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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj and Vikram trying to erase the remarks from the wall. Sooraj asks who has written this, my mother is not a murderer. He asks Sandhya why are they pointing to Bhabho, they all know the truth. Sooraj and everyone cry. Sandhya says justice will happen, we will reopen this case. Vikram asks can this happen. Sandhya says yes, we will do anything to get justice for Bhabho, these black words are written on our heart, we have to get strength, its time Babasa that we get united and get the family soul back. Babasa agrees and says we will get your Bhabho back. They all hold hands to show unity.

Reporter asks Meenakshi how will she save her Bhabho. Meenakshi sees a boy and recalls what that lady told before. She asks reporter to come with her. She reminds the lady

what she said about Bhabho. The lady asks what wrong did I say. Meenakshi says see your son is asking for icecream, stop him and show. The lady tries stopping her son, saying his teeth will get decay. Meenakshi asks him to give her son a swear and stop him. The lady asks her son to stop for her sake. The boy does not listen. Meenakshi says see your son is not listening, then how could Bhabho stop Mohit.

Emily talks to Dharmic guru and asks about his statement. He says yes, the mistake was of that girl, if she did not go to fields, this would have not happened. She handsover a black cloth to him and asks him to tie it to their eyes when they see any girl, as he feels its always a girl’s mistake.

A social worker lady asks her son to hurry up and scolds him. Lalima asks is she not ashamed to scold her son. The lady says this is my son, why do you care. Lalima says it was you on tv who gave the statement, does this not apply to you. She taunts the lady and leaves.

Lokesh comes to Sooraj and asks him to see. He shows the website he made for Bhabho, it will reach everyone and people can give their opinion on who is the culprit. People start giving votes. The minister is at his home. He gets to know about pleas coming on Santosh Rathi case and opposition party also raising matter. Commissioner tells Satya to solve this case. The constable tells about public’s views. Sandhya and Sooraj meet Shukla. Sandhya asks him to file petition in court, everyone is raising voice for Bhabho, we will reopen the case.

The judge’s daughter also supports everyone for Bhabho and getting justice for him. The media presents this justice news and it gets wide spread. Sandhya worries and thinks to get judge’s approval anyhow. She goes to meet the judge. The judge says you want to reopen the case, I m seeing the attempts, candle march, public’s views, but truth will not change by media arguments and all this, court does not decide by media pressure, such protests end in one day. She says yes, truth will be truth. He says court decision is not on feelings, this case had decision based on witness and evidences, it can’t be changed. He says your appeal is rejected. She cries.

Bhabho is brought to central jail. All the lady jail mates look at Bhabho. Sandhya recalls her words. The ladies fight in jail. Bhabho gets scared seeing the ladies. Sandhya says no, I will not lose like this, I have to do something. The ladies fight for food in the jail. Bhabho sees such scene for the first time in her life.

Sandhya thinks to do something. She calls someone and talks. Lady constables take Bhabho inside the block. Bhabho sees women getting beaten up. The judge hears his daughter Priya shouting for help. He rushes to see and Sandhya too comes there. They get shocked.

The reporter says it’s a historic decision today, will Santosh Rathi get justice. The prosecution lawyer says we don’t have any new witness or proof. Sandhya gets all the women, they cover faces and come to support Bhabho.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hmmm nice episode ! Looks like Shot in a hurry !! All the incidents were shown one after an other!! It’s a sensitive issue but still it’s giving boredom!!

  2. It’s foolish to appeal to the same judge who awarded life sentence to Bhabu. And it’s none of the business of Sandya to appeal representing the defendant. What happened to the defense lawyers who should have appealed in a higher court. On the whole the has been an out put of a half-cooked director.

  3. richa (titli)

    rubbishhh alll r4ubbish all mockery of lkaw they beat in jail but not lie that speciallly in open plss shw sm logic

  4. Way d hello..y is dis…so hurry in did case…..someone put a thorn in his seat….?????

    1. Correction:it’s wat the hellll

  5. Ntng….in today episode Just showed……abt jail treatment for bhabu…..

  6. Guys just give ur opinion abt my doubt……
    I just watched.. D scenes in court when Lady lawyer…. Talking against bhabu….y d saty dev….expressions showed different

    1. Yes I noticed that too !! At first he used to taunt sandya for being emotional for her family but now he himself?-looks strange . May be he has fallen in love with Emily and wants to ask for her hand to bhabo after this stupid track finishes. As zakir quit the show so he is also not that bad ? And Emily also deserve someone decent and efficient person not Nikkama( useless ) like mohit.

  7. Come on Sandhya wat r u going to do now……????

  8. Feeling as if it is we are going to watch the movie No One Killed Jessica with few changes here and there.


  10. Mr Bharath maa means mother ,kaatil means killer or murderer and apradhi means criminal.

  11. It good they supporting her n it wrong the other women getting beat in jail i think the judge will see wat going on n open the case

  12. The defence lawyer not Sandhya can appeal. Does Sandhya not have any other case to slove? That is waste of taxpayers money. In the first place, she should not be assigned to this case for investigation. That is what Satya (IPS Officer) argued with the higher authority in the beginning.

    Lalima is definitely a culprit by hiding the truth of her fake marriage with Suraj and thereby giving chance to Mohit to black mail her. Lalima gets blessings from Bhabho.That is Bhabho’s greatness. So far Kavita, Maya, Rajkumar. Disha and Prema and Mohit himself are the villians for the Rathi Family. They are all got punished. Now Lalima can be added to this listand should be punished someway. Lalima is the root cause od Mohit’s murder.

  13. I am dying with boredom ? Pls help makers and finish this track soon?
    Raj goyal was better directer than this recent one . Pls bring him back as dabh was rocking in his brilliant direction.

  14. This is sandhya plan about the judge daughter he will go out and see the same happening with his daughter and murder that man to save his daughters respect but the man will be alive

  15. Komal was an important witness.She was searched by the police and hidden by Emily. What happened to her?. Why didn’t the police fetch her to the witness stand? It was she who was the main cause for all these mishaps. But every one including the director have forgotten who is a sine qua this case.

  16. I feel as if this tracking now getting boring…

  17. Borriinng

  18. No yr…satya will not fall for emily….zakir emily is d bstt

  19. Praful is right. Lalima has been a liar and still blessed by the Rathi family. But bhabho does not know the truth, Sooraj knows. Still he wants to support her. He always gives a raw deal to his wife. Even the fire incident, she has lied. I hope this comes out in some way. Just for Sandhya’s sake

  20. How did pari know mohit was in did she go there alone.Bakwas show and all the family members are overreacting.too much show off in yesterday episode.

  21. stupid drama crime is crime .babhi go to jail

  22. very irritating not good…

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