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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arzoo choosing clothes for Sooraj and Sandhya. The local man asks Resham to think well, if she wants to mourn for her daughter’s loss, then give her to them. Resham and Arzoo leave. Sandhya asks the man does he think India is their enemy and every Indian is Kaafir, you won’t become great by disrespecting others. He asks who are you. She says an Indian, you are mistaken to say all that about India, I will tell you whats Indian, we don’t make enemies based on religion, we respect girls from other homes as our daughters, you are saying about your country’s daughter, we gave chance to even enemies, Lord makes pairings, I m sure Pakistani daughter will get such love and respect that she will forget her Maayka, we will never take charity, but we will hold hand coming

with friendship, and regard a friend as brother, this is a promise of an India. Resham and Arzoo hear Sandhya while leaving and are glad. The old man says she said right, many Muslims stay in India. Another man says hatred can end with hatred, its time we end the hatred and carry forward love to our coming generations. Sandhya says I came to tell this and its already in your heart, except some people here. The man gets angry and asks her to keep her pretention to herself.

The commandos come there. The man was taking out something from his jacket and his friend stops him. Sandhya folds hands and looks at everyone. Sooraj takes her. The man says show is she to come to our country, find out, she needs to be punished for her arguments.

Meenakshi and Vikram enjoy in the five star hotel. She takes selfie and asks him to smile. She says I will put this pic as DP. Vikram stops her and says everyone will know it then. She says sorry. They get Bhabho’s call. He says did Bhabho know we are here. She answers the call. Bhabho asks why did you take so much time to answer call, leave it, tell me did you get train on time. Meenakshi says yes, we got seat near window, I m fine. Vikram says she did MA in lies. She falls. Vikram shouts pool…. and catches the phone, and not her… and she falls in the pool. He asks her to talk to Bhabho. Meenakshi says someone has thrown water bottle on me, don’t worry, I m fine. Bhabho says fine, and hears music playing there. Vikram asks them to stop radio. Meenakshi says I will talk later, I can’t hear you and ends call. Bhabho prays for them.

Meenakshi asks Vikram to take her out and they dance. Babasa asks Bhabho not to worry, Sandhya called thrice till now. Chotu comes home with Piya. Babasa smiles and says see, the one who will bring smile on your face has come. Bhabho smiles seeing Chotu in Sooraj’s sherwani. Piya thinks Chotu should marry soon so that I get 5 lakhs. Babasa says our Chotu looks a prince. Bhabho says you are really Sooraj’s shadow, there is no difference between you and Sooraj. Chotu thinks there is much difference, Sooraj can never break your trust and I m doing it for my love. Piya asks a man to alter the sherwani and holds Chotu. Bhabho asks Chotu to come and says Sandhya told me you are Chotu’s special friend, but friend should be in limit, I know my words look old thinking to today’s generation, this right is of Arzoo now. Piya thinks once I get 5 lakhs, then I will show whats my right and whats that Arzoo’s rights.

At peace summit, Sandhya is heading for the conference with fellow police officers. The man welcomes them and media questions Sandhya. A lady says we respect this try, but do you think there can be peace between both countries. Sandhya says I believe we fought a lot, I m sure after coming here, there is no one who wants to fight more, we Indians believe the same, we want peace and love now.

Sandhya says its time that we get daring and take our tries ahead, and slap those offensive people who do not wish us to unite. Sooraj buys bangles, and Arzoo is also there. The man says high rates thinking Sooraj is Indian and he can earn more. Arzoo hears him and thinks to teach him a lesson. Sooraj’s money falls and he goes aside to pick. Arzoo scolds the man for giving bangles for more money. The man says he is not our brother, its fine to take more money from him. Sooraj looks on.

Sandhya says its right to love our country, but its wrong to hurt others. Arzoo says this is wrong. The man says you are angry on our people for others, it seems you don’t love Pakistan. She says I love my country, I m doing this to save our country name, will you sell our name and respect for some money, how will you feel if anyone remarks us. Sooraj thinks she is patriotic like Sandhya, I should thank her, who is this girl.

The reporter asks shall we accept that India is scared seeing Pakistan’s growing powers…. Sandhya looks on. Resham comes home and waits for Meenakshi and Vikram. Aunty says I think they changed minds, they won’t make Arzoo their bahu. Resham asks her to be quiet. Aunty asks why did they not come. Resham gets a call….

The man says I think Indians don’t understand words but something, they will be punished. Sandhya says I will see who stops us, we will raise our flag on republic day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today we could see Arzoo (Prachi Tehlan )as tough but smooth like Teflon in an interesting role. And Meena’s joke at swimming pool is very average.

  2. I hope Sandhya will answer the reporters’ questions in sensible way without hurting anyone’s hearts.
    Hope this track ends soon with a happy note as well as without any drag.
    Anyway Nice Episode. Tensing precap.Glad that writers don’t shown all Pakistanis as bad.If they shown so it would be stupid. DABH Rockzzzz…..
    Sandhya Rockzzzz…..

  3. richa (titli)

    -_- bekarrr episode. r they tryin no unite or create rift???
    hope emily pics sandys phn nxtt 😛

  4. Stop this crap bakwaas y u r showing Pakistani people bad stop this

  5. richa (titli)

    1 more thing that journalists really baal ki khaal nikal dete hai 😛

    @ big fan srry i cudnt reply to ur yesterdays comment 🙂

  6. I hope sandhya don’t mistake n says she is ips officer

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