Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandu asking commander to leave Sagarika, as she is Himanshu’s fiancée. He sends her away. He says Himanshu was very sharp, he never saved people’s mobile numbers, why would he write such imp password on common thing, this girl is not what she looks, we won’t get any info if we kill him, we have to know who is she and what she wants, if she is our enemy, who is behind her, we need to find out everything and then kill her.

Sooraj says Sandhya…. And is sleeping. Ved hugs her. Bhabho recalls Sooraj’s state and cries. Ved says Papa I m with you. She says Sooraj took responsibility of everyone from the age of 14 years and today he has become a responsibility, he has cooked from day and night on fire and woods, and today he is scared of fire. FB shows Bhabho

putting water on Sooraj, and power goes. Emily lights lantern and Sooraj gets scared seeing it, recalling Sandhya’s last rites. He says Sandhya, my Sandhya and shouts. They all stop him, and he throws the lantern. Bhabho hugs Sooraj and says your Sandhya is fine, there is not fire here, everything is fine and calms him crying.

Current scene, Bhabho says Sooraj has set, her name was kept right by her parents, Sandhya… she has done sunset of my Sooraj. She has turned brave in everyone’s eyes, she died and took away everything, she has burnt my son’s dreams, confidence and happiness. FB shows doctor saying Sooraj has lost his mental balance, whenever he sees fire, he will recall giving fire to Sandhya, he has get any attack, so keep him away from fire. Meenakshi says he is halwai, he cooks, he is opening big hotel, how will he manage. The doctor says he has to change his work, this attacks on him is dangerous, he can go in coma too. He gives them injections to give him when he gets any panic attack. He asks them to be careful, as Sooraj’s mind will calm and he will get much pain in body, so give injection only when much needed. Bhabho asks will he get fine. The doctor says his mind is not accepting that Sandhya has died, it will be fine with time.

Current scene shows Bhabho crying and telling Babasa how Sandhya has cheated Sooraj, when he has made her dream fulfilled, she made it a joke of his dream, now Vedansh will never be made, she has taken our support, our son in our old age. Babasa says our Sooraj has taken our responsibility in 14 years of age, now its our time to take care of him, we have to see our Shravan son. Bhabho says its 3 months now and our family is like mourning, every family wants a son like Sooraj, and I m hiding him now, as I can’t bear anything if they make fun of my son.

She says Sooraj loved Sandhya, and he is still living with her after her death, and cries. She sees Ved taking care of Sooraj, and says Sandhya’s death has made a little son grown up before his age and made a responsible father as little kid. She cries seeing Ved and Sooraj.

Bhabho scolds Meenakshi and wants to know the truth. She keeps Vikram’s hand on her head, and he is about to say. Meenakshi starts cooking fake stories. Bhabho gets angry. Meenakshi says Sandhya did mistake, and you are not trusting us, we are also your children, trust us and cries. Bhabho leaves Vikram’s hand. Vikram signs Meenakshi. Bhabho sees it and leaves. Meenakshi gets relieved. He asks why did she lie. Meenakshi says Bhabho did not make me swear, its for someone’s good, so its not a lie. She asks him to talk to Bhabho, else she will not let money come, just think we will get money in 10 days. She convinces him and says she will manage as always. He says fine.

Sandhya is blindfolded and taken back to the village. Chandu sees the live feed and says you are very clever, but unknown that the game will be ours now, not yours, I will have an eye on you 24 by 7, I will find your truth. Sandhya thinks to find about Chandu soon. She sees a little boy crying, and sees him wounded. She covers his wound and scolds him, saying Ved. She gets sad. The boy talks to her.

Sandhya says Kaki is like mum too, have medicine at home. He asks her to teach him speak good English, as she studied in school. She says you have to work hard. He asks her to come and teach him. She thinks how is Ved, how would he live without me. She sees phones kept there and thinks to hear Ved’s voice once. Chandu thinks she is seeing the phone, whom would she call, Now her secret will be out.

Sooraj sees a girl at the temple and says Sandhya…. He goes after her. Bhabho and Emily try to stop him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanx for the update amena………..
    nyc episode sandy is missing ved vv much…….

  2. Now I totally agree with babhos anger.she is right at first place.poor babho and sooraj.

    1. ya bhaboo ka gussa jhais hai……… she is having right also angry on sandy bcoz she is mother naaaaaaaaaaa

    2. Yessssss now I have sympathy with bhabo and feel her pain for his beloved son’s miserable conditions!

  3. Thanks Amena for fast update…

    as usual nice episode……

  4. i cant see sooraj like that… thank god uska shoking scene’s jada episode nahi batara next episode me hi lalima ke entry batare

    thank to god… sooraj ke upset scene’s nahi dekhsakte…

    1. Ya now suraj recover.???

    2. sooraj FB scenes are nice

  5. see chandu is very sharp how he observing sandhya too clever man but apni sandy kuch cum nahi……….

    1. Definitely sandhya also confused that chandu.?????

    2. Yeah …chandu has proved as real garjna man…they don’t easily trust others

      And also smarter than himansu

  6. ved aur sooraj scene’s are simply superb………ultimate living both people are not acting they are living in their character’s

    1. Mind blowing scene. Ved is so nice ????????

    2. Nice acting by ved….too emotional scene

  7. Really awesome………

  8. When a boy is crying sandy will run and scold to that boy she thinks he is ved…

    how nice scene it is………..

    1. Sandhya miss ved.????

    2. That was awesome scene… Lovely expression by Sandhya..

  9. End this track soon within next 30-36 episodes.Plzzz……
    Else we will get bored.So I’m begging you.Plz end this track soon.Sooraj’s 2nd marriage is an unnecessary track.End secret mission track soon.
    Today’s episode is nice.Interesting.Super suspense too.

    1. I think it will not end soon deffinatly drag that’s why they bring twist in sooraj life. udar mission jab takh chalta rahega edar sooraj and lalima chemistry chalta rahega

      abhi uske alava family drama dhikaneko kuch nahi hai na ……….

    2. 30=36 dayss itss a wayy too much……… it shud be less time than that…….. nd at present it looks this track will end soon as lalima will be introduced tomo nd its quite early………. nd itss dabh not kkb were each track is dragged nd dragged………☺️☺️☺️

      1. I wish to end this seperation track ends as early as possible but present situations not like that now only they started what is the secret behind garjhana sanghatan. we will wait for upcoming episodes. Its depends upon story writer…

    3. You mean five more weeks! But I think it won’t happen ? bcoz they have to complete the mission in a proper way not in hurry! Secondly they’ll have to sort out suraj’s second marriage matter ?
      We can’t bear this separation track though the plot for secret mission is interesting
      I think it will take atleast 2 to 3 months ?

      1. Bt Luke this track.they more drag this track.bcoz this mission is very risky. If they any daut on sandhya then its more dangerous to sandhya and they finished this track with step by step.??

  10. These DABH people all are not doing acting they live their character’s that is the reason this serial will always in no1………….

    1. Ya.they all give there 100% in this show. Thanks dabh whole this always entertaing us.??

  11. Chandu acting is also nice. And laleema is also looking very nice. she is also very good.

    1. All that nakshalwadi people’s acting was awesome.?????

  12. I find this such a sad turn on Sandhya’s character. It doesn’t matter that she pledged allegience. I can understand that. But she also gave birth and became a mother. She could have done the mission but told her superiors, not at the risk of ruining her family’s lives. Keeping true to your committment is honourable. This is not. Her little son is being scarred for life, as is her husband. In no way is this the right thing for her to do. Sandha could have, and should have found a nother way to carry out the mission… even if it meant sending her husband and son to another country to keep them safe when she carried out her mission… endless possibilities. This is a definite mark against Sandha. Very selfish.

    1. itss not abt safety u see they cud hav simply appointed guards at rathi villa just to assure sandy abt her family safety nd make her do d mission……..sooraj’s condition now…. nd he would never hav let sandy do this mission……… nd if she was alive 4 any1 in this world there were more chances of garjana knowing abt her…… nd she has faith in her son nd family…… so she left them………..

      1. See..U can’t blame Sandhya on this…my grandfather was an ips…I’m just 17 but going to Learn ips…My grandfather left his parents and stayed fr 10 yrs for their safety…he kept on getting calls telling tat they Wil kill his parents still be was working and my grandpa’s sister was shot and she died…every1 saluted they did not blame my grandpa…the Nxt week he killed the person who killed his sister….this is the life is ips officers

      2. Every one salute like these officers to work for our country……

      3. And Sandhya also doing the same and will talk abt sooraj stage that is different he loves his wife very much and this stage sandhya did’nt expect. she thinks before going a mission sooraj will manage every one but sooraj accept nahi karpaya that is in between how much love is there. becoz death ka drama jho huva na kuch aur bath hoti ooo manage khar letha………… eee jo situation hai kise khe haath me nahi hai.

      4. We salute to your grandpa and his parents for bearing so much difficulty for the welfare of the nation ??

      5. Agree with u nia,anu,romi.
        All officer life is like this. Bcoz if any enemy know about that officers family then they kill them on the spot. Bt this officers r always manage there work as well as there family. They always give there life to our sefaty.
        Hats of that officers and proud of them .????????????????????

  13. Always Sandy gave first place to selfish of Sandy to abandon sooraj without even before his dream come true.wasting all his hard work to win kabadi championship
    If laalima turn out to be good person it is better sooraj to marry her and free sandya from all bonds so she can give her full life and soul to bharat sarkar.

  14. I am sure that laalima will return her position to sandya once she come.

    1. I am expecting the same…. in my point of view sooraj ko us stage se bhahar lane ke liye lalima ko enter kiya hoga…

    2. she have to return her position other wise there is no meaning of sandhya and sooraj relation……..

    3. Agar lalima suraj ko iss state se nikalti hai to vo bhabo ki najar mai Mahaan ban jayegi phir sandya ki re entry mushkil hogi ?
      So I think lalima ka character selfish and evil hona chahiye ??

      1. Any thing happens………….

      2. Right romi. I also want this lalima should in negative character.????????

  15. I can’t understand y bhabo show this much angry on sandhya. Even his son mohit left his wife and daughter for many years. But y she didn’t hate her son mohit and arrange second marriage for Emily and erase all his son mohit memories? . Current track misguide women’s that they will loose all family members if they want to work for our country. I strongly oppose the current track.

    1. Yes I agree! I raised this point earlier that they should not discourage female officers like this!
      In Emily’s matter there’s no love or respect or attraction for each other as mohit is selfish and irresponsible person so Emily didn’t lose her mental health and was struggling as usual! But still bhabo is doing injustice with her ?

      1. I agree your both words true say………[email protected]

  16. Sand and lovely episode.

  17. I agree Sandya shouldn’t took up this mission when her husband dream haven’t manifest yet!
    Wasted Sooraj effort in getting the money to open the hotel which is also her son wish n Bhaboo wish!… How can Sandya ruin her own family to this mission? When Sandya had finished her mission her family has already gone….so many things will have change ! Bhaboo is right to be angry…

    1. Yeah we all are justifying bhabo but it is impossible to choose an officer for any mission who has no family no parents, siblings, no husbands, no wives, no children no in laws and even no neighbours ?
      Obviously they’ve to give some sort of sacrifices and their families should understand it

      1. ya true say @romi vardhi pehne ke badh poora country family ban jatha hai……

      2. All officers when they on duty all peoples r there family. For this family to keep safe they do anything for that. They also die for our safety.????????

  18. Superb epi…cant see suraj in pain

  19. its not right to blame sandhya. its just bcoz of people like them we’re able to watch serial’s and pass cmnt on it….if our solider men think of the same we’ll b no more breathing the independence…… v can at least encourage them if we can’t b one among them…..

  20. Sandya should not call ved bcoz she’ll indanger her life as well as ved’s life ?
    She needs to be strong both mentally and emotionally ??
    This sheker is spying on her and will notice any tiny mistake made by her ?☎️?❎
    So she has to be very careful ?

    1. I guess that Sandhya won’t call to ved… after going close to telephone.. She will recall bharth sir words…that she can’t do anything like garjna man doubt on her…

  21. Sooraj must recover and establish vedhansh hotel.

    1. Yeah… But vedansh not possible…
      I think hotel vedansh was postponed… For sandhya
      after Sandhya return …after solving all problems..
      S&S starts construction of vedansh..
      Till then we have to wait for it

  22. Incorrigible Meenakshi, who would nev er rectify herself-neither Mohit! Will Sandya complete the mission successfully? It’s really pitiful to see her suffering from duties as an IPS officer and herpassion and love for family. It’s really a great dilem and I wish her to come out of it successfully.

  23. Chandu will fall in love for sandya after keeping an eyeconeye on that sense he is not smart.he will be driven away by sandhyas love and mission will be possible from impossible.

  24. Finally they reveal that shekhar is chandu. Thank god they reveal two suspense.?

    Nice plan nakshalwadi to save chandu’s real identy.??

    Bhaboo take some good things. That ved is small kind BT he nicely handle and take care his father??????.

    If bhaboo also do this then suraj is nt this stage.?

    Hate u bhaboo. How can she say sandhya that she chit suraj.if suraj is this condition then only bhaboo responsible for this.?

    bhaboo is only love his own son. How can bhaboo say that sandhya kill suraj dream. Bt truth is bhaboo kill her own son’s dream.?

    1. its said that old pplm are the most wise ones…. as they hav seen the world…………
      but bhabho contrdicts on this pt. she shud hav been the wise onein the family …………
      managing alll situations wisely………….
      acc to me she is being a lil childish…………

  25. Awesome episode as well as emotional episode?
    Nice acting by (mother and son)bhaboo and suraj.??

    How smart that chandu. He really know himanshu very well after all himanshu is his childhood friend.?

    How smart that nakshalwadi they tie patti on sandhya’s eye for she dnt see that shekhar. Bcoz if she see knows that shekhar also part of nakshalwadi then definitely sandhya know that shekhar is chandu.?

    Know one control sad bhaboo see her strong son now so sensitive person. He just lost his mind.?

    For there acting they cry us. Superb mind blowing job. I control my tears ?

    Ved is so cute.ved is very caring child. That scene was awesome when ved suraj heand on his sweet that scene.?????

  26. That shekhar watch sandhya. Bt they don’t know that sandhya is very clever then that nakshalwadi.poor nakshalwadi. ??????

    1. That little boy so nice. He want to learn some English. So nice of him.and sandhya how when he in pain she thought that was her sad for sandhya ????????

      1. also nice that sandhya teach english that boy . so sweet of u sandhya ???????????

  27. Sandhya s good doing so much for country.salute her.
    she should not have left lke this, beng diya aur bati, she sud have told suraj about mission, if not full atleast sud have told that she is on mission.
    Its wrong what happened to suraj and ved. she already left ved when he was small. suraj, OMG cant see him like dis, he even left home to fulfil her dreams and how cud she leave him like dis.
    Truly when she returns she will be shell shocked seeing suraj like dis.
    Bhabho ,she accepted sandhya as daughter but on seeing suraj any mother will break.

    Dont want lalleima, then why the title DABH. Done make him marry lalleima and again uniting with sandhya.its cheeeee.
    Dont make drama like ektha pls.she will marry husband five times, wife three tmes with different persons, and last will unite the pair again…arrrghh.
    pls dont do ths with SurYa.

    Then DIYA AUR BATI HUM ,title itself will become meaningless

    1. You have rightly saig , Ferni, that Sandya shoild have mentioned about her mission at least yo her husband. As otherwise these meloncholic incidents might not have happened?

  28. Sandhya know all that nakshalwadi watch her. So they never suscssed in there plan.they never find the sandhya’s real identy.?????

    1. Definitely sandhya nt there call buth she go BT she go there some other work.that time she definitely control herself. ??????

  29. Now lalima entry in show wating for that.??????

  30. VO: when sandy came to RM she got taunts from bb 
    and now she is getting the same from her new sasural
    sandy is expecting sympathy from audience too hope they get on top in trp
    deepz: trp will come (DT)
    manjari: she lost her son, and this girl has come in the form of bahu, she wants sagz to work, this is her policy
    VO: suraj is filing maang and putting bangles on imaginary sandy
    but bb is thinking of bringing new beendhni
    anas: i had promised sandy that i will get sindoor from kota
    i got the imaginary sindoor since i couldnt go to kota
    iam fulfilling my promise and iam imagining how sandy fights with me
    neeluji: my son will get back his lost happiness

    They say that she will get ready to marry suraj .

    This is the link of sandhya clean the house:

  31. suraj just imaging sandhya and he fill sindur to sandhya. See pic. Once again we see suraj and sandhya together see pic
    ???????? ????????

  32. BT that girl is lalima. Shefali play the role of Lalima. ??
    Then shefali interview they show in that interview she say that her character is positive. She want suraj help to running her sweet shop after death of her father ( means that person who buy that sweet shop frm suraj)???

  33. In this link they say that suraj , bhaboo and emli go to temple . in temple he see some girl and he thought that was sandhya
    And also she say that slowly suraj agree for that. Then suraj and lalima meet for shop related work. Then they become friends. ???

    Lalima entry??????

  34. Why did Sandhya have only concern about Ved?
    But not about Vansh???

    1. bcoz he is with ankur nd happy

    2. bcoz she know heis safe with ankur nd happy

      1. @richa ved is also safe with his dad and grandparents though he’s not happy ???
        Sandya doesn’t remember vansh bcoz she has given away him to his brother ankur and now he’s her nephew ?
        There are many kids like mishry golo pary bulbul and vansh so she’s worried only for her own child bcoz he is away from his mom??

      2. fan of the show

        ryt romi she has less attachment with vansh as she had lived less with him but………..
        ved laks mum at present in his lifee but the fact iss dat she justtt havauthority ovr him and justt shows it nd she cant scold ny1 elses child or they will fight……..with her ……….. nd blame her……. 😉 lol

      3. hmm,,,,….. ryt dr romi itss just she is more attached to ved nd vo uspe haq jata sakti hai kisi aur pe nahii……… lol 😉

  35. Definitely sandhya did big mistake this time poor sad 4 sooraj and ved bhabho said right. .little boy ved ll live without his mom and also he take care of his dad…bt dnt do sooraj second marriage. .pls sandhya cum back soon..

  36. NEWS…..
    sandy is thrown out (let out) of the village… garjana ppl………. and she wants to get back there nd thinks abt hw to go back…….. she gets into a bus were a thief steals her potli(belongings).. and she run after him….. but intentionaly lets him away………….. and cries on roadside…… that girl who think she is v beautiful…….. (dunno name ….. but who always wear nyc cloth etc……) comes with her husband in her vehicle nd sandy run towards her nd she console sandy ……..
    nd stay tuned for wat happen next………..lets see wethr sandy is able to return to village or not…….

  37. NEWS…..
    sandy is thrown out (let out) of the village… garjana ppl………. and she wants to get back there nd thinks abt hw to go back…….. she gets into a bus were a thief steals her potli(belongings).. and she run after him….. but intentionaly lets him away………….. and cries on roadside…… that girl who think she is v beautiful…….. (dunno name ….. but who always wear nyc cloth etc……) comes with her husband in her vehicle nd sandy run towards her nd she console sandy ……..
    nd stay tuned for wat happen next………..lets see wethr sandy is able to return to village or not………. 🙂 🙂

  38. Still one and half hour left for today episode….
    Waiting waiting…….

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