Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya scolding Ved for lying. Sooraj says he is just a kid, my shop is famous in Hanuman Gali, its Rathi sweetshop and asks is he mistaken. The kid say he told that Sooraj hotel belongs to his dad. Sooraj apologizes to everyone. He says its my son’s birthday and I respect your feelings, we will vacate this hall now and I m sorry. Ved’s essay plays and he praises Sooraj, and then says about Sooraj being owner of the hotel. Sandhya and Sooraj are shocked.

The kids ask Ved why did he lie to them. Ved cries. Rahul’s dad claps for him. The kids call Ved a liar. Sandhya and Sooraj get teary eyed. Misri says stop it, Ved is not a liar. Rahul’s dad says Sooraj should be an acto, they both are such actors, they both lied. Sandhya says their party is also ruined,

they did not do this intentionally. She says its staff’s mistake. The manager says fine, but Sooraj could have understood that this arrangement is not worth 50000rs, and scolds him. Rahul’s dad says its wrong upbringing for Ved, he taught this to his son and laughs.

Sandhya says stop it, he does not know Soorak, he can’t say anything, they will pay the amount. Vivaan’s dad says why did Sooraj lie to them. Rahul’s dad says he wanted to have this lavish party and asks him to buy good shoes before lying big. The party ends and everyone leave from there. Sandhya asks Misri to take Ved. Misri takes him and leaves. Sandhya and Sooraj cry. She says we should leave now and they all come out of the hall. She says she will talk to Ved and asks the hotel staff to make the bill, she will not keep any amount due. Sooraj cries and leaves.

Sandhya recalls Sooraj’s words and thinks he got shattered today because of Ved. Golu tells Ved that Sooraj felt bad, he should have not lied to him. Misri says he is already scared, don’t say anything now. Sandhya says where did Sooraj go and asks the kid. Misri says she saw him going outside. Sandhya rushes. Golu says I m afraid that Sooraj can leave the house, as Pari’s dad. Ved says no, he can’t go anywhere and runs out saying Papa.

Sandhya calls out Sooraj and says he is nowhere, why did Ved lie. She cries and says Sooraj can’t bear to fall in his son’s eyes. She says why did he lie. Ved comes running and asks Sandhya about Sooraj. Sooraj gets the taxi and looks at them. Sooraj asks them to come and behaves normal, like nothing happened. They leave from the hotel. Sandhya sees Sooraj upset. They come home and tell everything.

Babasa says everyone respects Sooraj, how can they do this. Vikram says I will not leave them. Mohit says Ved did this, how can he lie. Misri says its my mistake in this, I have changed the birthday party nameplate. Meenakshi asks why did she do this. Misri says Ved’s party hall was simple and his friends thought his birthday will be best, as his dad is the hotel owner. Emily asks her to take Ved and Golu. Bhabho says Sooraj is very hurt and bear all this, don’t know what he is going through, he will be broken.

Babasa says my son is very soft hearted, we should go to him and talk. They all see Sooraj coming and he appears to be fine, and says he went to change clothes as he was feeling hot, no need to worry. He asks why is everyone seeing him like this. Vikram asks is he fine. Sooraj says yes, kids are innocent. He says he does not feel bad by the kids and calls them. Sandhya holds him and cries. She says Ved is in his room.

Meenakshi tells Vikram that Sooraj is acting to make things fine. Ved sits under the bed and says sorry Papa and Sooraj hugs him. He says he did not feel bad and Ved thanks him. Sandhya looks at them. Sooraj rests in Ved’s lap. Sooraj gives a bath to Ved and asks does he feel he is best dad. Ved says yes, the very best. Sooraj asks why did he lie in class. Ved says he did not like when everyone make fun of my dad. Sooraj says so you lied that they don’t laugh on me. Ved says no, not just that.

Sooraj says don’t worry, I won’t tell mum, it will be between us, tell me. Ved says don’t feel bad, I will say truth, why don’t you dream to be big man, why can’t he become a big man.

Sandhya looks on as Sooraj goes to the shop at night.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really thnk its a 10 yr leap nt 6. Only 14 yr old misri wl hv this kind of ntorious mind, only 13yr old pari wl nd a hl tckt for sm exm, only 10yr old ved nd vnsh cn read or write eassays on dr own, nd bulbul luks of 18 or more

  2. ved character can be diminished lightly … he is just 10 years but advicing his father… I mean it sounds silly

    1. Actually. …This show became so silly after Sandhya’s pregnancy. ..
      ved misri pari..drama is nothing before bulbul drama at the time of Sandhya’s pregnancy

  3. I am going to tell you guys the story next…..
    Like in any hit drama …..
    Sooraj now becomes rich by doing work as a result hr doesn’t spend time with ved and after earning lot of money ved realises his mistake and asks to forgive him as he needs the old papa where he gives bath and feeds him ….:-)

    1. Yeah exactly. .. I also thinking the same. ..

  4. Jeyam Ramachandran

    The director is beating about the bush with repetitve imcidents and the tone of the story getting low, lower and lowest.

  5. DABH First 1000nd episode for Sandhya’s ips dream
    DABH-2 Became father and son show….

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