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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj recalling Bharat’s words about the mission. Sandhya is tied to the cross poles and is taken across the village. The people look at her. Shekhar reads the letter and says Sagarika was staying with us, she is not innocent, she is a celever police officer, a cheater, Sandhya Rathi, she fooled us. The history is given that police officers are killed by Garjana, she will be punished too, she will be locked inside the bricks wall, she will be suffocated and die, this will be lesson for others who go against Garjana. The villagers get angry on Sandhya. They untie the ropes and take Sandhya. She is made to stand inside the wall. Shekhar says Garjana is fighting with govt for our rights, Garjana is our Lord, we have to respect their decision, its their order to build

walls around this woman, forget that you knew Sagarika or Sandhya. They all agree.

Sooraj comes in the village by boat. Ek ke bina…. Siya ram….. The men start making the wall. Shekhar leaves one brick and promises that they will plan their mission on 2nd oct, she will be kept alive, they left this brick place to keep her alive, she will see this ruining by her eyes, and see how her family gets killed, how Garjana wins and celebrates. Sooraj steps in the village and says Sandhya, I will find you and its test of love once again for us. The wall gets completely built.

Bharat talks to the minister and says Sandhya is caught by Garjana, they don’t have clear info about their mission on 2nd oct, they have to stop them, he wants commandos and his permission to attack Garjana. The minister says mission mahabali will be started, everything will be arranged. Bharat says Jai hind and leaves. Meenakshi looks at Lokesh and says Bhabho is not telling me anything, whats the matter Lokesh seems to be happy. Lokesh gives the catering order for 200 people. Meenakshi hears this and asks Lokesh whats going on, whats the good news. Lokesh says happiness is big and makes her eat laddoo. He says you will know everything soon and goes. She says he is clever and did not tell me. Bharat sees the video and says Sooraj’s kurta has camera, and we can see the Garjana area by this. Sooraj is taken by Garjana men.

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He looks around for Sandhya. He stops seeing the walls where Sandhya is kept. Sandhya is inside the walls. Sooraj comes over there and his approaching steps make her feel his presence. Diya aur baati…………plays…………. Sooraj looks at the freshly made bricks wall. The man asks Sooraj what is he doing here, and asks him to come. Sooraj thinks he felt Sandhya is close. The men show him the house.

Bharat sees the live feed and says we have got all entry points to enter Garjana area by the cameras given to Sooraj, now we can enter there with our police force easily. Sooraj asks was anyone staying here. The man says this room is given to you now, stay here till the celebrations, give your phone. Sooraj thinks of Bharat’s words and thinks he can’t be in touch with Bharat now. He gives away the phone and they leave. Sooraj thinks how to talk to Bharat without the phone. He thinks why is this house making him feel Sandhya. He sees Sandhya in the mirror. He turns to see and sees her making bangle sounds and smiling.

Tu sooraj mai saanjh……………plays………..He holds her and kisses her forehead. He hugs her and they smile. He cries. He says whats here that pulling me towards this place, and reminding me of Sandhya. He sees the water pot empty and gets some jaggery in it. He recalls Bharat making him eat the village jaggery. He says it tastes the same which Bharat got for me, its made by Sandhya, it means Sandhya was kept here, that’s why I feel why this room looks like known, I m close to Sandhya now, I know she is close to me, I will find her. He hears a woman shouting and rushes to see there. He looks at something and gets shocked.

Shekhar sees Sooraj and goes to him. He holds his hand and checks the button. He asks is he from Pushkar. The spy camera falls down on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb episode as well as can’t see sandhya in pain…???
    Thanks amena for fast updating..?

    1. Welcome back @ varsha!!! Today’s episode rokzzzz except minakshi part ??

    2. @varsha nice to see ur comment today☺?superb episode?. Thanks amena

  2. Oh spy camera out fire fear out gona b intresting & wat r bhabho n lokesh upto?

    1. Ya really very interesting track…??

  3. Walcm bak varsha nyc to c u cmntng nd suspence pre

    1. Thanks…?As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass.superb episode BT only Sandhya’s part.???

  4. Amena plz clear that suraj will leave the show or not.

  5. dekhana lalima maa jrur banane wali hai

    1. What rubbish.. U say… R u out of ur mind… Dnt say anything.. .. How can this possible… Plz dnt say anything hear I can’t bear this nonsense this… This is my woring…??????????

    2. Bina shadi ki maa????? Omg matlab lokesh itna pagal hai k vo jante hoye b laddo bhant raha hai??? There’s something else but don’t know what ?

    3. Lol Hw can it b…

  6. The only consoling and soothing thing of today’s episode is the romantic scene between Sandya and Suraj. The BGM was simply superb drawing tears from the eyes. In The previous episode it was written that Sandya’s legs were broken. Is it correct? And as usual the technique of dragging the story like a chewing gum is continued to the great disappointment of the viewers.

    1. Actually that was right means they injure Sandhya’s leg with badly.. So that’s why they say that they broke Sandhya’s leg… So she is nt stand properly… Hope ur daut will clear..??
      Ya true say very nice suraj and sandhya scene…???

  7. shanivar ko bhabho aaj lokesh laddu bana rha hai yyyyyyyy

    1. Aye haye!! Ab jo b laddo khaye ga ya phir banayega to Kiya vo pregnant Ho ga!! ? Kuch to akal k nakhoon lo mere bhai! Mind ko saaf rakho
      Kuch achcha socho ?

  8. As usual in starting they show sandhya’s scene.idiot chandu he did really bad thing… Hate u chandu…???

    1. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I thought was right… Suraj come to save sandhya… Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…????

    2. And also my past thought was right that sajani help Bharat sir to save sandhya.. Bcoz sandhya save chote raja…????

    3. That siya ke ram song was superb, mind blowing.. Perfectly suit on suraj and sandhya… Ekk ke bina adhura dusra… ????just love that song… If I get this song lyrics then I will post that…??

  9. Hi guys the nws has been posted in fb tat anas s nt leavng the show.he s gng to do powerful job in mm

    1. Hey plz go through the website There they have posted that Suraj will be leaving the show at the end of mm. His life will be ended in the same village where he went to save his wife. So the shows trp is going
      To be 0 I am going to stop watching the show.

  10. yaar aap log duniya ko ba-vkoof samajhatay ho kiya…. suraj ko sirf gamacha pahana kar or munchh laga kar bhauj diya… or kaha gaya ki bhais badal diya gaya hai…. hum sab budhhu hain kiya???? kam say kam makeup to eisa karo ki lagay to sahee ki bhais bdala hai…… suraj say chutiya type act arva rahay ho… thoda sa to change karo yaar….

  11. Now that idiot chandu did that stupid thing.. Means chandu caused the lady to be enclosed within a wall of his palace.. So sad…??????

    1. Plz someone do this( caused the lady to be enclosed within a wall of his palace) with all garjna sanghtna people… Idiot..????

    2. He’s just coping shehensha AKbar!!!! ??? apna koi idea nahi hai saza dene ka to Mughal e azam ki copy kar raha hai idiot!!!
      Oye chandu sandya ki takat ko underestimate kabhi b nahi karna varna muhh ki khani pare ghi ?

  12. Minakshi comedy was awesome.. She do that hanuman gali clean… Can’t stop my laugh on that Minakshi part…???

    Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee suraj reach this garjna sanghtna place… Now definitely he save sandhya…???????

  13. Suraj and sandhya love was so strong.. They feel each other heart… Suraj feel that sandhya is with him…??????

    1. It also nice that people bring suraj on that manjri place.. So happy… It also nice that suraj feel that this place is related to his sandhya…?????

    2. And this suraj thought was right.. He eat that jaggery which bharat sir Bring for him.. And he realise that this is the same jaggery.. And he also know that garjna sanghtna people stay sandhya in this place… Superb..??????

  14. Wowwwww so many days back we see suraj and sandhya scene together in suraj’s dream… Mind blowing.. In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss..??????

    1. Also nice to see my fav background tune as well as diya or baati hum title song… So happy…???????

      1. Hi Varsha, I think this’s the song sung during the romantic dream scene. Will you please tell me the meaning of this song word by word

    2. ?????
      तू सूरज मैं सांझ पियाजी
      मारे सपनों की तू परवाज़ पियाजी
      थारो मारो मिलन ऐसो लागे
      रे साथी जैसो
      दीया और बाती हम
      हूँ… दीया और बाती हम

      मैं जो चलूँ तो संग चलो
      जी मोरे पिया मोरे पिया
      मेरी खुशियों में
      यूँ रंग भरो जी पिया
      मोरे पिया

      तुमने जो देखे सपने सुहाने
      उन सपनों को अपना बनाने
      तू धड़कन मैं जान पियाजी
      मारे होटों की तू मुस्कान पिया
      थारो मरो मिलन ऐसो लगे रे
      साथी जैसो
      दीया और बाती
      हूँ… दीया और बाती हम

      तुम जो संग हो
      लागे है मुझको सारा जहाँ
      अपना मुझे
      मिलके चलेंगे है ये कसम
      जो साथ तेरा मुझको मिली

      राहों से कांटे हम चुन लेंगे
      धुप में छाया बनके चलेंगे
      जग से निराला होगा साथ पियाजी
      मारे सपनों की तू परवाज़ पिया
      थारो मारो मिलन ऐसो लागे रे
      साथी जैसो दीया और बाती
      हूँ… दीया और बाती हम???????

      Tu sooraj main saanjh piya ji,
      Mhaare sapno ki tu parwaaz piya ji

      (Piya… Piya)

      Arre mharo milan aisa laage hai saathi jaiso
      Diya… aur baati, ho.. diya aur baati hum

      (Instrumental Break)

      Main jo chaloon toh sang chalo ji more piya..
      More piya…
      Meri khushiyon mein yun rang bharo ji piya…
      More piya…

      (Kailash Kher Begins)

      Tumne jo dekhe sapne suhane,
      Unn sapno ko apna banane
      Tu dhadkan main jaan piya ji
      Mhaare honton ki muskaan piya

      Arre mharo milan aisa laage hai saathi jaiso
      Diya… aur baati, diya aur baati hum

      (Instrumental Break)

      Aa… aa…

      Tum jo sang ho, laage hai mujhko,
      Saara jahan…, apna mujhe
      Milke chalenge, hai ye kasam
      Jo saath tera…, mujhko mile

      Raahon se kaante, hum chunn lenge
      Dhoop mein chaya, bann ke chalenge
      Jag se nirala hoga, saath piya ji
      Mhaare sapno ki tu parwaaz piya ji

      Arre mharo milan aisa laage hai saathi jaiso
      Diya… aur baati, ho.. diya aur baati hum

      Piya… Piya
      Ho.. diya aur baati hum…?????

  15. Now bcoz of suraj enter that garjna sanghtna people place with taking that small camera which give Bharat sir to suraj… Bharat sir now see all mystery as well as the way of that garjna sanghtna people place … They can send there police officers as well as commodo team to attack on garjna sanghtna and to save sandhya… So happy that bharat sir do this…?????✈

    1. Full suspense Precap… Oh shitttt that suraj camera fall down hope chandu nt see that camera… Wating for tomorrow episode as well as upcoming rocking episodes..???????

  16. May be that lokesh fix lalima’s marriage with some guy.. So that’s why he come to meet bhaboo and bhabasa and may be in that meeting he tell that plz u do my sister marriage all ritual bcoz we have nt parent.. So may be for this lokesh doing preparation… ???????

    1. I say this bcoz in past episode lokesh tell lalima that now u do that which I say… So may be lokesh fix lalima’s marriage with new guy… Thus is my opinion… Hope this my thought was right…????

    2. Also they show himanshu in upcoming episodes… May be they show like this that when that force come in that place than the force is give sandhya bcoz they have himanshu… And then may be they show how they take himanshu with them in that train accident… Hope they show like this… Also hope that this all my thoughts will come true…???????

  17. Plzzzzzzzzzz guys stop this stupid track talk… This suraj new is fake… Dnt believe on this nonsense new…in hijack track also they sperd this kind of fake news that bhaboo and suraj die BT see this NT happened in show. This is just rumours… And also in when they post that train accident spoiler that time they say that sandhya and suraj and bhaboo die… Bt see no one die in this track… Only sandhya do drama that she was die… So plzzzzzzzzzz dnt believe on this rumours…???????

    And one thing also that whenever anas nt confirm that he was leaving this show that time I believe on this new nt now… ??????

    If this happened means that suraj want nt quit thus show.. Then is our duty that we respect his decision… After all he is human being he also want do something new in his life… So respect his decision and accpet that his decision… So please do talk this…its request… Bcoz if this really true this new then I really heartly respect anas this decision…???????

    Bt in Facebook one our fan call star plus and star plus confirm that anas nt leave the show… He is enjoy this show bcoz now his track is on the way… So just relax.. This nt happened that suraj leave this show… So just chillll…????????

    Once again I say that dnt believe on this rumours… Suraj nt leave this show… Hope u understand this… Please now plzzzzzzzzzz stop dis topic hear… I now just irritating of this rumours cmts.. So bcoz of this headache I stop seeing and reading any spoiler news… Bcoz this kind of fake news we loss over interest… So plz stop this fake news talk…????

    So plzzzzzzzzzz now dnt take tension.. Now just enjoy this mission mahabali track… Bcoz of that fake news why we spoiled our just rumours… Suraj nt leave this show..he is in show.

    So bcoz of this my cmts hope ur mood will good… Plz dnt upset with my cmts… If I hurt ur feelings den sorry… Forgive me..???hope u forgive me if I say any bad words in my all cmts that u hurt so for that I m really sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy…???

  18. Shekar pls dont look the camera . Waitin to see garjana men to die
    Nyc episode

  19. I’m waiting to see sandhya’s attack on chandu. He should be beaten hardly. Come on Bharat attack gharjana. It’s really good that they got the path to gharjana due to the camera.

  20. 4 days ago, news is coming Sooraj leaves the show ????
    “anas rashid indianforum” now tells he is not leaving. is that true?

  21. I think Rathi family welcomes Lalima as Bahu without informing Sooraj. But on Misson Mahabali, Sooraj is died. All relation are gone. Sandhya and Lalima both become Widow.
    Sandhya fullfill Sooraj’s Hotel with
    Many tracks are coming or going, I don’t care. I watch tis show till Sooraj and Sandhya’s permanent seperation.

    Oneday my mother told that those woman who’s name is Sandhya, they were never being happy person. This show proved that words completely.

    1. And my mum says those women whose name is nayaab or Zara so they never remain happy I their married life but I don’t believe in these things ! But suraj sandhya are made for each other they will never b seperated just wait and watch next episode:-)

  22. I was crying watching dbh yesterday
    If anything hpns to them omg just cnt bear
    Hw can bhabho without informing sooraj can accept lalma as bahu?
    sooraj already told her tht sandy is alive rite? Den Hw can she do this?
    Selfish bhabho worstfellow
    I love sansooraj very much

  23. this show goes to boring

  24. Sandhya should have had her main vein cut, and she would slowly bleed to death, as she watches the nuclear missile take off and kill her town and family !

    Or better yet, will they fire the missile from the top of the bricked up tower that she is stuck in ?

    Is so, the missile will kill her first then the rest !

    Down with the Indian Government – one of the most corrupt Government in the world !!!

    Garjana to rule India !!!

  25. Suraj and Lallima had s*x when he thought she was Sandhya, and now she is pregnant with his child.

    The only thing Suraj can do is marry Lallima as he “popped her cherry”.

    Legally Sandhya is dead, and soon due to Garjana she will die too !!!!

    Suraj and Lallima should move away from Pushkar (and possibly India) so they avoid the nuclear fallout, and start their new family as everyone else will die !!

    All Suraj needs to do is leave the village and Sandhya behind – he will do when he finds out Lallima is carrying his child.

    Man, I should be a story writter -I’m sure I can do a lot better job then that idiots that write these soaps !!!

    Die Sandhya Die !!!!

  26. sooraj ne sain kar diya tha air lalima we lokesh karva lega !

  27. Shekhar and Sandhya got together, and she is carrying his baby !!!

    you heard it hear first !

  28. The Indian Commandos all get blown to pieces by the mines on the ground !

    Shekhar kills Sooraj point blank – we see his body hit the floor (headless)

    Bharat is a double agent, and is working for Garjana

    Zakir and Emily have an affair

    The bomb hits Pushkar, but the entire family decided to go look for Sooraj, and are saved from the blast.

    Then there will be a jump forward in time, and Ved will be grown up, and about to open the hotel – the area is clear of nuclear radiation very quickly, and we find that their house was not effected.

  29. Can you imagine Sooraj having 2 wives (manage-trois) – lucky man !!

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