sandhya says he can’t do this, Bhabho tell him you won’t agree. Bhabho says sorry, Sooraj is my strength and weakness too, I can’t break his promise. Sandhya cries and asks Babasa and Meenakshi to explain Sooraj. Sooraj says no one will support you in your madness.

Mahen asks Ritu to buy anything she wants, her happiness is important than money. She smiles. Om looks around and likes a suit for Emily. He thinks what will Emily think if I gift her, she wears sarees, will it be right to gift her, I will ask her. He calls Emily and asks are you busy. She says no. He says Mahen and Ritu got me to market for shopping, I saw a suit, its color and design are good, it will look good on you, I was thinking to take this for you. Mahen takes the phone and says Om is strange, what to think after liking anything, I m buying this suit for you, this is my first gift for you, afterall I got a lovely Bhabhi. Om says no need. Mahen says its fine, tell me the dress size, small or medium. She says small. Mahen says my heart says Bhabhi will like this gift. Emily thinks Mahen is not right man.

Meenakshi and Arzoo talk about Sooraj and Sandhya’s fight. Meenakshi says I did not see Sooraj angry before, I wish it turns to be just a dream, someone pinches me and say its dream. Arzoo pinches her. Bhabho comes and asks what happened. Arzoo says we have to lessen the distance between Sooraj and Sandhya. Bhabho asks where is distance, its love, they are fighting for each other’s dream, its their true love which is making them think of each other. Meenakshi says there is still fight, will Sooraj send Sandhya towards his dream, or will Sandhya convince Sooraj. Chavi hears them.

Chavi calls Dipen and says congrats, Sooraj made everyone promise that no one will teach halwai work to Sandhya. He says very good. She says now Sandhya can’t win. He says its fun to see victory, your loan will be cleared soon, carry on your work and don’t let Rathi family teach Sandhya halwai work. Chavi asks him to not worry.

Its night, Sooraj and Sandhya are sad and not talking to each other. They stay awake. She finds Sooraj sad.

Its morning, Sooraj looks for Sandhya. He tries to ask Arzoo. He hears a sound and asks whats happening. She says I wanted to say Sandhya is creating a mess since morning.

Sandhya tells Bhabho and Babasa that Sooraj is selling his shop. Sandhya says I will not agree to this, and I won’t resume my job. Babasa says your decisions will be a loss for family, think of some solution. Sandhya and Sooraj say Bhabho will decide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Too Emotional Episode
    What a love is that of SOORAJ-SANDHYA?
    They are the best.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes

  2. today epi too emotional sooraj want to sandhya go her duty, so sandhya will make prasad after 15 days, sandhya go her duty and after chotu&arzoo take responcibility from shop all members so happy no problems ,it is the right way chotu&arzoo full hope we dont miss use of that chance, chotu will express thire love of his brother sooraj rathi, so please past will make sooraj fine, cannot see sooraj on wheel chire, i am very hurt.

  3. Sandy’s decision to quit the job in order to make temple Prasad is unadvisable and ridiculous. Resignation itself is irregular and unstatutory. On the whole the story is heading towards a blind end.

    1. jeyam sir unststutory means

      1. Something related to law- I guess it’s the meaning ?

      2. It’s not unstatutory but non-statutory means not as prescribed by laws.

  4. I think sandhya is doing rite m i want them to find out about chavi

  5. So emotional episode…all r acts well..

  6. Richa

    all rubbish how cm she resume after resignation sply when in procedure….. it wud mean ki file gaayab karni hogi before it reach higher official which is corruptioin and sandy follow gandhi g i mean they r mocking the system

  7. Nice episode. Sandhya resigned her job not only for preparing Mahaprashad, after that she will fully take care of suraj shop, thats why she resigned her job.

  8. SANDHYA’s decision is absolutely right
    It’s true she is a very good Police officer.
    But now it’s SANDHYA’s turn to prove that she is the best wife too.
    SOORAJ’s recovery is unpredictable.It may or may not happen.So it’s SANDHYA’s responsibility to take care of entire family being SOORAJ’s wife as well as eldest bahu of RATHI family.
    We want fastest recovery of SOORAJ as well as we want VANSH to reunite with RATHIS.
    DABH already completed 1400 episodes.
    So end this show soon after it completes 1500 episodes as well as 5 years on mini screen.
    No need to drag the show for do long.
    In my opinion a TV serial need just 100 episodes.
    You watch Hollywood serials,most of the shows have less than 40 episodes.

    1. do long
      #so long

  9. Richa

    guyss 1 question if om is maa sa’s son and maa sa is babasa’s mum so om is baba sa’a bro and emily’s sasur in context to her marrig with mooohit haWWWW is it true?? like dai sa maa sa had a small son hawwwwww emily married her father in law actually

    1. No he is grand son of masaa,I think so

      1. Richa

        thankss for answeringg AK

    2. Oh ho richuuuuu dear! Didn’t u follow the show from the start when sandya went to village as a bride for the very first time to great maasa, at that time they reveal that babasa is massa’s nephew!brother’s son ! whom massa raised when his parent passed away ! That’s why she behaves like a saas to bhaboo!!
      Actually I was thinking massa looks younger than babasa ??

      1. Richa

        rightttttt she looks youngerv to him yaar i followed frm start but xams tution workkkkkkkkkk etc. may hav missd well i always saw maasa scolding them that matka scene sandy really had tough tyme 🙂 anyways if nepheww so might b mothers ageeeeb na like sandy and soooo to chotu babasa cant become his parents though nephew chotu ma papa age is surya not abbaaa sa or bbooooo

    3. i too have d same confusion @Richa…..whether Om is son or grandson…..this is all becoz……in this show……all charecters calls bhabo as bhabo nly —-and Maasa as Maasa………even they are elder or younger to them……….

      But my Actual doubt is………wat means of Bhabu and Maasa…….is it……a similar word to all relation…… sons – son in laws – grnd sons,,, daughters – daughter in laws – grnd daughters calling as same

      plz anyone answer guys……..

      1. bhabho i dunno but maasa means mother and rajasthanis add sa at end dunno why

      2. It means mother. (bhabho said this herself in one episode) But in which dialect it is used i don’t know. the language spoken in this serial is marwari. when i try to find the word bhabho i always get bhabhi. this is the first time iam hearing that a mother can also be called bhabho.

      3. Bhabo means mother and massa means ‘mother like’ means auntie! I think it’s Rajasthani dialect!

      4. One thing more , massa’s bahus used to b very young and their children were young too! Then after 10 years leap , all of sudden Om became doctor and dad to a child too! It’s too funny naaa??? the director has gone out of mind cuz they’re changing directer’s now and then ?

  10. Richa

    पत्नी – आई लव यू … पति – (धीरे से ) … आई लव यू टू … पत्नी – अपसेट क्यों लग रहे हो …..?? पति – बस थोड़ा सा मूड ऑफ था। पत्नी – दोस्तों के साथ तो बड़े खुश रहते हो ……और मेरे साथ ड्रामे …. पति – (प्यार से) ऐसा कुछ नही है, जानू तबीयत थोड़ी सी ठीक नहीं है बस .. पत्नी – हां अभी दोस्त फोन करेंगे, तो दो सेकंड में तबीयत ठीक हो जाएगी … पति – अब दोस्त कहां से आ गए बीच में …. मेरा मूड थोड़ा सा अपसेट है बस …. पत्नी – मेरे साथ ही तुम्हारा मूड अपसेट होता है…., दोस्तों के साथ एन्जॉय करते हो … बड़े हंस हंस के फोटो खिंचवाते हो …… कोई और चुड़ैल पसंद आ गयी होगी …. पति – (थोड़ा सा हंसते हुए ) … कोई और चुड़ैल मतलब … तुम भी चुड़ैल हो क्या …. तुम भी ना कहां से कहां बात को ले जा रही हो …. पत्नी – आज सब क्लियर होगा ..!! पति – क्या क्लियर करना है जानू …ऐसा क्या हो गया …??? पत्नी – (खुद कन्फ्यूज्ड ) … जब तुम खुद ही क्लियर नहीं हो …. तो तुम्हे कुछ पता नही जैसे ….छोड़ो अब मैं कुछ नही बोलूंगी …. पति – ( थोड़ा सा मामले को सम्भालते हुए ) तुम्हें हुआ क्या है किस बात पे अपसेट ही बताओ तो सही ….. पत्नी – तुम्हारी संगत ही खराब है ….. पति – मगर मेरे साथ तो तुम रहती हो …. पत्नी – ( गुस्से में ) बस अब बहुत हो गया ….. अब और नहीं …. पति – हुआ क्या है ये तो बताओ ….?? पत्नी – हम अब साथ नहीं रह सकते ….! पति – अब ये बात कहां से आई ….?? पत्नी – मुझे तलाक चाहिए …. पति – ओके …. पत्नी – ( रोना शुरू करते हुए ) हां- हां यही चाहते हो ना तुम … ताकि फिर तुम जो मर्जी कर सको … पति – अरे तुमने खुदने बोला अभी …. मैंने क्या गलत कहा …… पत्नी – इतनी प्रोब्लम थी तो बोला क्यों नही …. मैं खुद ही बिना कुछ बोले चली जाती, तुम्हारी लाइफ से …. पति – (अपने बाल नोचते हुए )अरे मुझे मेरी गलती तो बता दे ….. पत्नी – वक्त आने पे पता चल जाएगी तुम्हें अपने आप …. जब मैं चली जाऊंगी …. चली जाऊंगी …. पति – अच्छा तो मैं इंतजार करता हूं सही वक्त का …. पत्नी – तुम सीरियस कब होगे ?? पति – तो क्या अब अस्पताल में भर्ती हो जाऊं, सीरियस होने के लिए …..?? पत्नी – भाड़ में जाओ …. पति – मुझसे दुबारा बात मत करना …. तीन घंटे बाद …. पत्नी – तुम्हें पता है ना मैं तुम्हारे बिना नहीं रह सकती जानू …सॉरी आई लव यू …. पति – (सबकुछ भूलकर ) ओके आई लव यू टू …. पत्नी — अच्छा तुमने बताया नहीं अपसेट क्यों थे …??

    1. Richa

      it reminds of surya TJ fights and consolation

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