Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Sandhya eating the bhang ladoo and telling Suraj is not listening to her and thinking as she’s making fun..she finds the ladoo tasty as eats many.. whole RP is dancing. Sandy sees Suraj and 3 suraj’s are there… she laughs 1 Suraj ji 2 suraj ji and 3 suraj ji’s. Suddenly she calls Suraj ji from the mic and everyone looks at her shocked. She sings lal lal la lal la with Suraj ji and whole RP is shocked.

Vik asks what happened to Sandy.. Bhabosa also tells the same. All laugh at her. Bhabho searches for suraj and tells him to bring Sandy down as all are laughing. Sandy tells suraj ji.. I dont want to put colors on him.. she wants to … nd sings lal lal la lal la again. Bhabho tells him to go and get her down as whole HG is laughing at them.

He comes to her and asks her to come down. She tells he didnt listen to her, so she wont tell him the matter. All are confused.. Daisa tells Bhabho that did Sandy have bhang ?? She says no.. Sandy wont do that.. she will not have those.

Daisa tells she gave the ladoo tray to her for giving to Bhabosa and she ate that I think. Whole RP is shocked.. Meena taunts Daisa for giving the ladoo to Sandy. Sandy asks suraj if he wants to know what she wants to tell ?? She asks him to come. He goes. She tells to come more closer. All are laughing and embarrassed. She comes like kissing him. All close their eyes, but she blows air on his face. Meena tells Sandy is making fun. Sandy hugs by his shoulder and tells he is cutey cutey and pulls his cheeks. She then tells suraj that he s like a gulab jamun like he makes.

Bhabho tells her to come down. She says sorry Bhabho.. today she wont listen as she is flying high. She’s dancing. Suraj comes to the other side of the cart and tells she wanted to tell him something na.. so tell now. She says you were that side just now.. and now this side.. no cheating and wont tell about Deepak’s coming. All are confused as who that Deepak is. Sandy says what if Jothi comes? He asks who is Jothi?? She says she wont tell. Bhabosa asks who is that Deepak and Jothi to Bhabho. Bhabho asks Suraj who that Deepak and Jothi is? He says he doesn’t know.. whether they are young or old.. maybe her relatives. Sandy says he doesn’t know that also and tells she’s making fun. Suraj comes to the other side again. Bhabho tells her to come down. Sandy tells Suraj to hold his ears and say sorry. All laugh. She asks him to tell the answer for her question. He says to pass the question as it was tough. She asks next quest. 1 and 1 is what? Mishri says 2. Meena says even Mishri said it’s 2. Suraj says 2 and she says wrong! Chotu says 11. Suraj repeats 11 and she again says wrong. Bhabho says no one has studied so many books like her and asks her to tell herself. She says 1 and 1 is 2. All are confused and ask what? They all laugh. Suraj says yes 3 only.. Bhabosa tells her to come down and Suraj will get her whatever she wants. She asks suraj if he will get her ?? He promises her. She says 1st she wants imli. Bhabho says Emily to come and there she is .. imly aka Emily. Sandy tells Suraj as buddhu (fool). He comes to the other side and again asks her to come down. Bhabho also tells her to come down as well.. she’s her favorite beendni and she will listen to her. She says she wont. Bhabo tells do what ever you want but please come down meri maa. Sandy says it’s the right answer and Bhabho understood.

All are confused. Sandy gets up and tells Bhabho understood that she’s gonna become nani. Meena says Chavvi didn’t tell. Later Sandy says not nani.. dadi.. all are shocked. Daisa congratulates Bhabho.. Sandy sings dadi dadi. All are confused, as well as happy. Suraj gets up on the cart and asks her whether she knows what she told ?? Sandy tells she wont talk to him .. he didnt congratulate as well as thank her . She says her child that he/she as well as her wont talk to papa.

Suraj asks if it’s true ?? Sandy tells true.. he’s gonna become papa. Whole RP is happy to the core. Sandy tells Bhabho and Bhabosa are gonna become dada dadi. Mohit, vik.. chacha.. Meemily.. chachi.. Chavvi .. bua .. and me… I am gonna become mom. She hugs him. Whole RP is excited, Bhabho especially. Suraj is happy but has a confused face.

In RM, Meena plays true or no and it stops on true. Emily tells Bhabho that since Sandy was intoxicated they don’t know whether Sandy is telling the truth or not. Bhabosa tells Sandy wont tell this matter that easily. Bhabho also agrees with him. Meena says all know that Sandy wont tell lies but this bhaang will make people say what ever they have in heart.. and tells them to remember how she had that and told about Bhabho. Bhabosa tells he still doesn’t know whether she is intoxicated or not. Meena says what if the pain that Sandy had come out??

Precap: Bhabho asks Sandy about Deepak. She says she doesn’t know any Deepak. Suraj asks her that she told 1 and 1 is 3. She now says one and one will be 2 only na. Everyone is confused.

Update Credit to: pasurYa

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  1. Superb episode….

  2. Stupidity

  3. weekend relief episode with holi sense.
    But after so many long time , some comadey is enjoyed on DABH.

  4. Lol…..
    new character will born after leap , ‘Depak’ or ‘Jyoti’.

    1. Your thaught may be wrong. I think sandhya tells about
      “Divya Jyoti”.

      1. No, its Deepak or Jyothi

    2. Unable to digest dis good news.
      Promotion from Lovers to parents.

    3. Don’t worry guys. Both will come.

  5. First time Sandhya did a comedy… 🙂

  6. Sandhya thinks if it is boy name is Deepak and if it is girl name jyjothi.

  7. Stupid Director,never change. Still want to make suspense(PRECAP) of sandhya pregnancy.

  8. Before leap, Bhabasa may be died.
    After leap Bhaboo looks as a widow.
    It is just news , it may be wrongg.

    1. Yes, Baboo will be shown as Widow after leap…

      1. Maybe it happens y becoz. .. every time one good news will come out with a bad new for Rathi family.
        So, big good new = big sad news.
        1 birth=1 death

    2. really its true or not?

    3. @cv and lol: where did u find this news???????? is it true. share the link???

  9. Super episode.
    Nice comedy by sandhya.
    Nice names Deepak and jothi, names are similar as Sandhya and Sooraj.

    Waiting for 2nd innings of DABH from Monday.

  10. nice comedy episode…all family members are happy…i like this very much…

  11. She has donated kidney recently; if she was pregnant then could not donate, and without recovering she can’t go close to sooraj and can’t become mother.
    M I overthinking???
    Even if director make her pregnant then I guess it will be jyoti which will later become duplicate of sandhya.

  12. Guys i had a doubt. Anybody clear it.

    According to “Precap”. Sandhya forgot everything what she told in bhung state.

    It means she can forget her pregnancy matter.

    1. No she can’t, because she ate laddoo later, but came to know about goodnews earlier.

  13. Sandhya will appear in dual role… The Jyothi role will be played by Sandhya only…

  14. Jeyam Ramachandran

    As Aditi said, perhaps the director might have made her pregnant. Full of irrational and insensible elements occurring at times that they could not be digested.

  15. This is amazing episode great performance by sandhya. i really like this comedy track. sandhya rocks any avatar.

  16. Superb episode. After some time there was alot of comedy. Though she donated kidney, there was an episode where the doctor said she was ready to try for a kid so not illogical. It makes sense. So time to enjoy some good news and happy episodes before the leap.

  17. Sandhya must delivered baby boy to become IPS….

    Don’t try bring bad news in Rathi family…. there gone through hard time….

    let episode end with happiness

  18. Baboo will be shown as widow after leap?
    Babasa will died its really true or not?
    any source pls?
    any one tell me?

    1. Who started dis stupid imagination.
      Stop dreaming unnecessary tracks.
      Director is there to make such a great tracks

      1. its only rumour………..Thanks Txn

  19. If you go this URL , there are information about Bhabasa’s death. But it is news not confirmed. aur bati hum&btnG=Search

  20. Times of India Tv news
    Diya aur Bati Hum takes a leap. aur bati hum&btnG=Search

  21. Yes. you are correct cv. oh…..god its not happen in diya aur baati hum because its not fair……

  22. May be she acted well…… but we are not used to this kind of silly acting from a smart and educated police officer. If she acts like this with only her husband it is ok but not in front of the Molalla.

  23. I cant digest the news that bhaboo will be shown as widow . I dont want anyone in the Rathi family to die. I wish all the Rathi family members have a long life.

  24. wow is sandhya pregnent?its nice

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