Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with commander shooting Officer Singh. Officer Singh says she will not let him succeed in his bad plan, if one officer dies, many officers will be born. He shoots again. Sandhya hears the gun shot and stands shocked. Officer Singh sees the fire lit there and also a water pot. She asks for water. The commander says see this police office is dying for water. He says he will make her drink water and gets a pot. He puts water near her and asks her to drink. She falls down and kneels to him. He moves back and asks her to drink water. He asks what happened, will you not save your country, you took strict training. He breaks the pot and asks her to drink.

He shows her the money they have, the chip and foreigner’s mind. They all say Jai Garjana. She sees the firetorch and

crawls to it. She takes the firetorch and says Jai Bharat Mata and lights the money crate. They all get shocked. Shekhar shoots Officer Singh. She smiles and falls down. The commander is shocked as all the money note bundles get burnt. The man asks him what will they do now. The commander asks them to throw Officer Singh in jungle. Sandhya says did I take wrong way, where are the tyre signs. The Garjana men bring Officer Singh there and dump her so that animals eat her up. Sandhya hides behind the tree. They all leave. Sandhya sees Officer Singh and gets shocked. She checks her breath, heartbeat and pulse.

She hugs her and says no. She cries and apologizes to Officer Singh for not able to save her. She sees some number written on her hand, and says she wanted to send some message. Bhabho recalls Sooraj and Lalima. She thinks whats the secret behind this. Babasa asks did she not sleep, is she thinking about Lalima. Bhabho says I don’t know why is Lalima here after so much insult. Babasa says I can’t understand you, you wanted to make Sooraj marry Lalima, you felt she is his cure, and now when Lalima is taking care of Sooraj, you are doubting her, are you insecure that your son is trusting a stranger than you.

She says my thinking is not so small, I know I have doubt on Lalima now, the reason is Sandhya, what Sandhya did, then my thinking and ability to identify people is gone, I lost trust, I have trusted Sandhya a lot, she did not take a moment to go for her duty, I don’t trust myself, how will I trust others, Sandhya has cheated us and Sooraj is in this state, I m scared to lose my son, not to lose out to anyone else. Babasa says lord will know why Lalima came, its enough for us that she got Sooraj home safe. Bhabho says I can see that, but I m worried that everything is seen, or is there anything hidden, Lalima is very clever, or else she is very pure, I don’t understand anything.

Sandhya makes Officer Singh lie down and keeps wooden sticks on her. She lights fire and does her final rites, recalling moments with Officer Singh and saluting her. She swears on Officer Singh’s teachings that she will ruin Garjana Sanghatan and pay a tribute to her. Lalima meets the doctor and asks about Sooraj’s cure. He asks her to keep Sooraj away from tension, problems, his state is really fragile and one more attack can take away his life. She cries. Shekhar greets Sagarika. Sandhya gets angry recalling Officer Singh’s state and picks a water bucket. He stops….

Sandhya and Manjari come to some village govt office. Bharat disguises as some old officer and throws black ink on Sandhya’s face.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. kajol

    omg!!! kivabe ato brave officer Singh Mara jate pare? but I am sure , sandhya will anyhow destroy gazrana’ s plan to revenge agrima singh’ s death.

  2. Richa

    😥 😥 y did they kill oficer singh….
    It was realy emotional when sandhya lighted agrima’s body… And dat salute…hope they keep zakir alive….

    • Ya hope they show zakir very soon. Actually agrima Singh is doing 2 to 4 serials that’s why she can’t give much time to dabh show that’s why they show that agrima Singh death scene. So sad ???

  3. Jeyam

    It’s a pity that Agrima could not be saved. Of course she is a brave officer and we hereby salute her in honor of her patriotism. Next thing is that Bhabo has completely forgotten that Sandya donated her kidney to save her. She is such a fool that she could neither trust Sandya nor Lalima.

    • Ya right bhaboo loss her memory. So that’s why she forget that sandhya do how much sacrifices to this rathi family. ????Agrima Singh is very breve officer. ???

  4. Richa

    BHABHO U CLOSED MIND U STILL BLAME SANDY NOTHING CAN BE DONE OF U 😡 😡 CANT U GET THAT SHE DIED in an acident…. She saved u nd ur son nd u cal her betrayal

    • Ya right. Bcoz of bhaboo and suraj fault sandhya safer this death scene. If bhaboo can’t see sandhya then they never show that sandhya’s death scene. Bcoz of bhaboo sandhya always safer. ???????

  5. Asif Aman

    Itz not fare !!!
    they used to drag many episodes unnecessarily and now killed officer Singh in a week!!!

  6. Richa

    There was noo00O neeed to kil agrima …anyways liked how cleverly she passed on the message hope bharat gets the plan and hr sacrifise dont go waste

  7. Richa

    Dunno dat wether bharat threw that ink in anger ..or purpusly most probably he did it purposly.. To gt tym with sandy

    • Sorry for let cmts guys. ?? @richa u post some story in yesterday episode cmt. That u r story was awesome. In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss.????

  8. Officer shing ap jaise logo se hi hmare desh mein shanti aur shukun h.but hm itne jinda dil ni h ki ap jaiso ki kurbani ko aise hi bhulte rhenge …hm riwenj
    leke rhenge …….sandhya u rookk……:(:(:(:(:(|O|O|O|O

    • Ya we need this kind of officers. They always give there life for us. We all proud of all kind of officers. We salute them. ??they die for us safety. Thanks for that officers. Bcoz of that officers we stay piece fully. Thank you once again. ????

  9. NS4

    too emotional episode…
    killing Agrima singh and..firing garjana money was a step forward…to drag…the whole mission track…
    if Agrima singh is alive then she will able to tell garjana plan to sandhya or department…so killed singh……and firing gargana money…its also going to become a new…track(of dragging…like a rubber…)

    • Bcoz of now they show agrima Singh death now this mission track was more suspense as well as more interesting. Now the real movie start.???

    • True say now lalima give big shocks to bhaboo. She teach good lesson to bhaboo. That bhaboo never accpet frm lalima. Hope they show like this.??????

  10. NS4

    Bhabu…saying that..her trust has gone with sandhya……Did she really trust sandhya…..always doubting her……

    Bhabu is a stupid women…who belive only blood relation…not others…she was doing the same and blaming sandhya…she is fool… she has given birth to all selfish people(mohit, vikram, chavi)

    • Bhaboo never trust sandhya. She only bleam sandhya whenever happened in rathi family. For bhaboo her children was always right and she take there side always if they right or wrong. Bt she never take side of daughter in a lows. She always say that for her daughter in a lows is just like her children. Bt actually only believe in her blood relations. ????????

  11. Richa

    Vaise sandy ko itni jaldi lakdiyan kaise mili aur kisi ne pucha bhi nahi ji wahan kya hua aur gartana ki itni strict security n b she managed to burn >_< y these ppl frgt logics
    and hope they show abt mising charactrs fast…and abt wat hapned during leap…. fb also…and logicaly

  12. I don’t understand whether singh sir is clever or fool. Facing enemies and fighting with them alone is not a foolish thing. To pass the message to police department she can escape from there and call police from some other place.

    Satellite phone is not like a mobile phone. It generates lot of noise.

    Baboo always trust her own family. Sandhya did a lot for her and family. Very bad.

  13. Today I m so happy bcoz today is dabh 4 anniversary BT when I see episode then I get 100 vol shock when I see officers agrima Singh death.??????

  14. Situation ke hishab se guys..i think officer shing ko mrna jaruri ho gya tha wrna siriyal ka climex khatm hi ho jata ……but really i feel very bad they killing agrema sirr ………i salute u……..:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h=D>=D>=D>=D>

  15. Nice acting by officer Agrima Singh. Nice work done by sir. Bt it so sad that officer agrima Singh die. And that scene was nice that in last scene means that death scene she die with simle on her face.?? ?????

  16. Swarna

    There was no need to kill a brave officer like Agrima Singh – Sandya – trying to do the last rituals not an easy task ?- putting couple of woods will not burn a human body !!!!- for the record audience are not stupid . A brave officer like Agrima Singh should know how to come out of the lion’s den .please be realistic i love watching this programme – for Mental Health please do research before writing any dialogs. Suraj’s acting is superb well done .

  17. shalu

    omg.. :'( officer Singh itz impossible bt hv to accept thiz sandya plz do sumthing as soon as possible 🙁

  18. Romi

    Omg I was shocked to see the episode !!! Wasn’t able to cmnt! I loved agrima singh’s charecter from the core of my heart she was such a brave officer that she defeated the death herself by making such a brave act to destroy their financial support!! Salute to you Sir ??
    But I don’t know why my heart says that she’s alive and is taken to the hospital by the police team and maybe sandya alite the fire to give some warmth to her body and regain some senses (as a first aid remedy) that she learned from Singh Sir ?

    • Bely

      I hope your think come true. But they show Agrima Singh on wood stick. Don’t know what will be happen. Really hoping that Zakir stay alive.

    • Yes. Bhaboo always bleam sandhya. First bhaboo did mistake and then as usual she say sorry to sandhya. And when bhaboo bleam sandhya that time she speak very bad words against sandhya that sandhya is nt perfect for this house and as suraj’s wife. And when all matter solve then she say sandhya is the perfect for suraj and rathi family. This is the real bhaboo. Always Change her mood. Hate u bhaboo.??????????

  19. Janvi

    I think the best actor so faar in this serial is Bhabho,,,,and I congratulate her…it doesnot mater if it seams negative or positive,,,her job is to do acting, as she is been directed,,,i like her the most,,she is so realistic,,,bravo!

  20. As for Chandu, I have a feeling he is going to become a positive character…I dnt know y,,,and that’s how the garjanas will get destroyed, with his and sandiyas help…they will become friends…in future episodes,,and that is the moral of this action.

  21. I don’t understand one thing why Baboo is telling that sandhya cheated her. Every body knows that she was died due to train accident. Can anyone clarify?

    • Richa

      There is nothing to clarify bhabho charecter is crazy nd hesitant to accdpt dat sandy is no more with her to take care of her family lol dats wat i think

    • Bely

      I think bhaboo Ye such raha hai jab sandhya ghar se gayi tab sobse kehke gayi aur minakshi aur Emily ko bi thanks kehke gayi aur ved ka khalay rakhne bola. Isliye bhaboo thinking that sandhya knew about that. And sandhya desh k liyee gaye family ko chudke isliye bhaboo naraj hai.

      • Ya right @bely. Actually sandhya didn’t tell anything to rathi family for her mission. And more thing is that sandhya chosse nation nt home. And the most important part is that sandhya die for nation. So that’s why bhaboo is angry on sandhya. So that idiot bhaboo is think that sandhya broke her promise. Bt bhaboo is forget that in that train if she nt save suraj then suraj is also die in that train accident. She forget that sandhya save suraj. Now bhaboo only one duty do that she bleam only and only sandhya. ???????

  22. Jeyam

    It was simply superb to view Agrma dying with an enchanting smile. But why didn’t Bharat send his team to Garjana as soon as he saw the radio signal?

    • Ya that scene was awesome when in last simle in agrima Singh face. Heart touching scene. Actually when they get the single frm garjna that time if they send the police force than its dangerous to sandhya life. Bt when the single is goan that time bharat sir say that his officer that go and find sandhya as soon as possible. He want sandhya’s full information at any cost…. And one thing that bharat sir don’t no that information given by officer agrima Singh. They thought this information given by sandhya. Now may be in upcoming episodes we see that police officer give information abt sandhya to bharat sir so then may be they show that Precap scene. ??????

  23. I dnt like that they kill agrima Singh. Bt why they kill sir. Now we never see officer agrima Singh in dabh upcoming episodes. So sad. ?????

  24. Nice acting by sandhya. Her crying look like real. I m really disappoint of this death scene. I love agrima Singh character. Miss u officer agrima Singh character. ?????

    • So emotional scene when sandhya see agrima Singh and then she go near sir and check and then sandhya cry when she get know that officer agrima Singh is no more. That sandhya scene was really heart touching scene. On that part can’t stop my tear.??????

      • officer agrima Singh give nice scene by her acting. We will miss u agrima Singh. That scene was also painful when sandhya in last time salute officer agrima Singh.????

  25. Now definitely sandhya complete her mission. Now she definitely take revenge for garjna sanghtna. She nt bear them. Now garjna sanghtna count down start. Bcoz sandhya give promise to agrima Singh that she stop garjna sanghtna plan.and she save our country. ?????

  26. raksha bandan pic made by fan.
    ???? it nice that in real life also chavi tie rakhi to suraj. And sandhya tie rakhi to his director and some set members. So sweet of them. This is the real dabh team. Each and every person they give respect to each other. Love u all dabh whole team. ????

  27. anu

    th Anniversary Special: 4 Major Tracks of Diya Aur Baati Hum!
    Four years back, a beautiful journey of two souls Suraj (Anas Rashid) and Sandhya (Deepika Singh) began with Shashi Sumeet Mittal ‘s show Diya Aur Baati Hum which touched the hearts of many.
    The unique storyline of the show revolving around the life of Sandhya who is passionate towards her dream of becoming an IPS Officer and her soul mate Suraj’s support throughout to make her wife’s dream come true post her marriage, made this show the numero uno show for quite a long time in the TRP list.
    As the show celebrates its 4th Anniversary today, TellyBuzz takes you to the journey of the show featuring 4 major tracks of the show, that have taken the show to different heights.
    World’s Top Cook Competition – Now this track definitely justifies Suraj – Sandhya’s relation as Diya Baati. We are saying so because as we all were aware as Suraj will be helping out Sandhya in pursuing her dreams of becoming an IPS Officer but Sandhya was no behind. Even she helped and motivated her husband Suraj in moving out of his shell and follow his dreams. With Sandhya’s support and motivation, Suraj took part in the World’s Top Cook Competition held in Singapore. There came a point when Suraj was about to give up in the journey but Sandhya motivated him and he again stood up like a warrior and Suraj won the title of World’s Top Cook making his family and country proud.
    Highlight – The team went and shot at the real locales of Singapore.
    Sandhya becomes IPS Officer – Though Suraj was unaware of Sandhya’s dreams but with time, it was revealed before him and then it was Suraj’s turn to stand like a pillar while she will pursue her dreams. Here began a new journey of Suraj Sandhya which wasn’t easy for them. While Suraj went against Bhabo’s ( Neelu Vaghela ) will to make Sandhya study by letting her join college, Sandhya gave her 100% efforts in studies as well as her training sessions which followed after she cleared her exams successfully. Sandhya completely nailed everything at her best and after completing her training sessions successfully, she was awarded with the Best Cadet trophy and we got IPS Officer Sandhya Rathi. It was a proud moment for Sandhya, Suraj and the family as well.
    Highlight – The unit had its long shoot schedules in Karnal in the real Army Cant. The training sessions also gave an opportunity to the actors to experience the thrill of Sky Diving.
    Plane Hijack Track – Challenges kept coming in Sandhya’s way after she became an IPS Officer but this time it was something BIG for her. To get Terrorist Rajkumar ( Gaurav Sharma ) released, Rajkumar’s sisters – Maya ( Gurdeep Kohli ) , Prema ( Vindhya Tiwary ) and Disha ( Jyoti Sharma ) executed Rajkumar’s plan of hijacking a plane. The plane was also boarded by the beloved ones of Sandhya – Suraj, Bhabo and Chaturi ( Rashmi Pitre ). Several passengers’ lives were in danger. After long days of encounter, the Terrorists were shot dead and the passengers were released and safely returned to their homes.
    Highlight – The show got its maximum TRPs with this track. This track was major and much talked about track of the show. Some sequences of this track were shot on the real locations and Cinematography was at its best.
    Mission Mahabali Track – The ongoing Mission Mahabali Track is full of suspence, action and drama. Sandhya is currently on a secret mission and her family members know that she is dead in a Bomb Blast that happened few months back. Sandhya has donned the look of a Bong lady Sagarika and she is fighting hard to crack her mission successfully. Her secret mission is yet to be revealed to the viewers. The track is gripping the viewers’ attention towards it with its action packed drama and suspense. On the other hand, household drama is also at its peak with a new girl Lalima entering Suraj’s life.
    Highlight – Actress Deepika Singh has got to play
    a different character other than Sandhya donning a different look.
    So, here we have featured 4 major tracks of Diya Aur Baati Hum . Do tell us in the comments below as which one has been your favorite!

  28. dabh fan

    oh no, officer singh is no more! so emotional for officer singh’s death.

    sandhya take a revenge on them by completing this mission very fast! this is the only thing you can make proud for singh’s death and country’s welfare……….!

  29. Nice to see that they show sandhya and officer agrima Singh flash back scene. They show in flash back first sandhya’s training scene , second they show sandhya’s trophy scene and last they show sandhya and agrima Singh hug scene. Nice to see that flashback scene. Hope we see this kind of flashback scene between sandhya and agrima Singh ??????

  30. anu

    Yes it was really a sad episode.. Even I didn’t expect that Officer Singh will be killed.. frown emoticon……………i feel very sad…

  31. NS4

    Guys…can anyone suggest me a best features…latest brand mobile
    plz help me guys…i was unable to choose
    Budget 10-20 k

  32. Now also I m shock. I can’t accept that agrima Singh character no more. So sad. In yesterday morning I think that in yesterday and today I cmts more and non stop I cmt. Bt when I see yesterday’s so emotional episode then now I have no words to express my feelings.just speechless.????
    Bt I only say that thanks agrima Singh for entertaing us. Bt plzzzzzzzzzz show some flashback scene between sandhya and sir. So sad now after watching serial. So sad to see sandhya like this. When sandhya get no that agrima Singh is no more then she cry madly. So sad as well as very emotional part. ?????

  33. Nice say by bhabasa. First bhaboo want lalima as suraj’s wife. Bt now when lalima bring suraj home then bhaboo suddenly change her behaviour. ?????

    • Bhaboo never change again she bleam sandhya for bhaboo’s suddenly behaviour means that bcoz of sandhya deach rathi family frm that she now nt trust anyone. For this also she bleam sandhya.???

      • Idiot bhaboo. Bt when sandhya come that time she defiantly realise her mistake. Bt before sandhya come in rathi family hope bhaboo realise her mistake. Bt plz show bhaboo vs lalima fight for suraj. ????????

  34. Nice to see that for suraj recover lalima go to doctor for suraj condition’s solution. Hope for this lalima tell suraj that she want to know abt sandhya’s and suraj sweet memorise. So for that then may be suraj think there album and hope suraj show that album to lalima and then suraj get that note. Hope they show this kind of scene.?????

    • anu

      ya me to @varsha now she definitely didnt marry suraj coz doctor had told that again he will get attack its very risky for suraj…bt now meena nd mohit will do some thing to blame lalima this is my opinion

    • NS4 too expecting this type of scene………wat Mr.Director…when will u show this note scene….

  35. Full suspense Precap. At least on Monday we see sandhya and bharat sir meeting. So now may be sandhya tell bharat sir abt agrima Singh death and 2 Oct news. Wating for that episode on Monday. Bt now can’t wait till Monday. It’s more suspense that why bharat sir put ink on sandhya. Bt now we just wait for Monday as well as upcoming episodes. It also suspense that how can Bharat sir get know abt sandhya. So may that bharat sir and sandhya scene may be in end of Monday’s episode. ??????

    • anu

      ya my be this happend coz they show on monday rakhi celebrations i am expecting chavi……wt do u say guys….

      • NS4

        i was thinking ..this time DABH team has not given importans for Raksha simple ended with emily-lokesh-lalima scene……
        y becoz…chavi was not shown after leap… if at-all they want to show ..scenes of..Chavi-Rathi bro’s raksha bahdhan scenes..they would have showed some scenes of chavi before …Rakhi celebrations…
        This is my openion…

    • NS4

      Yeah really thrilling precap……….

      i was thinking a simple logic…y Bharth sir thrown ink on sandhya face….as Bharath sir was in old man get up and..may be sandhya as sagirika..irritated him with lengthy talk…so old man get up bharath sir played a drama of angry and put ink on sagirika face…..

      wat u say guys??????????

      • richa

        welll honestly speaking in my openion at first glance it looked like bharat was angry on agrima’s death and angry on sandhya thats y he threw ink ……………………but it could be he can make excuse of being off balance or being scared by ttheir sudden arrival so in shock or for his safety he thtrw ink……………

  36. Rashika

    Bhabho is as bad and cunning as Meena and Mohit put together.She cannont understand the sacrifices sandhya made …she even donated her kidney and always helped everyone.Bhabho always pardons Meena who is a wolf in a human form.So cunning , so eveil and no love for the family.Mohit is no better. But Bhabho os blind to all that. Bhabho should be killed instead of brave officer Agrima.

  37. anu

    hey guys any one tell me how Diya batee video search in daily motion?????any body watched sbb nd sbs they show any anniversary masti???????????

  38. Richa

    @ns4 this is lalima dupe playing d role dupes do d shooting wrk wen stars r unavailable or unable to do dat type of role… Aud its dne evrywere in kkb also they did it fr stunnt yhm etc also sbs shw dat if i gt link i try to post it

  39. richa

    arrey varsha dont get angry plss comment dr c in the video i posted there is just children tying rakhi and offscerrn masti sooo …………plssss cmmnt dont get angry………..

  40. anu

    Good afternoon !!!! hey guys did u forgotten today anas birthday….. any way waiting for today episode……….

  41. Meeradabh

    Wats up…..agrima died so soon…expected lots of stunts…..oophh…..wat will happen next???

  42. richa

    ok i was thinking now garjana hav lost money so now to arrange money they will kidnap rich ppl children and one of them can b vansh and then sandy nd vansh come close

    • anu

      REally @richa wt a imagination yaar……..really i liked your imaginations………nd i love ur imagine story also usme ek point thobhi zaroor hota hai……..really i loved it…..

  43. AD

    Garjana planned attack on 2nd October.So I think MISSION MAHABALI end by last week of September or by 1st week of October.So happy for that.SANDHYA should kill CHANDU & COMMANDER without any mercy,bruttally by cutting their heads with a sword.That will be her best GURUDAKSHINA to AGRIMA SINGH.

    • NS4

      Yeah your are right…@Anu…mission will end on 2nd october

      But u said..mission will complete around september or october 1st week
      But i feel mission will end in “october month end”

  44. AD

    SANDHYA’s anger on AGRIMA’s death should be visualised through a deadly fight scene.SANDHYA should also get injured badly.Then only that looks realistic.

  45. anu

    guys any one tell wt is the meaning of this sentence it in bengali language (tume kahaki bhaloo bhashin)

  46. NS4

    Guyssss all are busy….in waiting for today’s episode………..

    Waiting waiting for today episode………..special sandhya and bharath sir scenes…But don’t know they will show those scenes todays are not……..

    Still 60 minutes left for today’s episode………….

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