Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandu thinking now her secret will be out. She walks past the phone and he thinks where is she going. She goes to small temple there and prays for Sooraj, Ved and family. She thinks she has to do duty towards country and cries. Chandu comes there. He prays and sees her crying. He asks what happened. She says she has just tears in her life, she lost her dad, and now she is taken for questioning by Garjana anytime, she does not understand how was Himanshu related to them. He says I don’t know about them, if you are true, you will be free, have faith.

He says if she roams in same clothes, they will think she is here to work in plays, and takes her to buy some clothes for her. She says you are really good and goes with him. Ved comes to Sooraj and hears him taking

Sandhya’s name. He recalls Sandhya’s words to take care of Sooraj. Ved brings Sandhya’s blanket. Emily comes and asks what is he doing. Ved says he is covering Sooraj with Sandhya’s blanket, so that he feels close to her. Emily helps Ved. Ved cries and asks do you think Sandhya is selfish and did not care for anyone of us, did she not love me and Papa. Emily hugs him and asks who said this?

She says your mum is world’s best mum, she loved you and Sooraj a lot, she was an ideal woman, she used to solve all problems at home. She pacifies him. He thanks her for saying good about Sandhya, he is glad, Sooraj loves Sandhya a lot.

Chandu takes Sandhya to some shop and shows some sarees. He asks her to buy what she likes. He shows her in the metal box lid and asks her to see if its nice. He says she looks good, and she gets sad recalling Sooraj. He asks what happened. She says she recalled someone. He asks her to pay for this favor on time. Sandhya comes to Manjari. Manjari sees the saree and asks is this hers, who got it. She throws it. Yashoda looks on. Manjari scolds her and Yashoda interrupts to defend Sagarika. Chandu comes there and looks on.

Manjari asks Sagarika did her parents not give her sense. Manjari breaks the water pot and Yashoda holds her head. Manjari asks Sandhya to clean the floor and throws the cloth on her face. Yashoda tells Chandu that Manjari will make this girl’s life hell, why is she staying here, she should run. Sandhya hears them. Chandu thinks why is she staying here, she should run, else its something fishy and he has to get her truth out.

Sooraj comes to his room and imagines Sandhya. He shows her the sindoor box and says he can’t bear that he breaks any promise, so he has got this, so that he does not annoy her. They laugh. Bhabho and Babasa come there and see him talking alone. Sooraj applies sindoor in air and smiles. Babasa says he is in shock, how will you remove Sandhya from his mind, she is still in his heart, Sooraj can’t be happy, if you pressurize, he will shatter, what will you do now. Bhabho gets teary eyed and looks on.

Sandhya gets ready and sees her maang. Chandu comes to her and asks for Manjari. She says she is not here. He says yes, she has gone out to sell the jaggery, its best time to run away, where is your items. She says don’t pack my bag. He says you did not marry Himanshu, why to stay here then. She thinks she worked hard to reach here. He looks at her and gives her some money. She thinks what to do. He thinks if she refuses to go, it means she has some motive, and her game will be over.

Sooraj asks Bhabho to take him to temple, he wishes to visit today. She says fine, if this is your wish, go and change clothes. Babasa asks why is she taking him, he got attack yesterday. She says nothing will happen, I can take him to temple, I will do all the work which gives him happiness, I feel I will some solution of our problem today in the temple. Sandhya takes the money from Chandu. He gives her number of his uncle, he will get some job for her, and asks her to hurry up and leave. She asks can she really go. He says yes, and takes her. She says her one mistake can make mission fail.

Lalima is shown at the temple. Sooraj thinks she is Sandhya and runs after her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Anu

    How can u say that bhaboo sandhya is not a perfect wife of suraj and perfect bahu of rathi family………. why u people are not understanding of sandy character really i am upset for this thinking …. plz writer change the bhaboo thought ….

    beta ku pyaar karna achi baath hai but ooo pyar kise phe nafrat nahi bana chahiye……

    • richa

      anu dr itss like emily said sandy was not like bhabho wished soo……… bhabho just bad mouths her(speak ill abt sandy)……………and bhabho bas naraz h as she alwaysdoes with sandy…….. she will surely forgiv sandy and realise her balidaan (sacrifice) for country peace nd thm………….

    • NS4

      its quite normal as mother she can’t see her son’s pain… in that dilemma..they need to console them selves for that they need to blame the responsible person for that situation… here unfortunately that person was sandhya…..
      So sad of sandhya………..

      • Anu

        yaaaa but sandy bhi kuch cum nahi kiya na uska har responsibility nishta se nibhaya oooo bhaboo bhi janti hai but abhi sab bhool gayi only sooraj ka pain dhikra …

        its true every mother react like that but yaha phe jho hai bhaboo nafrat dhikare hai sandy par ooo thik nahi hai…this is my opinion.

    • Anu

      me tooo @varsha i dont like bhaboo thinking abt sandy……..from the starting lot of problems in sandy’s life but she didnt forget family responsibility…. and she love’s family a lot

      Now bhaboo is doing mistake sandy ko ayisa soch ke koyi to samjhao bhahoo koooo plzzzzzzzz

  2. Bharath

    If any wife sees Sooraj’s condition she won’t go for nation.Is this right? Don’t show the wrong way.

    • Romi

      Bharat sir yeh sab aapka hi kiya dhara hai ? aapne sandya hi ko kiyon chuna ? agar suraj ji ki itni fikr hai ?

  3. richa

    i pity d thief that will steal sandy;s potli (belongings) . in tomo epi…………….. if sandy will find him again outside village as a cop she will not spare him at all…….nd pity that grl too she will bring sandy bak to garjana village…………..

    • Romi

      But I think this thief was an angel for sandya bcoz he gave her the reason to go back to the village ?

      • richa

        yes @ romi the thief was an angel in this case…………..????? hope this angel gets rewarded and does not steal empty potly and dont get into chandu’s hand……….????

      • May be that thief is also the one member of that chandu. Bcoz chandu want sagrika. For finding real identy of sagrika he told sagrika to run away. He thought sagrika nt his plan flop. Now chandu bring sagrika in that village.???

        Bcoz if sagrika go frm that village then definitely officers arrested sagrika. And if sagrika tell anything abt himanshu then garjna sanghtna plan also reveal and officer also arrested now chandu bring sagrika.????

  4. Yesterday what I m sayed that happened. Sandhya nt go that call buth. She go in that near tree where there they put God.????????

  5. jk

    Bhabho being this angry with Sandhy is not right… afterall, she seems to forget that Sandhya gave her a kidney thereby guanteeing a longer life for Bhabo.
    However, Sandhya should be ashamed of puttign her husband and son through this anguish by pretending to be dead. She could ahve found another way if the police really wanted her help… while she pledged to her country, she also has taken a similar, more importanat pledge when she gave bith to her son… where is her sense of duty for that????

    • Bcoz bhaboo now ved is also daut on his mother’s love so sad.thank God emli at least explain ved that his mother love suraj and ved.?????????

      • That was nice when ved say that for how many days back she hear nice words abt sandhya. Nice that part. Bt also say sad that ved see this that his grandmother nt respect his mother.

    • Romi

      So sad for ved he’s not living his childhood ? he became a responsible person in a very young age ? other children of his age are living a carefree life ! I wish sandya comes soon with a success to give him back his cheerful and innocent childhood ?‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍??

      • When sandhya come rathi family then only suraj,emli and all children r happy. And defintely sandhya proud of his son.he is responsible child. After all ved give promise to his mother that he care his father. Now he do that promise. Love u ved. ?????

  6. vaishnavi

    Bhabho always loves suraj very much than others her children tats y she react likr tis…any mother cn c her son like suraj state thy definitely react like bhabho…

    • Anu

      Ya @vaishnavi every mother react like that only but bhaboo point of view sandhya is died. but phir bhi nafrat kar rahi hai bhool jana alag bath hai nafrat karna alag bath hai….sorry to say this…..

      • Romi

        Yessssss bhabo ko nafrat nahi karna chahiye ?
        Instead she should be proud of her bahu sandya ? suraj kiliye uss ki chinta natural baat hai par iska ilaj sandya se nafrat karna to bilkul hi nahi hai ??

      • NS4

        Nafrat karneke liea to reason hai na bhabu ke pas…Sandhya ne bhabu KO diya vachan thoda na..
        This my opinion abt bhabu ka nafrat karneka vaja

      • Anu

        ya NS4 vaja hai itna vajaa to nahi hai. ek bete ke dil me nafrat bharne ke itna to nahi hai i talking abt ved….. usko kitna dukh hora hoga sandhya ke bare me sun kar………

      • NS4

        Yeah i got your point @anu

        But here our Bhabu ..if she loves anyone …she loves with whole heart….in the same way..if bhabu hates anyone..will hate with whole heart nly..

        Anyway…we can’t do anything…wat director said that nly bhabu does…so its a fault of writer and director naaa

  7. Romi

    If lalima character is positive than it is possible that she is sent by Bharat sir to console rathi family and especially suraj
    I guss she won’t marry suraj and she’ll get her time till sandya returns ☺️
    I guss so ?

    • NS4

      Who is lalima— lalima was shop owners daughter(the owner who buyer of sooraj shop)


      What she was going to do—-
      We have to see in upcoming episodes??????????

    • Now lalima wants running her father sweet shop. So for sweet shop she want to suraj help.bcoz suraj is femus halwai means he made best sweet. So she come in this show. In upcoming episodes we see how that lalima character go in positive or negative way.just wait and watch. ???????✌✌

  8. Romi

    Lalima’s story yet to be unfolded ??? she said her character is positive ? but don’t know how ? If she comes between suraj and sandya than its not positive and if she doesn’t come in between than its a big QUESTION⁉️❓ who’s she and what’s her moto? Who sent her? And for what??? For we have to wait patiently till it telecasts ??

    • richa

      yesss…… lalima is a mystry………… ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? but if sandycomes back she wont let her out easily due to her police attiyude. ? ?????

      • Hope that lalima is sent by bharat sir.if this happened then she never come in between surya.if this nt happened then lalima in negative character. Then she teach bhaboo big lesson. That bhaboo never forget.and she never disrespect sandhya. ✌✌?????????

      • Anu

        Ya well said @varsha i think lalima is sent by bharat sir……………….it happens very good

  9. Jeyam

    Why was Sandya kidnapped and brought to this village? Now they want her to out. Had the action served the purpose? One more thing. Has Suraj become insane?

    • richa

      sandy was kidnapped nd bought to village so that garjana people can enquire about himanshu and now they are sending her out to chk her i.e. to know her truth wether she is there in te village for a purpose or not….. is she guilty in himanshu’s death etc………….

      • Jeyam

        Thank you Richa for your vivid explanation. Recently I viewed the Tamil version of DABH in which Sandya was sent to the police academy. Did Deepika really attend the severe training? Can you answer?

    • NS4

      Wow its sandhya’s idea of theft by thief….to reach village again

      You are Very smart Sandhya…

      Love uuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • Anu

      Nice clipping @NS4 thank u Sandhya u can do any thing for success mission mahabali i think it is coming to the end??????????? so sandy sooraj will together yipeeeeeeeeeee

      • NS4

        not came to end…..sandhya just returned to village…

        it’s still begining nly………

        Sandhya has to find real chandu and she has to trap him…

        Chadu has to trust sandhya and then after actual mission will be on track….

        if chandu trust sandhya…..Then nly sandhya can know main plan of garjana people…

      • NS4

        After know the plan of garjana…….shandya has to plan how to stop them in succed in their plan…then the mission will complete sucessfully….till then no end…no together

  10. NS4

    Amena i hate this important change in comment…

    taking too much time too aprove our comments…..

    Missing comments order….. really hate it Amena

    Plz do comment aproval fast

    • I also hate this changes. It’s to late to post our cmts. Plz post cmts as early as possible. Most ofy cmts r nt published. After all that I cmts to episode related.???????

    • NS4

      @Varsha & Anu

      i also sent the same message through contact us(Telly Team) link… i u both feel the same…u also give your feedback through contact us link

  11. richa

    suspence suspence suspence………………… this show has a lot of suspence…………….
    anyone could be negative or anyone could be positive……..
    we hav to wait to let the suspence be unveiled…..
    and to know who is whome……………
    but i hate waiting…. 🙁 ………..
    thinking about all possibilities is driving me crazy……..
    plsss unveil the suspence soon…………

    • NS4

      Yeah too many suspence’s………..

      Positive or Negative Charecter’s can confirmed after the compilation of secret mission

  12. NS4

    All guys are silent…… all r busy at a time………..or…….waiting for today episode

    Anyway…………1 hour more left for today’s episode

    Waiting… waitinggggg

    • Anu

      nice clipping @NS4 thanku u waiting for laleema entry and sooraj tadap………….


  13. Anu

    Ya more 30 min left to see today episode but ………iam thinking when sooraj do this marriage what will the next story of DABH when sandhya return home…………….

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