Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with everyone in the competition hall & chavi exclaiming to bhabo that what would be the next round & how would SanLy handle the situation. Bhabo is tensed. The guy signals Mohit & he gets as sigh of relief. Abhi announces that necessity makes one person selfish & more peolple become selfish day by day & natural calamities takes place. He shows the glance of uttrakhand victims. Chavi wonders why he shows all these. Abhi invites the contestants. Asks them how would they help those victims & adds that it is their challenge today. Goes on to say that three team will be formed of two members. Emily wonders that he doesn’t inform her earlier (the helper). Abhi tells that one will be the team leader another will be member. Whomever gets the

chit holding the star symbol will be the head & not the other. Everyone picks up the chit. mohit thinks that sandy shd not come to ems group as she would get the benefit. Unfortunately Emily & sandy get into one team with sandy as the leader.

Mohit is worried. Emily is not happy… Abhi tells that they should pick up 20 items from the godown inorder to help the victims. Adds that there are three godowns of same nature & they get only 2 mins to complete this. Each thing has got some markings & is based on its importance & also says that some thing doesn’t have any scoring. The team which scores the least would be eliminated. Their count down starts. Everyone get ready with their trolleys. Everyone run…

Abhi gives the live commentary… The first team drop some item while picking. SanLy shown. Bhabho wonders how would they pick up items out of so much items. Sandy tells emily that they should list out first. Emily tells that SHE KNOWS WHAT TO DO EXACTLY. Sandy wonders what is that. Chavi tells that ems has become more confident these days & praise her. Sandy pick up some items. Emily guides her. Sandy picks up torch & tells thatit is empty without any cell. Sandy wonders how she knew. Mohit is shocked. (In the first part Abhi tells that ems said that she informed sandy that she knows what to pick up… )

Break: Emily tells that it is not rope & it is roll. Sandy asks what????? Mohit is shocked.

Sandy tells candles & emily nods that yes yes & also matches – emily seconds her. Sandy tells soyabeans. Emily nods & tells eighth one is salt. Abhi tells that it is good. Abhi tells that only one min left. Sandy picks one mosquito rap which will help the victims. Mohit exclaims that sandy is very good & without knowing the chit she picked up everything correct. Emily tells that there is flour (wheat). Sandy picks up thos climbing the ladder .. then they pick sugar. Sandy picks vegetables… Emily nods. Bhabo from there urges both. Chavi tells that they will not hear her. Abhi praises SanLy coordination. They picked up 18 things. Sandy jumps & picks some makli. Emily tells that last one is tissue roll. Sandy tells that it must not be the right thing. Mohit tells that it is not. Emily tells that it is not rope & it is roll. Sandy tells that rope is the most important & not roll. Only 30 secs left. Everyone tensed…

Break: SanLy fight…

Sandy tells that rope is the one which is important. Emily tells that they would loose the challenge if they fail to keep roll. Bhabo tells that they had started here too. Mohit is worried / on ire why sandy acts always like this. cahvi wonders who is right. Abhi mocks their fight.
Sandy tells that she is the LEADER & she must ABIDE by her.10 secs left Emily shouts at sandy that because of her adamnt nature even she would loose the competiti on today. TIME OUT. Rope is in the trolly finally. Everyone come out. Mohit is not happy. Suraj is confident. Abhi calls the first team of prasanjeet & prasad. Abhi asks them whether they would pass. Abhi asks SanLy why they were not happy. Sandy tells that everything is ok. Abhi tells that because of the rope jethanji & devraniji fought. Emily tells samdy that if they had taken the roll instead of rope they would have clearly won the challenge.
The epi ends on the face of Sandy with confident look.

Precap: Abhi tells that this rope would decide whether devrani jethanji is safe or not.


Update Credit to: Shobhana_Dabh

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