Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya saying this rudraksh mala is of Swami Ji himself, and remembers last day events, and thinks that maybe Swami Ji himself first dug up and placed the idol inside the ground, and thinks well of her suspicion, says it is a very small proof and she will have a hard time in making everyone understand.
Chaturi comes dressed up and says to Bhabo how she is looking
Meena says only Brahmins need to be fed and she herself can do that, no need of Sandhya coming to the temple, as she has studies and related affairs.

Bhabo didn’t budge from original decision and finally everyone goes to temple
Bhabo chastises Meena and scolds her for keeping her sandals below Bhabo’s one, and says even if the sandals get stolen, Meena is making sure that Bhabo’s one get stolen and Meena’s one get saved in the process
Bhabo further says Meena that even if her sandals are stolen, she won’t get it from Meena’s husband and Meena now says Sandhya should stay here for watching the shoes as she won’t be feeding the Brahmins and doesn’t have any work up there, so Sandhya to agree to stay back.

Inside the temple, Meena says to Bhabo that when young ones have doubt, elders do clear them & Meena asks Bhabohow will Bhabo find faults inside Sandhya. Meena also adds that Sandhya is better in other works and Bhabo is not treating the faults in household works (like she broke the pot) as faults and her strength are manifold, and says she isn’t greedy, isn’t manipulative, and treats others with care and names other qualities, like she has Thanedarni characteristics and all

Bhabo thinks for a moment and asks Meena to call in Sandhya as she would be handed over the responsibility to feed the Brahmins
Meena calls Sandhya and asks her to go upstairs to feed Brahmins as Bhabo called her in.

On going inside, Sandhya asks Bhabo why this sudden change in plans, as she was surprised as well Bhabo says how much she had been asked to do, she should do till that much only and says no further questions are entertained, and Sandhya makes it clear to Bhabo that she will do the work and carry out everything with precision and thanks Bhabo for handing over the responsibility
Bhabo says okay and says she is going outside now to have a round of the temple

Some children are asking for food from their mother, and she is telling them that they need to wait as food isn’t cooked as yet, will take 2 hours more, the children became impatient
Bhabo, i guess heard about the child’s plight before, and sensed Sandhya will help out the child, and says to Meena later that what all qualities Meena named were true (like she is not greedy, cares about others and society at large, is good at heart) but Sandhya’s strength will be exploited for her weakness as the world is not going by the principle of truth nowadays
Sandhya as expected fed the hungry child, the food meant for Brahmins, the child enjoys the food as she was quite hungry and after finishing eating thanks Sandhya.

Now Bhabo and Meena enters, Meena says how come Sandhya could feed food meant for Brahmins to that little girl and says this is a serious mistake on her part and repeatedly advertise this as the 1st Mistake of Sandhya
Sandhya defended herself, saying Brahmins have many food lying in front of them and she did no harm by feeding an underprivileged children and it is good only.

Bhabo stops her and says it is a serious mistake on her part
Bhabo says to Sandhya that was she only asked to do as ordered by Bhabo and Sandhya even assured Bhabo that she will do as asked properly, but now she failed to satisfy Bhabo and should not take responsibility when she cannot fulfill them properl
Bhabo issues a last warning to Sandhya and reminds her of the conditions after 3 mistakes and what would happen to her once she commits the 3 mistakes, says this is the last time that her apology has been granted by Bhabo, and from next time, any responsibility that she takes and if it remains unfulfilled from Bhabo’s end, those will be counted as mistakes

Precap–> Bhabo says to Suraj that 3 of them have come to eat Jalebi at his shop and Suraj ushers them, Bhabo asks Suraj that won’t he ask with which happiness they have come here to have Jalebis

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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