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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya checking the terrace and recalling her promise to Ved. She recalls a drone camera hitting her head, and thinks what was that sound, it was strange, what was it which has struck my head. She says just Arzoo and I were here, I fainted and then got up, something struck to my feet, what was that… She says maybe it fell down. She looks down and sees the drone camera. She recalls inspector saying about security with drone cameras.

She runs downstairs and gets that drone. She checks the camera and takes it. Sooraj walks on the road and recalls Arzoo. People play holi and apply color to Sooraj, wishing him happy holi. Emily and Pari are on the way. Pari says Ved is so scared, we should have not left him alone. Emily says Maasa kept puja, we will return soon after

the puja. Driver asks Emily to inform him, he will get the car. They get shocked seeing a lady coming infront of the car. The lady flies in air and falls. Driver says someone came under the car and worries. Emily and Pari look around for the lady.

Sandhya is at police station and gets congratulating calls. The man says I have transferred drone cameras footage in laptop, you can see. Sandhya, inspector and that man check the footage. She asks him to pause and play again. Sandhya sees she fainted and then Arzoo got up, even when she was shot. Arzoo has opened the water valve. The water fell on Sandhya and Sandhya got conscious. Sandhya says it means Arzoo was not attacking me, she was going ahead to help me, she has saved everyone’s lives by blowing off Lakshagrah fire, it means Arzoo is not a criminal, she is innocent, what did I do, I did big mistake. Inspector says yes, its clear from video, but question is why did she run from police custody when she is innocent.

Sandhya says there would be some thing, Arzoo saved everyone. Doctor calls Sandhya and says Arzoo’s state is getting worse, her blood group is rare, she needs blood. Sandhya says nothing should happen to Arzoo, contact all blood banks, arrange the blood, we want her alive, you have to save her. Doctor says I will try my best. Sandhya rushes to hospital. Media stops her outside police station and salute her for saving the people, did her hands not shake to shoot her sister in law. Sandhya says sorry, I can’t answer now. She leaves.

She makes call to arrange blood. She asks driver to drive fast. Sooraj comes to hospital and hears a couple speaking against Arzoo. The couple wishes Arzoo does not get the blood. Sooraj cries. Constable stops Sooraj from meeting Arzoo, and says this is Sandhya’s order. Resham requests doctor to save Arzoo. Doctor says we are trying, but your blood group is not matching, her blood group is AB negative. Sooraj hears them. Resham says they all think she is terrorist, no one is coming ahead to give her blood. Sooraj asks doctor to take his blood, and goes for tests. Resham gets shocked and cries.

Sandhya is on the way and thinks Arzoo is innocent, her life is in danger, and prays that Arzoo gets the blood, if anything happens to Arzoo, I won’t be able to forgive myself. Sooraj gives blood.

Sandhya reaches the hospital. He prays for Arzoo and leaves. Just then Sandhya enters the ward from another door. She asks doctor how is Arzoo. He asks her not to worry, Arzoo is out of danger, thank God, Sooraj’s blood matched with her, he just have her blood. Sandhya thanks Sooraj in heart for saving her in her own eyes. Pari tells Emily that she did not see anyone. She asks Emily to calm down. Emily says but I have seen her, the lady was wearing red saree, where did she go, there is no blood signs. Pari says maybe we are mistaken, we are finding her since 2 hours, come with me. Emily finds a locket. She says is this pendant of that lady? Pari says come, we will file police complaint. They come to the road and get shocked seeing the taxi gone. Emily says driver has run away with the taxi, without telling anything. Emily hugs Pari and they run from there.

Doctor says I can understand, Arzoo is imp link for you to reach the clue, don’t worry, we will not let this terrorist die, if she dies like this, it will be easy death, law will punish her. Sandhya thinks what did I do, an innocent girl is bearing this.

Sandhya thinks I shot the one who saved everyone’s lives, the one who should have got respect is bearing hatred and humiliation, because of me. She sees Arzoo and cries. Arzoo calls her out and cries saying no one has called me by my name except Dadi, they all called me jhalli and mushtandi, I thought to do something to get a new name, and see I got a new name today terrorist…. Sandhya cries.

Sandhya tells senior that wrong happened, Arzoo is not a terrorist, she is shocked. Commissioner says this news should not go out of police station, you won’t tell this to your family too. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Everyone please boycott this complete waste of time and nonsense and watch gangaa on &tv instead please.

  2. The turn of events is very strange and unbelievable. The result is confusion.

    As I expected Aarzoo is shown innocent..

  4. Wah…! Innocent arzoo

  5. In PK movie amir said Pakistani don’t cheat, in bajrangi bhaijan Salman went to Pakistan to drop munni now in serials also Pakistani r good ,life saver like arzoo ,wow. Indian government & soilders r complete idiots . After watching today’s diya bati I think we should gift arzoo kashmir

  6. You can’t show Arzoo as a heroine and an innocent person by making a responsible and duty conscious Sandhya Rathi as the guilty party. Arzoo is guilty for hiding facts from everyone ………knowing Hindi but hiding it…….. as a police officer sandhya has every reason to suspect and shoot if she feels the person is a threat to the country………. don’t defame and sandhya guilty……… we hate that huge masculine Mutandi ………don’t make her a heroine and defame our very sweet IPS Sandhya who is a nations pride and came up in life without the support of her unpad and gawar family.

    1. why are you commenting on her stature? so narrow minded and very mean. stop judging by looks.

  7. I’m too AB-ve,,,

  8. Y is the police hiding arzoo truth n snadhya should tell bhabo

  9. what they want to show viewers about the Sandhya Rathi IPS not able to identify her co- sister(Arzoo) is not guilty. Just wounded her, yes you r right Ananya about Arzoo and Sandhya.
    Stop writing this terrific story ? This is not about a family in India, which is very sensitive matter about 2 countries. First showing bad and then convert good. Don’t show hiding the truth which is not acceptable? Story should be Proud in content about India and Sandhya Sincerity!!!!

  10. My thinking is exactly the same as above if I say something then I receive a big backlash from almost everyone : but I don’t care
    The writer is making a big fool of its audience , he is writing anything and we are made to believe it ! Complete nonsense!! Only watching for suraj sandya and their sweet romance ?
    Don’t know what are Emily and pari upto ? Is there gonna zakir entry to happen????

  11. We r Indians we should be more tolerant towards others and not all Pakistanis are bad n nt all Muslims are terrorists n arzoo is sweet in her own way so wat if she’s tall n hefty she matches choto well and sandhya did her duty no one can blame her we also have Bad politicians who are nt less than terrorists

  12. If Arzoo is innocent then why they showed that Gul Mohamed was visiting her and she was sending tiffins to hm

  13. Lolz..sheer waste of time showing all crap…10 yrs of marriage and sandhya doesnt know her hubby’s blood group… Showing a responsible police officer an object of mockery ..first she get slapped by local while in uniform ..then the hidden turn of events making her feel guilt.. And the most ironical… Till now she always suspected someone in the end and found out he was culprit and not sweet and first time she was careful to observe since beginning and is turning guilty …aarzoo is running with axe to save but cant speak ..hey bhabhi take this and run :)…..not a big deal if sandhya feeling guilty resigns and then the story moves back to a regular show

  14. If Arzoo was innocent what was she doing in the Anti terror squad truck? why was she crawling at the border with them? what she wanted to accomplish?

    Why was she competing with Sandya? Why steal Sandya official seal and sign her leave forms? Why did she came from Pakistan with a huge luggage which disappeared?

    Why did she send Tiffins to Gul with the material which was used to build the structure which catched fire? She is as guilty as hell! If she didnt send the material the hall couldnt have caught fire and there could not have a need of putting fire out by water and Sandya would have not shot her!

  15. what a non sense track is going on .please stop suddenly Arzoo is shown as innocent
    All typical hindi bluddy serials are same

  16. Arzoo has a lot to reveal and is not as innocent as she is going to be portrayed. How can a girl from another country and another religion agree to marry without even seeing or knowing who is her would be husband? in few day into her marriage a girl who belongs to another commuity goes for gau puja which is unheard of in her religion and is easily fitting into a vegetarian family……refusing to go home for parphere ……..hiding the fact that she can read and understand Hindi and what not. Please dont make sandhya guilty for shooting at Arzoo. Any duty conscious senior police officer will do what she has done. IF Arzoo was innocent she would have told and confided in Sandhya. Suraj is a fool and is not at all rational. Cannot judge people right………right from Prema, Raj Kumar ,Disha etc. He can only talk in a whishpering tone and it is getting very irritating. Sandhya not knowing her husband’s blood group……..cant believe

  17. I think dey wil show arzoo as an under cover agent for investigating the terrorist attack….coz all she did points out her to b a terrorist but if she is stil shwng as being an innocent girl den it only means dat she is an under cover agent as she evn sed dat she has to accomplish her mission dats why she adapted to rathi family so easily…but stil one thing is confusing why was she stopping samdhya frm openg d water valve…may she wanted to do dat n becme mahaan..nahi sandhya her baar aap mahaan nahi ban sakti ho is baar mujhe jaane do plzz n sandhya was like no plzz its my duty i wil only do it…jus a guess lolz…

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