Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking why did Sooraj spend so much. He says its for Ved’s happiness, he will manage by over work. She says tell me is this very costly. He says he can do anything for Ved. She says I just want Ved to realize this. He says Ved loves him a lot and wrote best papa on his hand and see I got this best son written on my hand, this is the gift from him. The other guests congratulate Sooraj and Sandhya. They like the party. Sooraj says he did this for Ved. They ask did he hear the hotel names. Sooraj does not know. The man says he needs advice from him, does he go out. Sooraj says yes for work.

The man says I m going foreign. Sooraj thinks why is he taking advice from him. They ask about Singapore. Sooraj says I went there, I have many memories from there, I

want to take Ved once. The man tells his wife why did he ask Sooraj about Dhaba, he is owner of five star hotel, look at the beautiful and costly decorations, we can get discounts in his hotel for our Vivaan’s birthday next week. Sandhya thinks now its her turn to play the CD and gift Sooraj.

Rahul’s dad scolds the manager, and says he will sue the hotel. The manager says I will see now. Ankur and Ankita play hide and seek with Vansh and Bulbul. Bhabhi looks on. Ankita looks for Vansh. Bulbul sees electricity wires near Vansh and is shocked. Bulbul shouts Vansh and jumps taking him away from the wires. Everyone rush to Vansh and ask what happened. Bulbul says it was open wire here, Vansh would have got hurt. Vansh says nothing can happen as I have my strong sister with me. Bhabho sees Bulbul getting hurt. Vansh says she got hurt to save me. Bulbul says she is fine.

Ankur says come on, have the aid. Meenakshi says she did the work, she got someone who will bring Vansh to us. Bhabho says yes, Vansh will come, we don’t need anyone, Bulbul will do this. Sooraj says its great to have these things in 50000rs. The man again talks to Sooraj. The lady says he kept big menu for food and she got confused thinking from where to start. Sooraj serves them and says the hotel arrangements are good. He says he will eat with Ved.

The lady says everything of this hotel is famous in Pushkar. He asks did they come to his shop before. She says yes, many times, he maintained good quality. The man says he thought to keep his son’s birthday here and Sooraj agrees saying this hotel is very nice. The lady says our family is big, if we got discount, it would be good for us. Sooraj says its tough, as rules are strict here. Something falls and the man picks it. Sooraj goes.

The lady says he is pure businessman. The man says see his shoes, its torn, no one can say he is owner of such big hotel. Mohit comes to Pari and talks to her. He fills her ears against Emily and says forgive me, I promise I will take care of you, let Emily go if she wants to marry someone, as I did not give her love. Pari holds his hand and says he is right, mum has right to live her life her way and get happiness and love. She goes. He says he ended mother and daughter’s 6 year old relation and smiles. Sooraj says some poetry on Ved. Ved and Sandhya smile.

Ved says I love you Papa, you are the best Papa and kisses and hugs him. Sandhya and everyone clap. Sandhya and Sooraj cry happily. The birthday cake comes and they see Rahul’s name on it. Ved says this is not my cake, it has Rahul written on it. Misri worries and thinks she changed the party hall and did not think about the cake. Sooraj tells the manager that the name is wrong, his son’s name is Ved. The manager calls him shameless and asks about the hall usage and he did not get shame to use other’s hall.

Sooraj and Sandhya are shocked. Ved asks Sooraj what is he saying, he did this for him. Sooraj says yes, I m talking. He says we will talk later, I don’t want to spoil my son’s birthday. The man says you ruined my son’s party. Sandhya asks the manager. The manager says its booked for Rahul’s birthday.

The manager says he booked simple 50000rs hall. Sooraj says how will we know about the hall, we came here following the directions. Sandhya says he is right. A man says does this matter when Sooraj is the hotel owner. Sooraj says what, I did not understand, how can I be owner. The lady says how is he letting them say this being owner. Sooraj says no, I m not the owner of the hotel. The manager says who told them.

The lady says the city knows, our kids told us. The kids ask Ved to say that its his dad’s hotel. Sandhya says no, its not our hotel and asks the kids who told them. They say Ved. Ved gets tensed. Sandhya looks at him.

Sooraj apologizes. Ved’s essay is played and they all see what he said and how he lied.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Such a idiotic track it is. .. already show was gone down and now the popular characters SS are also ruined….
    Brainless Director

  2. Wat the hell. ..
    y this much of stupidity to spoil the main characters
    Now a days SS of the show
    –Showing as too weak. .
    –failed as parents in giving good values to their son ved…

    Actually it’s good luck for vanish no being a part of Rathi family. He got good values in ankur’s family.

  3. salam…. well The updater…
    my msg for the show director…..
    Man the track z awesome…… but u know the audience gets attracted by some stuff thtz shown in a brainy way……
    ok right…
    u could have shown vansh as a spoiled son.. but u showed the reverse …..
    well u cnt change tge track…..
    so get on to the track back.. find out the loopholes… n mk vansh the true ray of surya…..
    i trust ur script n ur efforts…. nothing wrong in the show….
    stay calm…..

  4. the track is gng well but new comers are spoiling the whole crap..

    1. Acc to me newcmrs ki vjh se hi y shw ab dkhne layk rha h…..

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