Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kavita singing the bell and taunting Sooraj to make a shop on the stall. She comes to them and says Bhabho, you are proud of Sandhya, but see she has shut your son’s shop, what did she do in return of his favors. She taunts Sandhya for doing this duty and hurting her family. She asks Bhabho what does she has to say now about Sandhya. Bhabho cries. Kavita says its good to see your son like this, you won’t be able to forgive her now. She says but I m saying you to forgive her, as now your house will run on her salary. She says this is done by everyone in this house, see Mohit, who is living on his wife’s salary, so Sooraj too can do this. Sandhya gets angry.

Sooraj comes between Bhabho and Kavita and asks her gto leave if her lecture is over. He says he is strong

and no one can break his strength, he is still talented and can change fate. She asks her not to interfere in their family matter. Kavita says you are in road because of me, you can do what you want, but you won’t be able to solve this problem. Taisa says she has so much poison in her. Kavita leaves. Sooraj takes Bhabho home. Sandhya cries.

Everyone is sad. Sooraj tells Bhabho that he trusts Lord a lot and he will not do injustice with them. Bhabho says yes, he is not testing us for first time, we have always passed and we will pass this time too. I m not worried, I know everything will be fine. Emily says yes, we all hope so, but how will this happen. She says Sandhya should have not followed this order, as she is in high post. I will talk to her. She should have not locked the shop. Sandhya comes and hears this.

Sooraj says no, I don’t want anyone to question Sandhya about this, as she is just doing her duty, she id not doing this by her wish. He says if Sandhya did not do this, anyone else would have done this, she is part of our family, she would be very hurt when she got this duty. Sandhya thinks about the order she got. It was done by Kavita. Sooraj says when a person has two right duties to do and has to select one, it hurts, so we should not question her. Emily says fine.

Sandhya walks in and says Sooraj ji. She comes in and locks the door. She tells them about Kavita being behind all this, as she was outside the magistrate office. Everyone is shocked. She says Kavita is using Balkishan, I think she is taking revenge for her insult from our family. Vikram says so she did this and she feels we will fall weak if she closes our shop. Mohit says we will support Sooraj. Sandhya says we should make Balkishan come on our side. Emily says why will he favor us. Sandhya says what he did with us, it was shock for us, but now we will shock him.

Chavi waits for Dilip as he was about to come for lunch. The door bell rings and she says it looks he came. She acts like crying and tired. Dilip comes and she starts her acting, like she is fainting. Dilip runs to her and holds her. He asks her to sit and brings water for her. He asks her to have rest. She says no, bad thing should happen with me, what I did was totally wrong, you should not worry for me. He asks what are you saying. She cries and says this pain is nothing, I m really regretting. She says I did much wrong, if you know it, you won’t be able to control your anger. She says she lied about her miscarriage, as she was not pregnant. Dilip is shocked.

Sooraj and Bhabho talk to Balkishan and asks Sandhya to give the papers to him. Balkishamn gets happy seeing the papers. Sooraj asks him to see what to do of the shop. Sooraj says he got Rs 6 lakhs tax for the shop and he was tensed how to fix the amount, its good you came on time and took the shop, now you will have to pay the heavy tax. Balkishan says what are you saying and sees the documents stating rs 6 lakh tax to be paid. He is shocked. Sandhya smiles.

Balkishan says I did a mistake to come n Kavita’s talk. I will give you shop documents now itself. Kavita calls him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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