Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with commander shooting Officer Singh. Officer Singh says she will not let him succeed in his bad plan, if one officer dies, many officers will be born. He shoots again. Sandhya hears the gun shot and stands shocked. Officer Singh sees the fire lit there and also a water pot. She asks for water. The commander says see this police office is dying for water. He says he will make her drink water and gets a pot. He puts water near her and asks her to drink. She falls down and kneels to him. He moves back and asks her to drink water. He asks what happened, will you not save your country, you took strict training. He breaks the pot and asks her to drink.

He shows her the money they have, the chip and foreigner’s mind. They all say Jai Garjana. She sees the firetorch and

crawls to it. She takes the firetorch and says Jai Bharat Mata and lights the money crate. They all get shocked. Shekhar shoots Officer Singh. She smiles and falls down. The commander is shocked as all the money note bundles get burnt. The man asks him what will they do now. The commander asks them to throw Officer Singh in jungle. Sandhya says did I take wrong way, where are the tyre signs. The Garjana men bring Officer Singh there and dump her so that animals eat her up. Sandhya hides behind the tree. They all leave. Sandhya sees Officer Singh and gets shocked. She checks her breath, heartbeat and pulse.

She hugs her and says no. She cries and apologizes to Officer Singh for not able to save her. She sees some number written on her hand, and says she wanted to send some message. Bhabho recalls Sooraj and Lalima. She thinks whats the secret behind this. Babasa asks did she not sleep, is she thinking about Lalima. Bhabho says I don’t know why is Lalima here after so much insult. Babasa says I can’t understand you, you wanted to make Sooraj marry Lalima, you felt she is his cure, and now when Lalima is taking care of Sooraj, you are doubting her, are you insecure that your son is trusting a stranger than you.

She says my thinking is not so small, I know I have doubt on Lalima now, the reason is Sandhya, what Sandhya did, then my thinking and ability to identify people is gone, I lost trust, I have trusted Sandhya a lot, she did not take a moment to go for her duty, I don’t trust myself, how will I trust others, Sandhya has cheated us and Sooraj is in this state, I m scared to lose my son, not to lose out to anyone else. Babasa says lord will know why Lalima came, its enough for us that she got Sooraj home safe. Bhabho says I can see that, but I m worried that everything is seen, or is there anything hidden, Lalima is very clever, or else she is very pure, I don’t understand anything.

Sandhya makes Officer Singh lie down and keeps wooden sticks on her. She lights fire and does her final rites, recalling moments with Officer Singh and saluting her. She swears on Officer Singh’s teachings that she will ruin Garjana Sanghatan and pay a tribute to her. Lalima meets the doctor and asks about Sooraj’s cure. He asks her to keep Sooraj away from tension, problems, his state is really fragile and one more attack can take away his life. She cries. Shekhar greets Sagarika. Sandhya gets angry recalling Officer Singh’s state and picks a water bucket. He stops….

Sandhya and Manjari come to some village govt office. Bharat disguises as some old officer and throws black ink on Sandhya’s face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Garjana planned attack on 2nd October.So I think MISSION MAHABALI end by last week of September or by 1st week of October.So happy for that.SANDHYA should kill CHANDU & COMMANDER without any mercy,bruttally by cutting their heads with a sword.That will be her best GURUDAKSHINA to AGRIMA SINGH.

    1. Yeah your are right…@Anu…mission will end on 2nd october

      But u said..mission will complete around september or october 1st week
      But i feel mission will end in “october month end”

  2. SANDHYA’s anger on AGRIMA’s death should be visualised through a deadly fight scene.SANDHYA should also get injured badly.Then only that looks realistic.

  3. guys any one tell wt is the meaning of this sentence it in bengali language (tume kahaki bhaloo bhashin)

    1. its a dialog from sandhya-zakir scene right….
      Any way …i think its…mean…who do you love or like

      1. whom do you like or love? “”किसे पसंद है या प्यार करते हो?””

      2. Ya u r right @ ns4

  4. Guyssss all are busy….in waiting for today’s episode………..

    Waiting waiting for today episode………..special sandhya and bharath sir scenes…But don’t know they will show those scenes todays are not……..

    Still 60 minutes left for today’s episode………….

  5. Ya they show mission scene in ending i think rest of time they will show rathi bakwas ???

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