Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir saying Sandhya that he has realized now that he loves Emily, not Chavi. She gets shocked. He says I did not know this myself, trust me, now I know this and I m very hurt, I have done injustice with Chavi, you and this family, I always felt something is left behind, and when I closed eyes today, I saw Emily’s face, I got worried and I saw Emily at the Dargah too, I don’t know how to tell them, I know its tough, you and your family can’t forgive me, maybe you all will hate me, but you tell me how can I marry with a lie, will I able to give Chavi happiness. He says I can’t keep Chavi happy, please say something. He says this is the time, don’t be quiet.

She says we will not hate you, you told this now, I respect you more seeing your honesty, but I…

Bhabho calls Sandhya as pandit ji has come. Sandhya gets tensed. Bhabho asks pandit ji to get engagement mahurat soon. Sandhya comes there and stops Bhabho. She says this is not needed. Bhabho asks what is she sayi8ng, every good thing is done by mahurat.

Zakir comes there with bags. Bhabho and everyone get puzzled. Chavi stops him and asks where is he going. Zakir folds hands and apologizes to them. He leaves. Bhabho asks Sandhya to say. Sandhya tells them that Zakir does not wish to marry Chavi. They all get shocked. Bhabho asks how can this be, when we spoke to him, he has said yes by his heart. Chavi cries. Bhabho asks whats the matter. Meenakshi says we will convince him. Sandhya says no need.

She says he is not annoyed by anyone. Sooraj asks whats the matter that Zakir has gone refusing. Sandhya recalls Zakir asking her to promise that she won’t tell anyone that he loves Emily, he respects her and does not wish to see her in problem, he will always love her and does not want to see her insulted, his love is right but time is wrong. Babasa asks the reason. Bhabho says maybe there is some matter. Sandhya says Zakir did not tell me, than his decision.

Sooraj sits sad. Meenakshi thinks whats happening, he knew about pandit coming today, she will find out. Bhabho asks Chavi did she have any fight with Zakir. Sandhya asks Chavi not to break down, she is mature and have to manage herself, maybe this marriage is not right for her and something better is for her, she has found her happiness herself, don’t lose it. She says you will know that this happened for the good.

Sandhya learns singing Bengali song. The teacher says anyone will identify that she is new learning, she needs much practice. Bharat looks on. The teacher sings and asks Sandhya to practice well. Sandhya asks Bharat not to worry, they have 10 days time. Bharat says we don’t have time. Himanshu is coming tomorrow to see Sagarika Das. She asks tomorrow, how will we prepare in one day, I don’t want to do any mistake in this, you said he is very smart. Bharat says you have to prove you are more smart, you have to do this. He says criminals don’t come by notice, she has to be ready. She says sorry, I m ready. He asks her to do 10 days work in 1 day.

He says do anything, but Himanshu should not doubt on you, just sing one line, just do it, prove that you are Bengali girl, convince him to say yes for this proposal, else this mission will fail. She says no, I will practice all night. He says good, go and rehearse, I know what you are thinking, what if Himanshu likes Sagarika. He says don’t know he is coming alone and not say yes without his mum’s nod, we will get any proof against him. She sits rehearsing till night. She comes home at night and sees Ved’s drawing book.

She sees a happy family pic and gets sad. She sits near Ved and cries. She says she thought to spend time with her family before going, but she was away from them. Sooraj comes and says she came very late today, lets have dinner. She says I had dinner. He asks what happened to her voice. She recalls her throat got hurt by lots of practice. She shows him medicines and he says she did good to take care of her, he will make kada for her. She goes to room. He brings the kada and they sit talking. She holds his hand and he asks her not to talk. She says she has to say something. She thinks she can’t hide and have to tell Sooraj.

Sandhya says sorry Bhabho, I did not wish to tell anyone, I did not know this thing will come like this. Bharat calls her and she runs to take the call. Everyone sit sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys one good news???????????

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      1. They show that ved reveal the sandhya’s mission news to family???????????

      2. Ved show family sandhya’s new look photo ?????

      3. Suraj like sandhya’s new look. Except bhaboo????????????

      4. They also say that suraj also go after sandhya for her help?????????

      5. We also see suraj new look

      6. And also say that it also possible that hol family join sandhya???????????????

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    2. That’s really great news… excited for those episodes

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  2. poor chavi,I really wanted her to be paired with zakir.

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    1. Chavi blem emli. Precap himanshu entry and sandhya in home and see bharat sir’s 30 miss call???????????????

      1. Minakshi say bad words so chavi blem emli???????????

      2. That is what chavi’s character… she never change…

      3. True say she never change????????

  13. thank god, finally…atleast zakir admitted, potential for him and Emily and not chhavi…yes, could not be happier…

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