Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi saying I can’t send Misri alone. She gets sad and leaves with Misri. Sandhya sees Mansi’s pic and gets thinking. Sooraj comes to Sandhya and says you are worried for Mansi, I have an idea, why don’t we give Mansi’s pic in newspapers, it can help. She says no, we can’t do this, this is not ordinary missing case, this can be risky for her life, she is in wrong hands, if they know police is finding her, they can harm her. He says Mansi’s parents are worried. She says she was student, I will find about her college and coaching classes, maybe I can know anything from there.

Meenakshi recalls the lady’s words. The lady thinks they are gone, what will I answer Makrand now, he will kill me. Makrand calls her and asks about Misri. The lady says I tried

to trap her, but the family is not agreeing. He asks did you fail, I want that girl, else you will be moved off this work, you know its meaning. Meenakshi stops the rickshaw and asks Misri to get down. She says I can’t let Misri’s talent get waste, I will see everyone, you will go Dubai. The lady sees this and tells Makrand that she will call later. Meenakshi says I will convince Vikram, come with me. They go back to the lady. Meenakshi says I decided to send Misri to Dubai alone, refuse to Tara. The lady says but I just spoke to her. Meenakshi says you chose Misri, look at her, she will do as you say, take her, trust me Misri is good. The lady says fine, but will your decision change again, will you manage your family, I don’t want my company to face problem. Meenakshi says no, I will manage everything. The lady says fine, I will talk to Tara, you prepare to send Misri, I want her passport and you need to get her medical test done. Meenakshi asks why. The lady says its routine to get medical test done. Meenakshi says fine, I have to send my daughter to Dubai, Misri thanks the lady and Meenakshi. She hugs Meenakshi and says you are world’s best mumma. They leave.

Sandhya reaches Mansi’s coaching centre. Sandhya calls Arpita and tells her that she went to Mansi’s school and got to know she was brilliant student, I came to her coaching centre now, I will call you if I know anything. She sees Pari there and asks do you study here. Pari says yes. Sandhya shows Mansi’s pic and asks do you know her. Pari says yes, she is senior, she always comes first and is top student, I did not see her. Sandhya says she is missing since two months, I m searching her, did she had any Bf. Pari says no, she was just into studies. Sandhya asks when did you see her last time.

Pari says I don’t remember date, I went to Ajmer hospital with Emily for her checkup, I saw Mansi there, she was alone, I asked her what happened, she said she is ill, she looked afraid. Sandhya thanks her and says if you remember anything else, inform me. Pari goes. Sandhya thinks what was Mansi doing in hospital alone, she did not share anything with Pari, I will go hospital and find out. She leaves for Ajmer hospital. Meenakshi thinks I will send my daughter to Dubai, even if I have to lie. She hides and calls on her phone. Bhabho calls out Meenakshi that her phone is ringing. Vikram says I will see.

Meenakshi comes running and takes her phone. She says its Sudha’s call and says oh, you kept cooking camp at home to teach girls, I can’t come, Sandhya joined job, I can’t leave Bhabho alone, I will send Misri, its matter of few days, don’t worry about Bhabho, Bhabho turned modern and does not refuse to girls, Vikram always stays angry, I will convince him. She acts and laughs. She tells Vikram that it was her sister Sudha’s phone. He asks really, I did not know.

Meenakshi tells Bhabho about cooking camp, Misri can learn cooking. She asks Bhabho what is she thinking, Misri can go alone to Sudha’s house, its not wrong. Bhabho says Misri can’t go alone, Pari can go along, Pari can also learn cooking. Vikram says you said right Bhabho. Meenakshi thinks how can Pari go and worries. She says Bhabho said right, but doctor asked Emily to take rest, Pari takes care of her, it won’t look good if she goes. Bhabho says Meenakshi is right, Pari should stay with Emily in this time. Meenakshi says Misri will meet Sudha and come. I will pack her bags. Bhabho says Misri is going Udaipur, not abroad, no need to pack many clothes and food.

Meenakshi and Misri come to hospital. Sandhya reaches there. Meenakshi argues with rickshaw driver to pay low fare. Sandhya enters hospital and asks nurse about Mansi Bhargav, why did she come here and when exactly. Nurse says I will tell you after seeing reports. Meenakshi and Misri go with that lady. Nurse gives Mansi’s file. Sandhya checks the tests done. She says so many tests, why did Mansi get many tests done. The lady asks nurse for appointment to do Misri’s test. The nurse smiles seeing Misri. Meenakshi asks about tests, we should know about it, Sandhya always asks us to check things. Lady says it will be common tests, don’t worry. She asks Misri to go. Meenakshi asks nurse to take blood sample carefully, Misri gets scared. Misri goes. Lady says Misri will be fine, I will get coconut water if she feels weak. Meenakshi says even I m feeling weak, get coconut water for me too.

Sandhya says such tests of 17 year old girl are done in human trafficking, did Mansi fall in such trouble. Meenakshi tells Misri that you will go to Dubai in one week. They talk and come across Sandhya. Sandhya sees them and calls them out. Meenakshi gets shocked seeing Sandhya.

Sandhya scolds Meenakshi and says its easy to gossip about other’s daughter, did you think if this happened with your duaghter. Makrand gets Misri’s pic and tells lady that she is nice.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The story has lost almost all the scope to keep the viewers entertained and sluggish making of narration rubs the salt in our wounds. A tiring watch indeed. wounds

    1. thats why no more cmnts sir [email protected] could b more nicely executed wich much more new twists nd drama to keep the veiwerz intact

  2. Meenakshi acts very well. Very entertaining. Awesome performance!!

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