Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj returning the papers to Lalima. He says don’t feel you are alone, I m there to help you in your shop. Meenakshi thinks Sooraj has slapped Lalima. Lalima goes. Sandhya smiles and happily holds the umbrella for Sooraj. Bhabho looks on. Lalima thinks Sandhya’s happiness will not long much, I will get Sooraj, I will not lose, Sandhya has to get away.

Sandhya thanks Sooraj for showing strength. They make sweets and give to Babasa and Bhabho. Bhabho eats jalebis and cries. Sandhya recalls Sooraj’s promise. She sees Pari crying and goes to ask what happened. Pari does not tell her. Sandhya asks her not to hide and share with her. Pari hugs her and cries. Pari says she failed by one mark, Emily will be upset seeing the result. Sandhya recalls Ved and Mohit’s

words. She says we will pay your feeds, don’t cry. Pari says they won’t accept her help, she will not get scholarship now. Sandhya thinks its Pari’s dream to get admission in medical institute and asks Pari to believe her, she will get her admission done. Pari thanks and hugs her. Lalima hears them and thinks now Sandhya wants to take kid’s support to win Bhabho’s heart, I will see how she does so.

Bhabho gets glad seeing people praise Sooraj’s handmade tasty jalebis. She cries and says she wants to see Sooraj’s progress, today she got new hope seeing him applauded. Babasa says yes, Sooraj and Sandhya took right decision. She sees Sooraj working at the stall. Sandhya talks to the lady of medical institute and thanks her for giving admission to Pari. Sooraj comes to the room and is tired. He sees Sandhya. She gets the mattress. He coughs. She says she will get kada for him. he says I m fine and asks her to leave the mattress. She says you leave it. They argue and fall over the mattress.. Diya aur baati…………..plays………. They have an eyelock. Lalima knocks the door. Lalima says its time for Sooraj’s medicines. Sandhya says thanks for caring, but Sooraj took medicines, I will be giving medicines to him from now on. Lalima gets sad and leaves. Sandhya boils the leaves in water. She tells Sooraj that they will remove all these things till morning and keep this water ready for Bhabho. Babasa comes there and sees them keeping water in bathroom.

Sandhya asks Babasa not to tell Bhabho, Bhabho has knee pain, she should use this water, her pain will go away, if she knows I kept this, she will not use it. Babasa silently leaves. Its morning, Lalima says she will apply oil to Bhabho’s leg. Bhabho says no need, water was not cold today, it was warm. Sooraj and Sandhya look on. Sooraj takes her blessings and goes. The courier guy delivers the letter. Babasa receives it and tells Bhabho that its in english. He calls out Pari and gives her the letter, saying it has come for her.

Emily reads the letter and gets happy. She happily tells them that Pari got a seat in big medical institute. Pari sees Sandhya and thanks her. Emily says congrats and hugs Pari. She says now your dream to become doctor will get fulfilled. Bhabho thanks Lord. Emily thanks Lord that she will not need to ask money from Mohit. Bhabho and Babasa bless Pari. Meenakshi says congrats Emily, its good Pari did not go on Mohit. Babasa says Pari will become doctor, and Misri and Golu will manage shop. Mohit jokes on Meenakshi that her children will manage saree shop. Lalima thinks its right chance to make Sandhya fall in everyone’s eyes.

She goes to kitchen after Meenakshi. Meenakshi fumes as Mohit joked on her children. Lalima says Sandhya hs big heart, she thinks about everyone. Meenakshi asks what. Lalima says I felt you knew, and tells about Sandhya paying Pari’s fees, Pari did not get scholarship. Lalima says Sandhya won kids’ heart and will win elder’s heart too, it will be so good right? Meenakshi says yes, you did good by telling this now. Lalima smiles.

Meenakshi gives sweets to Bhabho. She says its good Pari got admission in best school. She asks Mohit to take her smartphone and see Pari’s name in result. Sandhya thinks Mohit will know Pari did not get scholarship and I did her admission. Lalima thinks Sandhya won first step, I will see how she wins now. Mohit checks scholarship list and says Pari’s name is not there. Babasa says how did this happen. Meenakshi says letter did not come on own, it was made, all because of Sandhya. They all look at Sandhya.

Sandhya keeps her gun in cupboard and goes to change. Lalima takes the gun and says this gun will change everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lalima also a villian 😀 😀 😀

    1. yes richa lalimaa is the big vilan our thought is correct abt lalima (over positive)

      u send the req pabbu packs pic is deepika

    2. ohhh m the first commenter …….

  2. nyccepisodw 👿 😡 :X 👿 true chaalbaaz lalima shownnn hw low cansm1 stoop to make other look bad….. though love 1 shud get it earnestlyy/honestlyy 😛 😛

    1. yes richa..untrue love never lasts for long….

  3. irritating bt interesting ……shaguni looooolimaaaaa…..she dint even care about the future of pari …. u mad bhabho note this , this same will happen to ved if sooraj admits her as wife..u looolima knows hw to break a relationship n family bt sandy knows hw to join them together….that gun is ur fate….ur end is nearingggggggggg…

  4. Through Lalima character director insults all the women. Loving married old man that too the affectionate couple.

  5. last week same precap fr three days bt this week different precap with no connection with the next episode….

    1. may b looooolima planning to hurt herself orr childrern with the service revolver :omg: OMG hw loww thinkingg……..

  6. Nice episode thanks amena s & s scene’s r nice…. lalimaa is a big vilan…is she loving suraj ???if she loves sooraj sooraj ke parivaar kho dukh nahi dethi…she is not a lover. she put a big aim…her aim is s & s kho seperate karna use nahi pata they never seperate….mission mahabali climax scene’s r the example.

    lalimaa yaad rakhna thum ips sandhya se panga leri ho

    1. plsss chek it dr……….. i request u fb

  7. can tell anyone tell me what is the meaning of the word sautan

    1. dunno exact word butt it men second wife usually reffered to as ur hubby 2nd wife wen u r undivorced nd he marry again … lol dnt mind i wrote in context u

      1. thank you dear richa…i read this word in dabh spoilers thats y i asked…

  8. I’m begging star plus team to make DABH’s repeat telecast @ morning by removing YHM @ 7:30 am as it has much more telecast than that DABH has.YHM has telecast even @ 10:30 am.Plz star plus.Plz accept my request.

    1. Husband’s second wife

      1. Sry wrong place it was for seema.. hope u dont feel bad

      2. I don’t understood what you mean?

      3. hahaa thank youuuuu minnieee

  9. Lalima dont love suraj


  11. Lalima You are dancing in front of lion definetly sandhya will give big blow to you but i am irritating with these episodes.

  12. I want all the Hindi serial translate to English for better understanding and mke us(NE) to learn Hindi well ..

  13. Lalima is irritated me.. she behave like devil ther is no gud things inside her.. she is absolutely opposite to sandhya.. I hope as soon u get lost from rathi family n of course from sooraj oso u stupid women!!

  14. Wtf! Does DABH have any official site? I wanna tell the writers to bring back their brains from wherever they sold it. What track is this!

  15. hi I m Sony accepte me as u r friend please I m new in this site

  16. Good episode

    But try to end this as soon as possible

    Lalima go back to your way to home or stop your rubbish evil thoughts in you…….. Other wise Sandhya the great ips officer will find your reality and kick you from the house……

    Ask everyone in that house about Sandhya and then make a conclusion

    For daam sure if you continue like this then you will not have any place in rathi parivar or in babho’s heart

  17. end the track or the serial

  18. Neethu Narayanan

    Nice episode but lalima’s part is irritating me.

  19. Sandhya trying to make family unite but Lalima dividing for her selfish. Everyone thinking her as selfless.
    I hope sandhya will not get into trouble because of the gun. Lalima is doing really a big mistake.

  20. last win sandy ka hai

    1. Yeah agreed but where will bhabo hide her face! M eager to watch that scene!!!

  21. Abdulrasheed Aliyu

    Lalima will hide the service revolver to indict sandiya but trust sandiya she will triumph over lalima

  22. This track does not match Mission Mahabali. MM was fast and full of action. ultimately Sandhya triumphed
    This track is becoming boring. Lalima is wicked, mean and conniving, always plotting against Sandhya. I hope Sooraj learns the truth and all that Mohit knows and Lalima is exposed

  23. I guess now Lalima is going to commit a big mistake and that will change her life.

    Sandhya does the things whole heartedly, not to impress anyone. But Lalima taking wrong steps to create wrong impression on sandhya. S&S respecting her a lot but she is misusing that.

  24. It is simply irritating to see Lalima spoiling the romantic mood of Sandya andSuraj.

  25. It is astonishing to see that children aged 7years are admitted in the medical college. It is the episode director who has to clarify the medical institutions where students are admitted without having the basic secondary education.

    1. Before leap , it was shown that pari was 1 year old and after ten years leap she is 12 plus the 8 months time of MM so altogether she may b 13 ; but still it’s impossible for pari to join medical college . She needs to pass her10 standard than Alevel or any other equavelent education at the age of around 19 she can get admission !!!

      1. @Romi, the show took 5 years leap right? In that way she should not even complete her board exams. Anyone can clarify this?

      2. Oh sorry @ luv DABH ! I didn’t know that ! But still she is too young to get admission in medical institute!

  26. The show is becoming a normal mil-dil serial. It is a common sense that no one dares to go against an IPS officer. How can Lalima dare to behave like this? Cannot believe. Tooooo much exaggeration ?

  27. i think, Laalima rajkumar’s 4th sister

    1. yes good joke

    2. Or may be she is rajkumar’s fiance’!!!!!?

  28. I am a regular viewer of the serial. Please whatefer happens, whatever hardships Sandhya has to go through, Sooraj should be by her side. He should not get carried away by Bhabho or that wicked Lalima. I like Sandhya’s character. She is so innocent, straightforward, selfless and a vey good human being. It is very difficult to get people like that.
    Sooraj is also a good human being. But can get carried away by Bhabho
    Let Lalima NOT have a upper hand even for one minute

  29. nice Episode but lalima part is irritating me

  30. I think lalima doing tis pistol thing then definitely sandhya have doubt…then easily she find tis culprit and kick out..pisasu lalima…

  31. Since everyone knew that scholarship to from Sandhya so Bhabho ask money from Mohit and give it to Sandhya. Then Mohit ask Lalima to give him the money.

    Lalima get angry, so she think to shot Mohit by Sandhya’s gun.

    Ha ha ha I guess for the next scene.

  32. I don’t think lalima is such a bad person as being shown now.Remember she thinks lord shiva asked her tohelp sooraj.Only she believed him to be a widower and she is being really helpful to him.AS it happens always she is no more needed.She will realize that she is just oil in Diya aur baati.

  33. please don’t drag in this track any way sandhya find out truth about laalima, because laalima scenes irritating me

  34. How can Pari get admitted to Medical Institute? Sheis just 10

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