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Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Sooraj having a talk on the way. She says we will meet that neelvish affected man, whom his family got home. They reach that patient’s home and see that man fine. The people make him wear garlands. Sandhya tells Sooraj that this man is standing fine, how did this happen. Bhabho tells Binny that they should have not got Ved here. Binny says no, it was necessary, we have to tell Ved whats right and wrong, Ved is my grandson too. Ved tells Bhabho that man also acted of neelvish like me by applying color, so he looks fine now.

The man tells you had to go in some Mata’s ashram to get help, even educated people have to understand this. Sandhya says I will ask someone and goes infront. She asks a lady about the people going somewhere. The lady says they

sold their house and leaving. Sandhya asks why, overnight. Lady says they gave their house and everything to Mukeshwari Mata. Sooraj says there is something. They see Bhabho and Ved there. Ved asks the man how did he get fine. The man says I have got fine by Mukeshwari’s miracle. Binny tells Sandhya that she got Ved here to see Mukeshwari’s miracle, he will understand whats right and wrong. Sandhya says you did not do this right. Binny says see how this man got fine. When Maa makes neelvish patient fine, the village gets light. Ved says I want to go Mukeshwari temple, will you take me Binny. Binny says no, just neelvish patient can go there, else a snake stops ordinary men, the snake swallows people. Ved gets scared.

Chotu tells Babasa that I want to tell Arzoo about Piya, Sooraj always says relation on trust stays strong. Babasa says great, have courage and tell her. He goes. Chotu asks Arzoo to sit and talk to him. He says you have a clean heart, you are beautiful by face and heart, I want to tell you about my life. Piya comes there while he was telling Arzoo about Piya. He gets shocked. Piya sees Chotu holding Arzoo’s hand. She says I can’t believe all your promises don’t matter to you, you used to say you love me a lot. Arzoo gets shocked. Babasa comes there. Piya says you said you married Arzoo for money, where did your love go, its all over, you are going away from me, knowing I love you a lot.

Chotu tells Arzoo that I wanted to tell this to you, please understand. Arzoo cries. Piya gets angry and cuts her wrist nerve. Chotu runs to her and holds her. He asks what did you do and ties kerchief to her wound. He lifts Piya and takes her to hospital. Arzoo and Babasa look on.

Sandhya thinks of that patient, and Ved’s words. Sooraj asks are you worried Sandhya, what Ved heard and saw, it will affect his mind. She says yes, I don’t believe all this, but I can’t explain Ved that this is not true. He says I know, but there can’t be solution If you think so much. He holds her hand and asks her to take rest, if her mind gets calm, she can think well. He says I m annoyed, you did not ask me why did I come here and for what. She smiles and says now say it, how did you come, he looked happy. He says he came for her and they laugh. they hear Riddhi saying Jhanki has come. Sandhya says what Jhanki…….

Binny says Mukeshwari Maa’s jhanki…. Sandhya and everyone see. Sandhya says that patient is pulling Jhanki alone.

Maasa shouts Ritu. She asks did you take sindoor box from my cupboard. Ritu says I don’t know. Emily says I have seen that sindoor box when I took silver plates. Maasa asks then where did it go. Emily says I have kept it back. Maasa says my mum in law gave me, why did you take it, I kept it since years. Emily says I will find it. Maasa scolds her and says how did you open cupboard without asking me, how can you be so careless, if Sparsh is harmed then…. Who will be responsible…. She hurts Emily’s hand and goes. Emily cries. Om looks on.

Maasa has the sindoor box and hides it in the chest. She says I had to keep Emily away from my cupboard, now she will never get inside my room. Binny asks Bhabho to come. Meenakshi says we will not fall in superstitions again. Sandhya asks how will this man alone pull it. The man applies all his power and pulls the Jhanki. The man says Binny’s family will get Mukeshwari’s blessings today. Sooraj says they are coming here.

Riddhi runs outside…. Sandhya and Sooraj go after her to see……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Piya has entered into the life of Aarzoo in order to mar and cause confusion. At the same time Emily is put in a critical and unstable position without any fault of her. And then this new disorder neelwis perplexing the viewers. So in 20 minutes there are four different kinds of plots thus leading the spectators into bedlam.

  2. Wow…..very eager to know the truth…….felling very bad fr arzoo……dont worry…chotu is yours only.nd directors plzzz make some littleromantic moments between aryaanarzoo….plzzzx

  3. What’s this bakwas. 3 tracks @ same time.
    Nonsense tracks.
    End all these tracks soon plzzz…….
    Okay Episode.
    At least end this neelvish disease track.Plz end this track next weekend itself plzzz……

  4. Vary confusing, but interesting. Sandhya and Sooraj will solve all the issues. I don’t mind anything as long as Sooraj is with Sandhya like Diya Aur Baati.

    But Maasa angle and Emily-Om is not so digestible.

    Neelvish has been added to show “blind faith”

  5. I have a request to Amena.
    Please update the written episodes of DABH everyday as soon as possible.(@least before 9:45)

  6. Nice episode. New track is different storyline, but always dabh different from other serials. always teach good lesson to the viewers. I like very much. pls. show fast screen play heavy dialouges about this diseases and show more Sooraj and Sandhya scenes.

  7. That is why I did not like Mission Mahabal where that stupid Lalima was added and Bhabha was misbehaving

  8. Wat this about the village their in n wat is going on

  9. Nice episode.Piya is a selfish girl who loved aryan for money whereas aarzoo is very good.Aryaan will be always aarzoo’s.

  10. asala ee neelvish gola ent??????????????
    unnavi saripoleda,ipudu malli idi??

  11. Sarayu(honey)

    This track is interesting. I love it. But I want Emily to know the truth of maasa.

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