Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho sleeping and dreaming about Sandhya making everyone leave from the locality. Sandhya goes back saying I will just come. Sooraj stops. Bhabho tells Sooraj to get Sandhya, she has gone. The terrorists come and Sooraj and Sandhya shut the door. They both get killed. Bhabho sees them dying and cries. She shouts no and wakes up….. Everyone look at Bhabho. Babasa and Vikram ask what happened, did you see any bad dream.

Bhabho says I have seen Sooraj and Sandhya making all of us out of here, and….. The lady says you have seen right dream, Sooraj and Sandhya will do some miracle, its morning dream and won’t go waste, don’t worry, we all will get saved. Babasa says see what she is saying. Bhabho recalls Sandhya and Sooraj’s death and worries. Babasa asks

what happened. Bhabho says this can’t happen. Vikram asks her to sit.

Its morning, Sandhya gets ready and recalls terrorist’s words. She sees her police cap and his words get echoed in her mind. The terrorists see news of reporter giving alert of the terrorists and asking people to give call to police if they to get to know anything. Terrorist say you did good to have red alert.

Sandhya says I did not forget your threatening words. He says I will give a party to you all today. He gives a pen to Sandhya and asks her to keep it with her always. She says you will keep eye on me by this camera pen. He says yes, smart people just need a sign, keep this pen, my friends get angry, don’t know what will they do with kids, don’t think much, you are punctual and should go on duty on time, I will leave you till gate, don’t know we will meet again or not.

Sandhya goes out and sees Lord’s pic. She turns to Sooraj and family. Sooraj says this is not first time that relations are taking your test, whenever you were stuck in dilemma, you just listened to your heart without thinking the result, I m always with you, don’t think of anything, just follow your heart. Sandhya says I m thinking as this time the price is lives of many innocent kids, I can’t pay this big price.

Sooraj says I know, you will never support wrong and lies, just do what your heart wants you to do, leave all this, think of what you will answer coming generations, that we have failed infront of terrorists, I m ready to thousand times, but not bending infront of such terrorists. She cries. Bhabho says Sandhya will do this and looks at her.

She asks Sandhya to save innocent kids and forget everything, this is not wrong, just remember one thing, just do what they tell you, your duty is just to save the kids, you have to save everyone, its in your hands. She says I have heard a lot of ethics, Sandhya’s law says many criminals can be spared, but no innocent man should get hanged. Bhabho asks her to think of the kids, and don’t forget your three children are also here, don’t do anything that risks your life, look at everyone, they all are sitting scared, they have hope that you will free them, promise me you won’t do anything that would hurt any innocent life.

Sandhya promises Bhabho and assures her that nothing will happen to anyone, don’t worry. Sandhya leaves. Bhabho thinks forgive me, I have made you promise and binded you from doing duty, I m mother, I know Sooraj and you have courage to die to save us, but I can’t lose you, I got selfish, I can’t live without Sooraj and Sandhya.

Sandhya goes to police station and enters locker code. She thinks I m cheating my uniform. Arpita comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. blo*dy f**k
    blo*dy hell
    Where are you taking the story.End this track in a positive way with terrorists getting killed.Plz don’t kill SOORAJ-SANDHYA.They are the backbone of DABH.If they die show will be the biggest flop.Plz don’t kill them.Plz unite VANSH with RATHIS.We want that to be the climax of DABH.Plzzz…..

  2. Fed up with this shit drama

  3. Here is an idea for the director as to how to end the serial in a happy note. Suraj and Sandya become martyrs by sacrificing their lives to save all. A statue will be made and erected in memory of S and S near the Gandhi Samathi and PM Modi shall garland the statue to pay homage for the service rendered by this couple. Thus the story ends happily. Jaihind.

    1. Agree with u Jeyam, and their daughter Kanak will take for revenge for her. It’s the plot of season 2

  4. Please end this track on a positive note, not showing Sandhya as weak. Unite kids with their family.

  5. I am so annoyed , I didnt even read all of it. I am disappointed and all this better be worth it

  6. Even when finishing u will make us hate this series…four small boys and an ACP who is symbol of bravery is like dis…its ok…But irritating writers, i am worried bcoz u ll drag this shit till september 11,when show will end,we will feel relieved…Atleast if u come with season 2, write script well and then telecast it…
    Thank God, other serials telecasted by 9pm looks interesting for now

  7. These script writers are meeting “taal se taal” with Ekta Kapoor as far as stretching the episode is concerned!!! This has no become a “bekaar” serial. I used to watch this serial everyday. Now I have watched it for 1 week, and reading the updates here, tells me that I saved my time watching something else!!! The season ending promo, looks horribel and has no logic!! There is a bomb (presumably) tied to Sandhya’s waist, but her hands are free!!! And she is supposed to die?? What’s wrong with her hands?? Can’t she not get rid of the bomb? Or is it just a dream of the terrorists???

    1. I totally agree with you, instead of jumping in to the water y she can’t she throw the bomb in to the water, it doesn’t make any sense at all, after all we know that her hands are free When she was holding Suraj……just hope a dream sequence or something like that.

  8. I think she should signal arpita about them

  9. i feel ending good the show has a name diya and baati the ending gives full justice to the tittle of the show

  10. Remember that sandiya in real life is married to the director of the show. hahahaaha

    1. But what do u mean?

  11. Such a stupid ending.asp don’t have plan to fight with four youngsters.ha ha ha.

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