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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya asking Sooraj to have chicken. Chaturi says we are against this non veg. Maya says yes, we know and its Sooraj’s test, if he does not eat this, Mamta will not get food, if he does not eat, then he should not talk about humanity ever. He asks will he save his Dharm or Mamta‘s life. Mamta asks him not to eat it, as she is not hungry and she is fine, don’t give such big sacrifice for me. Bhabho cries. Maya takes the food trolley. Sooraj stops her and takes the chicken leg piece in his hand. He looks at it. Sandhya asks Zakir is he ready. He says I have forgotten Zakir and RK is alive Sandhya Bhabhisa. She nods yes and asks him to come. They work on the files and sees some videos.

Zakir observes RK’s behavior and small acts, like how he eats food, how

he walks, how he stares. Meenakshi makes Misri give food to Babasa. Misri asks him to have food. Everyone looks on. Meenakshi says even Misri did not have food, do you want her to be hungry, please have some food, else you will get ill. Misri asks him to eat and makes him eat by her hands. Babasa cries and hugs her. Misri wipes his tears and says Dadi will come, don’t cry. Everyone smile. Zakir wears a black thread like RK. Sandhya asks are you ready Zakir. He does not react. She asks are you ready RK. He looks exactly the way RK used to look. He talks like RK and says he is ready.

She asks his name. He says RK. She asks his birthdate. He tells the details, whatever she asks. He walks like RK and speaks in his composed tone. She sees a pic and says this girl’s face looks somewhat known. Zakir says we don’t have knowledge about his sister. Sandhya says yes, she does not have any record. She thinks who is she. She says even Maya does not have any record. She sees her face is matching the sketches they made for Maya. They understand Maya is his Bai ji. He says it means Maya is RK’s sister, how did we not understand this, the third woman with Disha and Prema is Maya, we have to be careful. As Maya knows her brother very well. She says we have to act well to fool Maya.

Sooraj holds the chicken piece. Chaturi says no Sooraj sa, how can you eat meat and fish, you don’t even touched it ever, your Dharm will end. Sooraj says a person’s life is above any Dharm. Bhabho cries. Sooraj eats the chicken shocking Maya. Everyone cry seeing him. Sooraj gives the food plate to Mamta. Bhabho asks Mamta not to worry about Sooraj and asks her to have food for her baby. Sandhya and Zakir see the videos of RK’s life and history. Zakir talks like RK and stuns Sandhya. She says better than before, good, really good. She says lets take a break RK. She gives him tea and biscuits. Zakir sits on the floor as RK. She looks at him to check whether he is enacting the same. She thinks RK does not eat plan biscuit. Zakir dips it in tea and eats. She sees him chewing and eating the biscuit exactly like RK, and at perfect timing. She thinks Zakir is doing well and this plan won’t fail.

Sandhya gives all updates to Vadeja and he tells he is not talking to Maya, and bought time for them. She says Zakir will be ready as RK soon, he is doing good. Maya says they are buying time from us to do something, if we give them more time, it can be dangerous for us, as the death fear is getting less here, we have to do whatever we want, by thinking a lot and soon. She says she has called someone and the game will end soon.

The passengers start fighting. Sooraj sings Aye Malik tere bande hum…………. And calms all of them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. gud,,keep draging the shw until it looses its charm among the audience n later on only the team has 2 watch its crap…nobody else gona watch it..

  2. Starplus serials are starting 2 get useless day by day!!!!!!!

  3. I stopped watching anything to do with star plus. Look. Im not Indian in fact I’m Ur neighbour, it really hurts me to see the dramas in this state, I know India has some awesome amazing talent and some great storyline but it’s a shame that they are taking the audience as fools and all…..I miss the old style dramas from doordarshan days they were excellent

  4. yes really they r dragging it really bad…nw its the third week….i feel lyk stop watching this rubbish

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