Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bhabo saying hoarsely to Sandhya to Come down
Meena starts to add fuel, saying with breaking the pot of Tulsi Maata, she has not only broke the prosperity of Rathi household, but also brought misfortune now
Meena eagerly anticipating that this will be treated as the 1st mistake of Sandhya

Suddenly Chaturi sees a ring inside the pot, and says some ring is popping out, Bhabo calls Bhabasa and Bhabasa certifies that Vikram gifted this ring to Bhabo but since then she lost it while digging mud and planting the tulsi plant
Chaturi now says that we got gold back which is treated as a good omen and says that this won’t be treated as a mistake, she hopes for the best
Meena counters, says this is a bad omen and asks Bhabo to treat this as Sandhya’s 1st mistake.
Bhabo says instead of finding mistakes in Meena, she better takes care of herself and keeps herself away from any mistakes

Meena gets disappointed, Bhabo asks everyone to go off to their respective works.

Bhabo asks Bhabasa to take his daily quota of paan and he goes away to paan stall
Sandhya finds a rudraksh inside Sandhya’s pocket while giving it for washing and smells something fishy, thinks how come it got inside Suraj’s pocket, 1st thinks it came from the people tending to telephone cable wires, but then think otherwise and is suspicious as to how come it was available deep underground
Suraj brings a photo of Swami Ji for Bhabo and Bhabo takes that with great respect and others come to watch that as well.

Sandhya was about to say something regarding Rudraksh when Bhabo comes up and cuts the conversation, says some arrangements need to be made for preparing feast of priests and asks for arrangements, meena says this time she will do all the arrangements as she needs the maximum blessings for her child, but Bhabo rebukes her and puts her down, says what she is for in the house then, and she hasn’t forgotten anything regarding rituals and all

Meena now shows Bhabo how Sandhya is buying away all the photographs of Swami Ji and says she never thought that Sandhya will be believing in all these but now she is surprised to see Sandhya gladly buying all the photos and says something is making her buy all these, and says Sandhya knows she won’t be able to win the challenge, so she is busy flattering Bhabo with all these such that Bhabo gives her necessary approval quickly for becoming IPS officer. Bhabo listens to all her talks but later taunts Meena, Meena now says Sandhya has gone deep into the shop, Bhabo following the trail now, Meena now says it is time for some drama now

Some neighbor come and Bhabo gets busy in talking with her

Sandhya busy counting number of beads, whether it is 107 or 108 to verify whether it is authentic or not, as she remembers that Bhabo once said about the no. of beads to be 108, and keeps busy in counting those

Sandhya making out some pattern in the rudraksh beads by seeing its color and maybe got some clue (and thinks that white rudraksh is belonging to Swami Ji’s mala only)

Precap–> Bhabo asking Meena what is Sandhya’s 1st fault, and says since Sandhya isn’t greedy it is her strong point as well as it can be exploited to make it as her weakness and her quality will lead her to some mistake now

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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